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APRIL 24, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the jovial atmosphere here this evening. I am grateful for your support and determination to remain open and faithful. The mortal life in this day and age is indeed a constant struggle, back and forth between the spirit and the animal. There are such outside distractions that would tend to magnetize a person toward feeding the animal or ego, drawing one away from spirit. Such is our society and most definitely we will adapt.

I would say a few words also on the care of the mortal body that temporarily houses the budding soul, or cosmic citizen. It is beneficial to be cautious of what is put into the body that disturbs the neuro-transmitters of the brain. Good health is essential to connection to the Thought Adjuster. It is common knowledge of what one can do to be productive in caring for the mind and body. Most definitely, this is why we recommend meditation or stillness and prayer. From time to time we all require a cleansing of the mind and body. There are so many material factors that would well disturb the connection to the spirit.

The Master called upon us to be observant of Him in everyday living to allow Him time to instruct you. The world's people are in such need of spiritual upliftment and while you are not to stand on the street corner to preach the gospel, still you are an example of a new and changing world.

I am MARY. It is indeed an honor to work with you, as well as to be a student of Abraham. Thank you for having me.

In the beginning of my earthly ministry I was indeed overwhelmed by what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles. As I experienced the teachings of Jesus, I realized He does indeed ask very little of us. The understanding I have of setting an example to create growth for the Kingdom is to be happy in what you know. To spend a life rejoicing in all the wonder there is to behold. What does the Master ask of us, we who have volunteered to be a forerunner in the Teaching Mission? I believe it all begins with simple joy in awareness, being aware of a God who takes such joy in you as His child.

Every moment in desire of doing the Father's will is an adventure. While it might not always be pleasant, it certainly is mindally captivating and a cause for soul growth. You citizens of change are indeed blessed to behold the beginnings of moving toward Light and Life. Our ministry is to express joy. It is to encourage the downtrodden. It is to accept individuals on many levels. It is to make effort to have understanding and to leave your judgment by the wayside. It is common among mortals to gather and comment on negative happenings. It is our ministry to recognize negative happenings and point out positive outcome. A good connection to spirit and recognition of Michael's assistance is indeed required to bring light to the obvious darkness.

As Abraham said, "be aware of outside material stimulants." Practice feeding the soul instead of the animal cravings of the body. Do not neglect the body, but realize it is important enough to care for because it is the temporary housing of a universal citizen, a budding soul. A healthy mind and body is indeed a good connection to Father and aiding us in our ministry to others.

This week ponder the question of what does Michael and our internal Father ask of us? How can we be a light in the obvious darkness? How can a few words encourage one to see possibilities instead of limitations? You have not yet the idea of the spiritual power within. You need not do much but take joy in our living faith. Yes, there is always some negative happenings in the world and the Spirit of Truth stands by to aid you and bring light. That should be something for you each to think about this week. That is all. I am with great joy to be among you and know that we are each a thread in the tapestry of change. You do well. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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