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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Questions from Monjoronson, Know Who You
Are, “He Who is Last Will Become First, Final
Phase of the Curriculum.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Lantarnek,

June 25, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings once
again, I am Monjoronson, pleased beyond
description once again to be here in this circuit.
As you well know, those involved, each
circuit that is consciously formed has its own
melody, its own flavor, its own colors that are
due to the unique combination of those
contributors, those volunteers involved such as
yourselves and myself as together we volunteer to
open up this port, to activate this circuit, to
build and create before us, between us, among us,
within us these encircuitments. We have been
engaged in this operation for some time now, and
you are all becoming more familiar by degree with
the manifestation of having acted in this
capacity. You are even sensing more and more
physical manifestations as the energy levels rise
and their effects are felt even to the physical
I have for you now a series of questions to
bring to this forum, and I ask you, each one, upon
hearing these questions to listen intently and
sharply to your first response to that which
springs forth automatically from within, to that
which is spontaneous to your being. Please focus
your intentions on clearing your pathway so that
your soul may respond uninhibited.
Are you each ready to assume the
responsibility of a conscious mortal of the realm?
Are you prepared to accept your divinity?
Will you have trust extending from your
faith in the unknown?
Is it your true desire to be of service to
your Father in heaven?
Would you rise and accept the challenge and
opportunity of a lifetime?
How much of what you feel about yourself are
you willing to give up, change, alter, and grow?
Feel the responses of your voice. Feel the
connection between you as you rally in support of
such sentiments. Allow yourself to identify this
union of your soul and that which you have
assigned your highest desires. Feel the strength
in this union of combination between the voice of
your higher self and your soul which longs for the
same thing.
When you are confronted with questions of
such a deep nature and magnitude to your
consciousness it is easier to see the distinction
of your soul and your voice.
Thank you for your focus for this exercise.
It is the glimpse of the next horizon that we are
on our way to manifesting. Thank you, my dear
ones, for your contributions. You have no idea of
their significance. Please trust that they are.
Extend yourselves in faith that what you are doing
has meaning and purpose beyond your wildest
imaginations. Thank you. I withdraw.

* Nebadonia (Sheila): I am your Mother. My
children, each and every day I come to you, and I
am perfectly aware of your feelings. I am
perfectly aware of your little, tiny doubts, and I
am also perfectly aware of your love. Every day I
watch you grow. I see the changes you have yet to
recognize. I stand with my arms around you
constantly, and when you have those tiny, little
doubts I embrace you more.
Do not be so hard on yourselves. You are great
beings on a great project.
Take a moment, children, to know who you
are. Allow yourselves to feel secure in your
being. Allow yourselves to feel the gratitude
that is being sent your way. There are so many
focused down upon you who desire you to receive
your blessing. I stand here today to tell you
that there is a universe of beings sending you
light so that you may save this planet, so that
you may create your paradise for all to see.
Open yourselves to gratitude. Open
yourselves to the support, the caring, the
compassion. These are your blessings to know, to
feel. Know who you are, great children, great
parents of light. Know who you are.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings, I am
Lantarnek. I have heard the phrase from Michael
when on your world that “he who is last will
become first”, and it is given repeatedly to
remind one of the humility of self. This is of
great benefit to the character of a human being.
Father indwells you. This divine spark of
the infinite, while containing all that is the
character and attributes of God, has given up all
of that to dwell within you and to allow you to
allow him. He has become last, and it is in your
choice that he becomes first, and you are raised
into that glory simultaneously.
One man may walk upon the ground and
perceive it as profane. To another it is sacred
and holy ground. The ground is the same; the
orientation of the soul is different. That you
lift your legs to step upon the holy ground is
your choice in your realm of awareness, your
perceptual definition of holiness.
You have been taught that eternity is a
great cycle. This cycle, while it entails the
element of time, is more so a cycle of
transformation. Time is only an aspect due to the
sequentiality of the transformation. He who is
the lowliest among you becomes God himself in that
fusional embrace. He who dwells upon Paradise
becomes the littlest creature on many worlds. You
in your human frame of reference are ascending.
You in your divine frame of reference, you are
descending into the experience of being last.
The baptism of spirit is the realization of
communion, that the divine, while submitted to
you, is your true master, and that when the human
who now holds mastery over the destiny of your
being submits to the divine, the cycle of eternity
has revolved once more in you.
Father waits eternally, and you progress
sequentially. A moment of equality is only your
choice away. While your soul can sympathize,
harmonize with the presence of the divine, being
one with mind and body you will be required to
traverse time to realize that moment of unity.
This interval is not so much a requirement for you
to endure, it is self-imposed by God that God may
experience this coming together, the separation
into oneness. The very thing you look to end is
the very thing the Father looks to discover. This
is the partnership, and the weight behind the
momentum is in your choice, for the first has
given up to become last and indwell you, and you,
who see yourself as a mere mortal, will give up
being last and rise to the first great Source and
Center as one.
* Machiventa (Mark): This is
Machiventa, and I would just briefly make the
announcement that you have each volunteered freely
to be about the curriculum that has been
established, that has in fact brought you to this
You are now entering the very final phase of
what is a noble and worthy curriculum and
accomplishment on your parts. You are now
entering the door to the arena of connection with
your inner guide, that is in many cases the goal,
the end result, of such a curriculum as we have
been engaged in together.
However, instead of resting on your laurels
of accomplishment of attaining mastery over this
curriculum, there has been a call put out. We now
have a new agenda before us for which we will take
volunteer enlistment once again into a school of
higher learning wherein you will be required to
make use of all the knowledge you have acquired to
this point as your springboard for entering this
next phase. Therefore do I greet you, each one,
as having attained that which few mortals of the
realm make active choice to attain. Through your
choices and your efforts you now reap the rewards,
and we respect your accomplishments beyond
adequate description.
We do, however, have renewed enthusiasm in a
large project at hand involving copious amounts of
service opportunities and growth potential for all
involved. You who have so dutifully completed
this first cycle may feel driven to go on, and we
will gladly accept all who desire to sign up for
further education, training, and service. You
have a short season before you to enjoy your
having arrived at this place, and then there will
be a new game, and we will be directing our focus
on a new phase.
Enjoy the sense of accomplishment, my
treasured students, for those of your
accomplishments are fewer than we would like on
this world. Therefore could we really use your
assistance. I look forward to working with you.
As one game ends another game is on. Farewell.

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