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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: You Seek-You Find, Truth and Communion, The Stability of Flexibility.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Malvantra

April 9, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Monjoronson, and once again it is my great
pleasure and privilege to join in this circuit and commingle our energy signatures once
again. It is truly a pleasure to witness the exchange of new ideas and far reaching
concepts among such a group of avid learners as yourselves. This is as adding fuel to
the flame and creating a greater blaze in each of you. These are fuel for your growth,
and you each are becoming eager in your searching and finding additional fuels for your
It is truly our desire to see you work from your end as diligently as you are
engaged in to search around among all that is available to you and to pick out these
kernels of truth, these pearls of wisdom, and gather these, your tools, together,
incorporate them into your kits that you then so eagerly use when you join the rest of
the team of climbers. Any good individual ascender will have grasped over his individual
tools and be willing to adopt any new method or technique that will service in the
upcoming climb. Likewise do I perceive in you your willingness to reexamine your gear to
adopt new and useful tools and then to boldly trust that these new principles and tools
will service you when you rely upon them.
It is very true that all that you are receiving now in the way of enhanced
understanding and advanced principles is yours as a direct result of your efforts at
finding such resources. As a result of your seeking so you find, then you embrace and
internalize what you have found, and therefore do you reach the next plateau of your
climb. There we will all rest for a period while we process what we have just
encountered and prepare for the next point of ascension. It is invigorating to watch you
pursue such advances with your eager posture for acceptance and learning. It is
gratifying to all of us to see how eagerly and readily you come to the fountain for more.
It is our assurance of the divine outworking of Michael’s plan that you so willingly
participate in your capacities.
I will underline a statement made earlier here today and that is that greatness
awaits us on our horizon. It is true, this greatness will be co-created between you and
Michael. Such a time of privilege, such a time of pleasure, such opportunities rise up
before you. Look to your internal compass to point you the way and follow that direction
and we will usher in this legacy of greatness together. We will be unafraid in our
ascent, and we will form the trail on which many will find their way. And we will do
this together in joy, in service, in gratitude, and in love.
Thank you for sharing with me at this time. I allow for others.

* Elyon: I am here as well, this is Elyon. I would join your circle, your circuit,
as well and play with the truth served up earlier as to, does one know that any given
truth is in fact their truth? This question of observation is key to your gathering of
the many forms of information you are receiving and its subsequent processing and the
determination as to whether this truth is appropriate and serves you or does not.
It was properly noted that each of you has access to a spiritual component, the
Spirit of Truth that is resident and awaits your consulting for the verification of
appropriate truth content. This truth awaits your asking much as all of the spirit
dimension awaits your approach. It is not forceful and will not override your individual
desires. Therefore does it become important to, of your own free will, enter this arena
of spiritual understanding with a proper attitude, not an attitude of being convinced of
relative merits of position, but an attitude more akin to prayer and worship wherein the
soul seeks communion as opposed to communication, seeks to intermingle the human
discernment with the divine wisdom.
This desire of the human to truly know transcends the mortal desire to understand.
Therefore if you seek truly the answers to your spiritual questions it is through your
exercise of faith in entering this arena of discernment that you may the more completely
interface with this Spirit of Truth component. It is important that you (vision?)
yourself with the proper attitude of the desire of the child mind to know. If you enter
this spiritual arena with such openness and willingness and allow yourself to commune
with the spirit therein, you will receive unequivocal answers to your questions.
Realize one other thing, all truth has relative value. While some truths be
observation of what is, may not be immediately relevant to you, other truth may be
considered useful. Therefore some truth may very well serve you at your juncture of an
understanding while other truth may have to wait its turn to be filtered into your arena
of understanding. Some truth builds on other truth, uses previous truth as foundation,
while some truth requires its own place of construct and then may be subsequently used to
build upon at foundation. So, never stop seeking and asking and searching, for it is
this which will bring you that which you seek. Be open to all that you are exposed to
and realize that it is as a result of your seeking. Be prepared to embrace the answer to
your prayers when it arrives. Then take all that you have been graced with and bring it
into this arena of spiritual communion and subsequent knowing. Quite of its own accord
it becomes sorted out into that which facilitates your greater wisdom or that which is
unnecessary or that which is unavailable to you at this time.
Trust in the process that this will sort itself out and simply engage your faith to
bring you into this arena where this may occur.
I enjoy very much being able to work off your fields of interest in any given
meeting like this. We will never shy away from utilizing that which is in your own
concept frames to build upon with even higher concept frames. I trust you can see the
pattern here and am very pleased to have had this opportunity to exchange with you once
The floor is open for questions or comments or others who might speak.

