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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Your Light Radiates, Your Heart Level, Your Soul Level, The Knower.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Elyon.

June 4, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): I greet you, I am Monjoronson.
...that you, through yet another form, have received contact from me. You must at
this point be gathering the many affirmations from many avenues of communication I have
provided, which should strengthen even more your faith that you are exposed to what you
are supposed to be exposed to, you are hearing what you should be hearing, in fact, you
are finding that which you seek. This should also emphasize to you that I have many
means at my disposal for making contact with you and with many, many others, and I will
avail myself of every possible avenue of connection with those who have spiritual ears to
hear my message.
You who assemble here today are aflame with desire, and your light from such
burning fires radiates far and wide. It is as though you are each sending up flares to
the universe, “I am over here! Come and find me!”. That is exactly the case as when we
see these sources of light ignite and become so bright we are drawn to go see what all
the light is about. When you exercise your desire in this fashion, when you send up your
signal flare of readiness, it draws great attention from our side of the veil as we rush
to get in on all the excitement and work with all the enthusiasm, even to be invoked by
your side and granted freedom such as we exercise right now for such communication. Once
again it is you who follow your hearts’ desires, who then ignite this flame of passion,
who then draw us by your acts, who then welcome us to sit in the circle with you and even
to offer our wisdom and experience for your benefit and the benefit of the team we are
all on.
You are all growing to know well this potent force of the activation of your will
in conjunction with your faith. There are few more potent forces in the universe than
ones such as yourselves who will not only develop the faith but then act and direct their
wills to act accordingly. You will all grow to understand the value of these most basic
and simple things that you can do to simply exercise your freedom of choice and choose to
do that which represents the highest values and understanding you are aware of.
Following this path will bring you great rewards as you encounter crossroads and
intersections that are unfamiliar to you. You may consider all options, and you may even
choose a scenic bypass en route to your destination, but it is your overall intention to
proceed and to make your way to that which is divine, which provides you with the honing
instinct on the route to take to get there.
Thank you, my children of light, for lighting such exquisite fires, flames of
desire and yearning. It is our pleasure to come and join the warmth of these fires that
you kindle with your desire and you spark with your choices. I always enjoy the
opportunity to commingle energies with you, and I look forward to our efforts as we work
together on many fronts for that which we both are driven to do in the name of the
Father. I withdraw now to allow for other energies, but I remain in attendance and in
observation. Farewell.

Jonathan: There’s been discussion about “following with your heart”. Could you
clarify that term? I have my own biases, and I don’t want that to be how I define it.

* Monjoronson: I’m very glad you asked that question, my friend. There is some
confusion arising from the use of that term.
When it is said, “lead from the heart”, it is not referring to the muscle that is
in your chest that beats and brings you life. It is not a referral to an aspect of
yourself that is centered in that region of your chest. This term has been confused in
some people’s interpretations as being the seat of your emotions. Some would identify of
which we refer more accurately as the soul. But most human beings are unfamiliar with
this aspect of their beings. When they experience great conviction or passion they refer
to this as coming from their hearts, when in fact this emotional state is evoked through
the participation and encounter with the soul itself.
Therefore it should be more accurately stated, “lead with the soul”, but there is
uncertainty as to what exactly this refers to. So, let me state that the highest
decisions, the highest ideals, the greatest purpose, the most conviction, all stem from
your soul; having been realized, subsequently trigger an emotional, physical, response
which human beings have associated with the heart and the physical proximity of that
organ in the chest. They are, in fact, linked in receptiveness to each other so that,
when one experiences true conviction in the soul, they may feel as though they are full-
hearted about their decision. When one experiences an error in their approach they may
say they are broken-hearted. These emotional responses are, in fact, a reaction to the
action of the soul. Therefore am I greatly appreciative that you asked this question, as
I perceived there would be a continuation of misunderstanding of the true seat of
Is this distinction sufficient to illuminate your question?

Jonathan: Yes, it was confirmational and greatly clarifying. Based on the lesser
form of the definition of following the heart, I would probably be in jail without the
guidance of my mind to steer me clear. But as the higher level of the soul, I appreciate
that. Thank you.

* Monjoronson: So, let us make this adjustment here and now in our vocabulary. Due
to the fact that you in this group are of greater understanding, we can now distinguish
between the emotional interaction of the heart and the eternal action of the soul. We
should now change our mission statement to read, “those of advanced light will lead with
the soul”.
Thank you once again, my friend.

* Nebadonia (Sheila): I am your mother as I embrace each and every one of you, all
my precious children of light.
We have all waited so patiently for you to realize our relationship that has only
been forgotten on but one level. Your heart level, your soul level, never forgot our
relationship. As you have so beautifully and eagerly brought yourselves to this clear,
pure level your relationship is, has been, and always will be filled. Just as you are
all so unique, so is our relationship.
I personally dwell in your souls, in your hearts, in your minds, and now at the
levels of your ability to create along with me. It is your ability to be childlike that
assists in this creation. It is your ability to be creative and oh, so faithful, that
you would even think about relating in this way. My precious children, you have opened
yourselves freely to this relationship, and I desire for this to become your leaning post
to receive pleasure, to receive more creativity, more compassion, more love. I desire
for you to breathe me in and breathe me out, to ... powerful, beautiful creation you
desire. I want to see my children in the playground of their lives. I want to hear your
laughter, your excitement, for I know most clearly your desires. Let’s play together, my
children, let’s play and love one another. Let’s expand ourselves. My precious
children, I hold you so close. I know you so well. I love you so dearly and I thank you
very much.

Tom: In our text is says that scientifically we can know something,
philosophically we can know that we know, and spiritually we can know that we know that
we know. I’m lost on that last “know”. Is it stillness or faith? Could you explain

* Elyon: This expression indicates a triune relationship between object, subject,
and a transcendent awareness of those two in relationship. It is the higher
superconsciousness of soul that perceives, that knows of the knowledge of the knower. It
is realized in stillness, but it is also realized through attention, not merely the focus
of mind, but the attentiveness of your morontial self. It is a super-coordination of
your being, just as you are coordinated with a left and a right hand by the guidance of
your mind.
I hope this helps to clarify for you the meaning of this phrase.

Tom: Thank you.

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