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Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we come before you the children of yours
that we are and since you know all things, therefore do you know of the
desire of our hearts to approach you in this hour, in this manner, in this
very fashion of our choosing. We know you will reach out to us in what ever
manner that we choose so we know you will be present with us in this hour as
well. We would approach you as children with open hearts to be teachable,
that we may receive from you that which you would give us through your
grace. May our intentions be embraced. May our spirits be reached by our
force of will that we desire to do this. Help us and help us to accept your
help, thank you.

Machiventa: I greet you this evening and I accept your invitation to attend
this forum, to be a part of this circuit that you and we form in this hour.
I am Machiventa Melchizedek and it is my privilege to oversee the many and
varied forms of classrooms such as this in which the divine is made material
through your act of will. You who join this forum of your own choosing are
bringing to this table the most significant contribution a human being can
make. You are bringing your will, your desire, and your action to this
format and with these things, miracles happen.

With these things you may be granted that which you seek. This experience we
are engaged in is but another classroom wherein you may be exposed to
universe principles that you will embrace and then become. These classrooms
are attended by the willing, by the ones who act such as yourselves. When
you seek you shall find and so you are here. This is the answer to your
prayers as well as the answer to the desires of your Creator, that you
approach Him.

He has provided all avenues of approach and delights when you select and
choose to access these avenues. When you choose, you create a circuit from
the Divine all the way down to the material plane. It is you who are the
lightning rods. The transfer of energy can now flow. It was as simple as
your choosing to make it so and yet as profound as the miracle that it
represents. We are as distant an outpost as there is from the First Source
and Center and yet even so far away you are drawn to seek and to find the
very Source and Center of all.

It is my privilege to be a part of this process and to oversee your
education of these principles. These classrooms take many varied and
numerous forms and you are beginning to recognize them as they pop up in
your lives. They appear as opportunities, as chances, as greatness on the
horizon and you are drawn to them, you may not even know why but as you
pursue these opportunities before you all the resources of the universe are
in play with you and the more you seek, the more your awareness grows, the
more these energies are available to you, even wielded by you in this

You must each one begin as soon as possible to reconsider yourselves as
divine. You are here to be divine. If you come in contact with these words,
they are meant for you. It is your time to embrace your divinity, to access
that part of yourselves, to become closer to God by being closer to that
part of God within you. This is the result of the training, this is the
outcome of the process, this is the result of the plan and this is your
destiny. It is not that you should ever consider yourselves too small to
fall short, to be unable or somehow feel unqualified to be that which you
are, rather I invite you to envision yourself as the Father envisions you in
glory and in light.

You who are here are taking the steps necessary, receiving the training,
experiencing the guidance, following the leading. You are here. I tell you
this plainly. Nothing more is required of you that you have not freely
given. Now it is for you to accept the responsibility of becoming that which
you know to be true, to be real and to be good. In this process it is my
extreme pleasure to witness the students gain mastery over the subject
matter and then become proficient in wielding their knowledge, at turning
their learning into wisdom and their wisdom into choices.

In the end choice is the grandest of all possible gifts you have to give.
What else could the Father want from you? He has all, is all, except what
you choose. What you choose represents your values, your purpose, your
understanding. When you choose to approach the Divine you are taking what
you have learned and acting in wisdom to choose that which you would pursue
as Divine. This is how you return the gift of your very existence to the
First Source and Center through your journey of choices and I acknowledge
the choices that you have made to bring you to this point, even now and as
mortals of the realm you are to be respected for having arrived at this
place through your choices.

Therefore do the eager students get what they come to learn, it is not
withheld, it is not withdrawn at any point, rather all that is required is
your eagerness and your choice, for you to be a conduit for this energy to
pass through you, to transform you and the entire world around you. Make no
mistake that is what we are all about. We have individual journeys that are
of top priority but as well in that process we then desire to function in
service. I congratulate you for the efforts you have made to this date and
having these patterns established I have no doubts of your unending progress
in your pursuits. No instructor could ask for more than such eager students
such as yourselves so I look forward to the grand nature of what is before

In an attempt to be inclusive and function more in a team fashion I would
open the floor for comments, suggestions, questions, observations, sharings
that we might become closer in this process. Would there be any among you
who would share?

