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MAY 29, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to be among your rested spirits. It is an upliftment in attitude and a peaceful adjustment for the soul when time is taken for rest and recreation.

I am reminded of the Master's time of the great decisions. Peace and stillness was required to have such clarity in mind to not only come to such spiritual decisions, but also logical ones. We must maintain the memory that the Master was also man. With these important decisions there were life laws made that were to assist Jesus throughout His earthly career. They were completely in line with the Father's will and no need to deviate from them. These life laws helped with what you would term 'guesswork' in everyday living.

For this week let us think of one or two of our own obvious laws that aid us in our everyday living. Again, let us re-study the Master's great decisions. As promised, I shall move to questions. I am familiar with the consensus that all wish to begin with personal assessments. Granted, myself and Mary stand by to aid in this task.

We shall begin with HARRISON. My son, it is with joy every week that we can meet face to face. I am uplifted by your stories, no matter how seemingly small they are. You are beginning to take on a calmness in demeanor and that is helping to provide peace to those around you. You do turn up the heat when necessary, yes, but experience has shown you that a calm, strong demeanor brings more results. Your maturity in spirit has shown through your ability to give credit where credit is due. This helps to inspire others. Individuals who feel appreciated are encouraged to keep striving. It is good to be an example of living faith. Be careful not to be seen on the side of fanaticism, but to show God as logical and down to earth. You are a source of strength in our Mission and reach many that have no idea that they are even part of this Correcting Time. They need not even be told. It is not important. It is important that you continue to serve in that way which brings you the most joy. Your smile sincerely lights up a room. Well done.

ELLEN, my daughter, the supporter, the scribe, long are these years we have sat side by side. I am honored to be counted as your friend. Your common sense view of life has been compared to my own. I do realize we are both lovers of truth. I am happy to see you at this time in your life with some peace of mind and acceptance. Even though you feel you have not a great deal of access to many individuals in the Mission, trust me, your quiet work reaches the masses. Your daringness has led you into trouble more than a few times. On the other hand, there are individuals who count on it. Many love you as you are. It is wonderful to see after all these years you are having some self-acceptance. Strength is good. So is compassion and balance. Have not worry. Continue to support. Continue to cultivate that strength within. Honesty is rare in today's society. Continue to use it, just be gentle about it. Know that you do well. Forget not the quiet workers can move mountains.

ELLANOR, yes, difficult times as of late. Of course, things could always be much worse. I mean not to have you fear for what could be, but simply be grateful for what is and know that the faithful are indeed well looked after and with a more peaceful heart and mind. You know very well that many who choose to work in our Mission need to put the Mission's needs first and your struggle between the ego and spirit has made life much more difficult than it has to be. Father wants not for you live in continuous struggle. No, He simply wants you to make a decision and live by it. Sit not upon that fence of uncertainty. Be willing to drink the cup. Much of your misery is of your own doing. Father would never be this harsh with His children. Know that with each experience, maturity of spirit is forthcoming. Have not worry. Be observant. The doors are open. The choice to walk through is completely yours. Feel not burdened. Feel not rushed. Acceptance is key. Allow reality to unfold to you---force it not. It is not all work, you know. Carry on.

CALVIN, My son, my brother, you are indeed the busiest man I know, always have been. Your gift for words could always plant seeds in the most barren land and have some sort of success. You do have courage to live outside of tradition and set an example of freethinking. Your best work lies in your children. What a gift, each and every one of them. Your words of wisdom to them now might not be as valued as they will be in the future. Tend to them as you would a beautiful garden. You do have opportunity to speak to many individuals every day and it is always a blessing to live what you know. Integrity, honesty and faith will shine through in your work. You also would do well to allow the unfolding of reality, force it not. It is really quite beautiful.

MARIN, (I am delighted to be here.) Greetings, my daughter, is there any particular question I can answer for you? (Yes. I would like a name to take with me to represent this beautiful circle that I have shared in. For the last couple months it has been quite a blessing to have (?), truth and wisdom through experience.) Certainly, one moment. Marin, to the best of my understanding with the English language, your name sounds like Kara. I am pleased to get to know your bubbly personality. Your enthusiasm is inspirational to all who know you. It is obvious that you do make great effort to find a place for yourself in this world. Worry not, child, that information is forthcoming. Your energy can best be spent in stillness and study. Have patience. Know that you are where you need to be right now. Everything will come with time. You do well.

SIMON, my son, I am envisioning you coming out of some kind of fog. I am seeing you step out into the light of day. You are intelligent and have a great many brilliant ideas. I believe your experience up to this point is bringing you to the understanding that things you thought you wanted are not really what you wanted after all. You are coming into a new mental clarity. Allow your intellect to rise to the top. Allow Father to define your happiness. You do bring a lot of happiness to others and in this there is joy for you. Deeper meaning in life is what will be the most fulfilling. You are doing well. Be not discouraged. While you are a spiritual man, allow the intellect some room to gain balance. Have not worry Simon. You do well.

And last, but not least, SARAUNA, my daughter, our hostess week after week, who welcomes us with her motherly affection. I am always inspired by your balance, Sarauna, in life and in spirit. You are with common sense and compassion. You are driven and yet flexible. I am always enjoying my time spent with you. You are pondering some ideas as of late and I am in full support. I always say genuine effort is worth something. You never know why one feels driven to go about some tasks. We always must ask ourselves if it serves the ego or the spirit. With you, I have not worry. I am intrigued by your creativity and would encourage you to do as time permits. You are a rock to a great many individuals. How grateful are we that you have remained dedicated to serving such an unruly bunch. You do well.

I am going to take my leave, but first I should express to you each my love and appreciation for your unique personalities. I love the good. I love the eccentric. I love your wisdom and your humor. Thank you for being with me over these many years. We can continue next week with more questions. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.
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