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MAY 15, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. As always, I am happy to be with you again. I really admire how you pour your heart and soul into those things you believe deeply in. Sometimes it does take quite a bit of time to draw conclusions within your minds, but when you decide to act, you are indeed driven with passion. Admirable, indeed. It is understandable in this material life when one feels a tendency to hold back. Allow Father's love and logic to be your guide. Have not worry. As promised, I give you our esteemed teacher, MARY.

Greetings, friends and colleagues, I am always at home among you. I am growing with more affection each time I look upon your beautiful faces. I know I am indeed blessed to be in such a position to teach and also be a student. What an honor.

I am with great interest in Abraham's topic of last week on going forth with spiritual courage. I realize the beginning of my very salvation began with my sister's, who portrayed such courage. I make no excuses for myself really, for my dark days. They simply were what they were--a mixture of upbringing and poor choices, not a cause for eternal damnation. I was hardened, believe me. I was quite bitter against those who appeared to be better off, having had somewhat of a more blessed journey than I, which brings me to my dark days in the flesh, when I lived the only way I knew how. I made a bit of money here and there doing things I was not proud of and yet, I did what I had to, to survive. For the most part, I saw no way out. I was definitely ready for a glimmer of hope, some light at the end of a long and dark tunnel.

Imagine my dismay at the two clean, well-dressed women who came to share with me the good news. It was really not so much their words of encouragement, but the risk they took at being seen in such a place of low standards. Yes, I am speaking of ten women who embraced the Master's teaching, who took a chance at ruining their good standing in the community to go into the underbelly of society to bring glad tidings. One woman was the daughter of a well-known physician. One woman was the eldest daughter of an apostle. One woman was the cousin of Thomas and so on. Each woman had something to lose socially by embracing the Master's teaching first off and secondly by going into the poor communities and reaching out to the sick.

Had it not been for my sister's, I don't know if I would have had the courage to break free from the only life I had known. Do you see? I would not have related as well with one of the male apostles, no. It was Father's plan all along to involve women on an administrative level. These women apostles dared to leave their good-standing in favor of faith. They acted upon that faith. Don't think for one minute their loved ones did not try to sway them to think differently. They were under tremendous pressure to keep with tradition. Had they let fear get the better of them and stayed with tradition, the Master's cause might not have been as successful on so many levels. The male apostles might have led a more public life, but the females laid a more sturdy foundation. They tended to the lesser. In the end this brought greater upliftment.

In joining the Master's ministry I really had nothing to lose. My reputation really could not have gotten any worse, so the transition was fairly easy for me. When I do look at both the women and men apostles I am inspired by their courage to follow through with a concept that was mostly built out of faith. While the overall ministry of the Master was not perfect, it was successful. Your ministry will not be perfect. It will have highs and lows. You will be the student and the teacher. Overall, it will be successful. It will take courage to stay true to the course, to the one who serves us so well.

This week let us ponder how much we need to be seen in the public eye, or can we serve in lesser capacity? Can we forsake traditional standing to do what is right? Where does our energy go? That is all. Know that every minute with you is joy-filled and a great learning experience for me. As always, our love goes with you. From both of us, until next time, shalom.
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