* Malvantra (Jonathan): This is Malvantra, I also greet you today and embrace you in
the spirit of love and light.
It has been a concern of all aspiring individuals the acquisition of stability
while faced with turmoil and uncertainty. Today you have spoken much regarding the soul
and its importance in your life project of growth, all the while facing changes upon your
planet. There are three aspects to your being -- which gives you stability -- : the
Divine Presence, your human personality, and the soul.
If I may I draw analogy to your art of dancing: You know that in the dance of
partners one leads and the other follows in order to effect the sequence intended, and
that when either both lead or both follow the dance is ineffective. You, the human, in
spiritual intent follow the divine Resident within you and undertake the steps of the
dance, the result of which is your soul. I speak of “you” as plural, your divine Self
and your human personality. Stability is the ability to enact your dancing sequence
repeatedly and with greater perfection. This is evident in a soul that is unmoved
through calamity, one strong in the face of uncertainty. Yet the dance of spirit is an
evolving dance. Skill acquired becomes the base upon which you are creative in
developing new sequences. This flexibility allows you the opportunity to continue the
dance of your soul, whether it is upon hard floor, the grass of a meadow, or the sands of
the seashore.
The concepts you form, the doctrines you develop, the paradigms you assume, each is
merely like the gown you wear, the shoes you wear, and the style of music to which you
dance. You may change any of those and still be in the arms of spirit and still unfold
the soul.
Elyon spoke of communion as distinct from communication. When you have yielded
into the arms of spirit, you can experience the thrill of being tossed, of being spun, of
being caught, for you have become meshed in communion. Communication leaves time, the
sequence of the unfolding of thought in word, and becomes a presence, an understanding
that is instantaneous, a co-knowledge. By undertaking such a relationship the things of
little importance, the small dance steps, you become capable of trust and of certainty
even while you are airborne, even while you spin, for you know without a doubt the
presence of God and that you are led, that you are followed in every move, and spirit is
there at every point as your support.
The growth of the soul unfolds a broad spectrum wherein you may enter three as one
into any song, into any culture, and adapt and to apply what you know to new situations.
The result is twofold, the revelation of your attainments to others and the extension of
your skill as you modulate your patterns to harmonize with the conditions in which you
find yourself. This is the stability of flexibility.
Thank you for taking me into your attention. I thank Elyon and Monjoronson for
having me in their conclave today.

Jonathan: Elyon, we were discussing the well known celestial contact named
Sananda. You have said your name “Elyon’ is merely an appellation by which you have a
relation with us; we could call you Joe and it wouldn’t matter. Could this Sananda be
described as to an order like the melchizedeks or some administrative function of this
individual, or if like yourself he is an ascending human being?

* Elyon (Mark): I will make comment to that and what is not ordinary procedure for
the mandate under which we operate. But I would do so as direct result of your generated
seeking and the results that you derived at from your speculation and current
This name is reserved for that which you suspected, the Personalized Adjuster of
Michael whose voice was heard at the river. This name has been reserved for this
particular individual and their position in the scheme of universe affairs. This again
is as a direct result of your discernment from your perspective, and I simply bring you
today affirmation of that which you knew in your hearts. This is a direct result of your
having formulated such construct frames from which we could then work. Therefore you in
fact came up with these answers, and it was simply that you have not had proper
confirmation of your idea through the use of this forum I spoke of.
Much effort has been given to the instruction of the stillness which is the proper
orientation of the parts to the whole, but not near so much emphasis has been placed on
the ... attitude (receptivity?), and it is this arena where you may commingle with the
Spirit of Truth, for affirmations such as this that you are currently forced to express
in verbal communication and then await further communication and then interpret this
communication and through such a roundabout fashion as this still come to your answer.
This circuit that we just employed here and now of question, speculation, answer,
receptivity, understanding, was the material mechanism for discovering the truth.
I hope that today I have illuminated that there is another more secure way of
attaining understanding, even knowledge, through the use of the stage of receptivity,
that one can enter upon the right attitude and posture. But we will work with whatever
comes along to work with. You have our commitment to work with you as far as you will
stretch, and as much as you can reach we will be there to respond to you, to work with
you. As you get to know the ropes we will be there steadying the lines for you. It is a
great pleasure to see you engaged in these pursuits of your own accord.
It is a thrill for any of us assistants on our side to be able to add a little
instruction and a little affirmation from time to time as the journey so demands. Thank
you for the opportunity to do such.

Jonathan: Thank you. I realize it’s a curiosity question. Sananda seems an
appropriate name for the personalized adjuster for going through such a glorious career.
Sananda appears to be a contraction of Sat meaning truth, reality, or being, and Ananda
meaning spiritual bliss.

* Elyon: ... I will point out that while this individual name refers to an
individual identity, this identity also has great jurisdiction over a far-reaching web of
entities, and there are many paths that can be traced back to a reference such as this,
and therefore many individual contacts are potential with such a centralized spirit
being. It is quite possible for a number of individuals to claim direct impressions of
such a powerful individual, and they would be correct in their impressions. In this way
this circuit encompasses all through certain junctures such as this.
If that be all the interaction today then I would take this opportunity to release
you all from this classroom. There has been a number of tasty morsels for you to consume
throughout your week. I hope you enjoy mulling these over and will return with new
perspectives and ideas based upon new understanding. Farewell.

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