Q: Hi Machiventa this is **** in Salt Lake City and I'm grateful for your
words tonight and that we can get together and work together. What words do
you have for us in this part of the woods over here to affect that?

Machiventa: I would offer the suggestion to hone your awareness of
opportunities that are beginning to make themselves available to you and
this goes to all of you. We are experiencing an increased spiritual pressure
which has the effect of creating numerous opportunities for spiritual
advancement and growth both personal and individual, some group
opportunities and many opportunities to be of service to many other seeking
individuals one on one.

As you grow in your abilities of perception you will more and more realize
these opportunities that stretch out before you and once again I encourage
you to adopt the attitude to wait for no one. You are who you've been
waiting for. You are the leaders, you are the pioneers, you are the ones
willing to come to the table. It is your brothers and sisters who need your
guidance and leadership, your stability, your reference, your certainty.
These are the qualities they seek at their stage of development. These are
the qualities you have honed to this point therefore you are their most
appropriate instructors.

I encourage you all to be bold in this process. What is the worst that can
happen in extending yourselves in boldness and in spirit, that another may
not react as you would have them react? If that is all that you have to lose
in this process then it is nothing. I encourage you to take the roles as
they are presented to you of leadership, of direction, of purpose, of
intent. These are the qualities that you may inspire in others. Have your
lives be living examples of these traits and use words when you deem
necessary. Are these suggestions resonant within you?

Q: I'm just vibrating with joy at your words, thank you so much Machiventa.
It gives me confidence to move out and to remind people what sons and
daughters of God they are and how loved they are.

Machiventa: You thank me and I embrace your gratitude, but my friend, I am
thanking each and every one of you. Without you there is not final link in
this chain, there is no connection between spirit and material save you each
one. Will you be this connecting link? Will you rise to this challenge, nay
this opportunity? Will you bridge this gap between the material and the
spiritual? Of course you will it is your destiny. It is only time that
separates you from your greatness so I thank each one of you for the part
that you play, without which this process could not exist, so thank you.

Q: Good evening Machiventa my dear friend and brother, this is ****. [Good
evening] I have a question I'd like to run by you. Since February I have
been working, as you know, rather extensively, inventively even with a most
exceptional teacher who initially my son began T/R'ing and now we meet with
almost daily. He's rather new to the planet but with a most exceptional
background. He has been teaching us the most amazing exercises in
recognizing and utilizing new aspects of our enhanced existing senses that
are designed to allow us to hone our awareness, as you mentioned earlier,
opening whole new levels of consciousness that few mortals are aware of on
this planet at this time.

These exercises are beyond words for my experience but they of course are
leading up to our awakening to the new morontia senses which will be coming
to us and we will learn to employ in time as this blending process proceeds.
This teacher initially asked us to be sure to pass these lessons on because
everything that we are brought we are asked to pass on and I am considering,
and I do not want to go to others about this right now, but I'm considering
putting such an invitation up on a couple of these websites, MSM and also tm
talk say, and allowing these folks to know that this teacher and myself as a
T/R are available to interested parties who intend to diligently practice
these exercises, not just ones who I've received but the ones these
individuals may need, and I'm called to do this. Any comments you could
offer would be much appreciated.

Machiventa: My friend, you have no question because you have answers. You
know in your heart what you should do; now it is left for you to do it. If
you desire my words of encouragement then by all means you have them. You
are led in a direction to be of supreme service to your brothers and sisters
and so be it. You need not permission, you need not confirmation of you
purpose. You know what it is; therefore I do encourage you to pursue your
ideas and to turn them into ideals. By all means use whatever resources are
available to you and work as hard as your heart desires to manifest all this
into reality. That is what we are all here to do. Manifest that which we
know into material reality, expressions of God Himself, and so it shall be
with you my friend. I applaud in advance your efforts knowing that they will
be a great success and beneficial to many more individuals that you can even

Q: Maybe even going beyond the bounds of the Teaching Mission, I just
thought that. Yes I didn't need the confirmation but it did give me the
opportunity to put this out too so it's multifaceted.

