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JUNE 12, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always touched by your willingness to share the things of life. How many times have we shared sorrow? How often have we been overtaken by uncontrollable laughter? When we set out to establish the Correcting Time, this group here is indeed much of what it was to look like. You have quite a ministry here. We know our people here are real, genuine. We can freely admit that out in the everyday world we choose to show a certain side of ourselves. Here in this room however, we find it completely safe to be our true selves.

I believe our last assignment was to read up on the Master's great decisions. I do believe I so admired the Master for upholding these decisions, no matter what. Many times He could have made His enemies look like fools and yet, He chose the natural way of allowing the will of God to unfold.

I am MARY. I also am inspired by the Master's immovable attitude concerning His life laws. You could say that the Master could have created attention for Himself and also won the ear of the people. This is why Jesus was and is our sovereign universe upholder. He simply chose the way of God's will. No exceptions. As much as He desired to save His people, He knew that any shortcuts would be fleeting and interfering with our agondonter status and God's will.

It is said, "What the Son desires and the Father wills, is." The Master could have put on quite the show. He could have won over the people through miracles and still it would not have been enough. The Master chose the unfolding of natural evolution. He trusted the mind of God. He trusted the power of God. Jesus' practice of meditation and prayer kept Him strong in upholding these great decisions. The Master loved people. You could see it in His eyes and read it on His face. Any good parent loves to bring joy to their child. The wise parent consults with the Father of all fathers on how to parent best.

Even under such pressure the Master stayed faithful to His decisions. Always was there time set aside for simple consultation. The Master knew there was always the struggle between the spirit and the animal and no matter how much pain might come, His loyalty was always to the spirit. That is all for now. I can take questions, or you can also request Abraham. Proceed.

SIMON: Mary, I am so grateful for this group that provides an anchor for me and my life. I am still assessing my own ministry. Sometimes I feel like I come up short. I wonder if I should make some drastic changes or stay where I'm at and just improve my ministry through my work that I am currently doing? I am just up for doing Father's will the best way I can.

MARY: I think that sounds wonderful, Simon. The Father does not ask us to make great changes, but simply small modifications. Small changes are lasting and more acceptable to people. Upset in everyday living is a cause for stress and ill health. The Father would not have that for us. In the short time I have known you, Simon, I see you as someone who seeks acceptance. When you come to the realization that you have all the acceptance you will ever need through God, the Father, then will peace abide in your heart and your ministry will come naturally. You are a sweet man. Your ability to show someone you care by listening to them is big. It is quite an accomplishment. Take time to journal those things you have deep need for acceptance for. Spend time in meditation and know that Father loves you for you. He seeks nothing from you. That should be a cause for peace and in that, natural ministry tasks will flow. Have not worry, Simon, you do well.

MIRIAM: Mary, either you or Abraham, I haven't been here since February. I've been ministering to our little kitty, Chelsea, who just died. I thank you for being here. We've relied on Father and it has been hard. Don asked me to ask, "Do you have feedback regarding Chelsea?"

MARY: Yes, certainly. First of all, Miriam, I am happy to be in your presence. I know we have not known each other long, but I admire your courage. Every living thing needs to be needed or be loved. In the case of your precious pet, you and Don have shared the value of taking care of one in need. I do know from firsthand experience there is no greater honor than to usher life to the next realm. Always does pain make you set aside trivial things and focus on the priorities in life. You and Don are at that age where life is becoming a bit more peaceful and the caretaking of Chelsea helped you to band together more firmly. It is difficult in this throw-away society to stay married. You and Don have set such a beautiful example. There are hardships couples must face and learn to work as a team. Your precious pet provided such an experience. Know that nothing loved is ever lost. You are in a wonderful position to withdraw the meanings and values out of this particular experience and that helps you to minister to others. Take comfort in life energy goes on and memories are kept alive by love. Have not worry, allow regular life to set back in. You have made some terrific decisions as of late. Stand by them. Have not regret. You do well, Miriam, my daughter.

CALVIN: Mary, I would like your perspective on how you are depicted as of late.. In a way it is ironic to hear from you with so much of the world hearing maybe a skewed story, but nonetheless..

MARY: I do find it all so interesting. I have not known such notoriety. I am understanding the deeper meaning beyond the fiction and that would be that Christ had set woman as man's equal many years ago and the churches would not have it. Sometimes the truth must come along with fiction and for you, my friends, I would stay true to the tool that brings you such detail of the Master's life and that is the Urantia Book. I think that woman is finding her place in the world and it is not to take man's place from him, but to do what she does best. My hope of this controversy is that people come to realize there were women apostles and they were with courage, honor and faith--so willing to die for their cause. I am with hope that the world will see that Father is no respecter of persons. All are equal in the Kingdom of God. It is a time for women to stop complaining of what they are not allowed to do and simply take their place. This indeed makes for a wonderful up step to the Correcting Time. In the meantime, I find all the controversy to be entertaining. Good question. Thank you.

CALVIN: Thank you, not only for your answer, but for your contribution to this world as a woman of faith and power. That is what I enjoyed from the story from the Urantia Book and what came out in this controversy.

MARY: Beautifully said. I also thank you for your open mind and willingness to help create change.

SARUANA: [Inaudible-wondering about a book.]

MARY: Certainly. There is truth in many things and Abraham is a busy person. He has many irons in the fire, so to speak. I am ABRAHAM. Sarauna, my daughter, I believe you already know the answer to this question. Any time individuals must receive credit for some spiritually inspired material, then you can count on human interference. I do however what I can to reach the masses. How blessed are mortals to have that internal compass to guide. Books are tools. Take from them the value and discard the rest. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you.) One more question.

MIRIAM: Can I say I can't believe how lucky we are. I've been away for five months but I knew you were all here. It is so neat to have the reality of you guys being here, the realness of it astounds me. It is unbelievable. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Thank you Miriam. It is with your faith and the faith of all in this room that brings about these lessons, this interaction, yes, a group effort. I hope to be with you for quite some time, as does Mary. I believe with that I shall take my leave. I speak of each of you to my colleagues as if you are my children. I hope that is acceptable. I am honored to be your friend and teacher. From Mary and myself, we bid you Godspeed and shalom.
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