Machiventa: And so it is, make your arrangements and raise your flag and you
will find many who salute and join your parade and access all that you have
been given and all that you are aware of. The fragrance of that will be so
sweet as to draw many from far away to join in the celebration. Thank you
for your efforts my friend.

Q: Thank you for your comments and it's a done deal my friend; it’s just a
matter of the time factor.

Machiventa: Absolutely. Will there be any other sharing or interaction?

Q: Machiventa, this is *****. [Welcome] I just want to send you all my love.
It's good meeting you this way, I am quite moved. Again all my love, say
hello to Welmeck and Anaperna for me.

Machiventa: Yes, and I am well moved as well my dear friend in service. I am
affectionately moved by all of you who are so drawn to service. When I was
privileged enough to have the dust of our earth between my toes, I was
privileged to work with some very inspired individuals but I tell you this,
this time, this hour, even now I am inspired by the depth and the breadth of
those such as yourselves who would stand up and volunteer for such service
without any physical proximity to myself, to the Master, to any of the
others who have manifested in material form, you have come to this same
place of love and devotion through your faith. That is a miracle and I stand
humbled by the miracles that I witness even around this table. I am honored
to work with you and I pledge my assistance to each and every one of you who
desires my support. I am enthusiastic beyond description at what can be
accomplished when miracles come into play in material form such as

Q: Thank you Machiventa and yes, all my love.

Machiventa: And mine to you as well.

Q: Machiventa: This is *****, good evening. [Good evening] I'm very pleased
to be part of this classroom with you. What you said this evening reminded
me that several years ago when I was listening to Ambrosia and Welmek and
Andronason the words of Jesus from the gospel said the generation who were
searching for signs and wonders were bound to be disappointed in the kingdom
and it occurred to me that each one of us are a sign and a wonder and we
don't have to look any further than that to be uplifted.

Just this week I felt more of a spirit gravity sensation of being more
prepared and willing than ever to choose every day and moment that which
will give myself to the Father in my choices and experiences. Thank you for
inspiring us.

Machiventa: My sister, inspiration works in so many ways and as you have
stated, each one of you is an inspiration to all those around you. Each one
of you is a source of light to which all the moths are drawn. It is your
spiritual fragrance, it is your light, it is your purpose, it is your intent
and you say aright when you say each of you are these portholes, these
avenues of expression to and from the Divine. Each of you is a conduit. Each
of you can be used to flood your environment with the light and love from on
high and as well, each of you can be used as a periscope to the Divine.

It is this two way capacity which allows you to be more than mere cogs in
this system but active creators in this scenario. The Father does not desire
to have His will be uniform and expressed in a similar fashion throughout,
rather does He desire that His will and your will intermingle and become
flavored with your experience, your desires, your manifestation of His
creation. In this way each one of you are radiant flowers in His garden,
each one different and special and unique unto itself, not an entire garden
of similar species, no, a garden diverse in it's attractiveness, in it's
fragrance, in it's diverse beauty.

You, each one represent the diverseness. Your expression commingled with the
Father's will is completely unique and it is your gift to the Father's
garden. Anyone else offer to share? There has been much offered here tonight
for your personal edification that you may believe in yourselves as the
Father believes in you, even as I believe in you. It is my desire as well
that you see yourself as the being you are to become in magnificence and
brilliance, to grant yourselves this opportunity to flower in the Father's

You have for sometime been engaged in the development of the supporting
structure, your leaves, your roots, your foundation, your principles, your
understanding. You have taken in the nourishment of truth and now you are
fully budded in wisdom. It is left for you to flower, to be that which you
have been developing this whole time. It is simply a matter of time and you
cannot resist your destiny of flowering. It does now fall to you as a matter
of your choosing the exact timing that you would flower, and once again,
this is the grace provided from on high, the grace of your choosing. So be
it. It is a marvelous sight to see.

There is no particular rush in this process, just an eagerness to be about
that which you are growing towards. When your time arrives, you will each
blossom and flower and fruit and become all that you were meant to be even
when you were as just a seed. If there is no other dialog, I would release
this T/R and once again offer my gratitude for the choice of the gift of
your time and your energy to make this process happen. Thank you and

Thanks Machiventa.

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