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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Faith, "Follow Me".
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Michael, Nebadonia

March 12, 2006

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you, this is Elyon. It is a joy to experience your
determination to derive from your ordinary events meaningful spiritual significance. You
have come to trust that those tasks of each day do contain leverages that may lift you
from the mundane into the spiritual.
You recall the statement by Jesus, that of taking the plank out of your own eye
before you take the splinter from another’s, and his context was in regard to judgment
and finding fault. Today I would like to use that same phrase in a different
application, that is, with regard to faith.
Often is one’s soul inspired by the faith and spiritual status of another, and this
is good, for the example of another living their faith does inspire one to reach to those
same heights of being. If one however gives great esteem to the faith of another, it can
be a blockage to the recognition of the faith you have yourself. The large plank-like
faith of another appears to diminish your splinter-like faith. Do be inspired by
another’s attainment but first and foremost give full attention to the importance of your
own faith enlargement.
We could give an acronym to faith as Finding An Inroad To Him, and that is the most
important aspect of faith, to find the direct contact to God. Another will inspire and
another may point the way, but you must walk it and you must acquire the skills that
faith uses to make the journey. Along the way you will have the equipment that assists
your journey, your concepts and your beliefs, your friendly associations, and your
institutions, but the energy with which you make that journey through those avenues is
your faith. While you would, in regard to judgment, work on the larger issue of your own
and forgive the judgments of others, I encourage you to in faith enlarge your faith while
you acknowledge the faith of others.
You know of the importance of the word “love” and how encompassing are the
implications that are attached to this word. You are through your studies aware that
love incorporates the three manifestations of realities, values as truth and beauty and
goodness, and that it is through your deeper discovery of beauty and goodness and truth
that you come to an enlarged base of love. Faith is quite similar. It has the elements
of trust, of hope, and of belief. It is in your further refinements and applications of
trust, hope, and belief that you discover that larger arena of faith. Faith, like love,
is a category above.
As you live your life it will be easier to address directly your hope and trust and
belief, and thereby will be revealed the degree of your faith. To look for a sign of
your faith is to look at these underlying supports. Just as you know that love is
greater than only an affection, you discover that love in the experience of goodness, the
appreciation of beauty and discovery of truth.
We teachers are pledged to advance this planet, but we are also devoted to your own
personal advancement, for that is the will of God. Father resides within you, and that
divine force has one primary purpose: your ascension. We will work to make Urantia a
better spawning ground for the new souls in the Supreme realm. While we do that we will
make sure that we assist you as you make ready to make the grand adventure across time
and space. The more certain you become in your awareness that you are truly a son or
daughter of God, the more likely your advancement will proceed efficiently, the less time
will be spent in quandary trying to verify or re-verify who you are in the universe.
This is the primary, meaning first, faith accomplishment. After you have thoroughly
accepted that you are a son or daughter of God, your first threshold has been crossed and
your journey moves positively forward past the stage of establishment and into the stage
of advancement.
I have much I could say but I know there is much you are already familiar with, as
you have lived in faith for many years. There are friends of mine in attendance who
would also like to make contact.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I would take this opportunity to join you in this forum; I am
Monjoronson. I call you to witness the great service that your instructor and friend has
provided to you over this long period of time with such devotion and love for your
individual spiritual welfare as well as your group considerations.
It is truly spectacular to behold that there are not only individual personalities
who have volunteered and been assigned to assist you as tutors, there are also others who
you have enjoyed such as Machiventa whose scope of directive is even larger, and yet he
as well has shown himself to be devoted to both your group welfare and your individual
pursuits. Now I come before you in this forum with directives even broader in scope
still, and likewise I am keenly interested in the overall project that we are involved in
currently of the reincircuitment of your world back into the graces of spiritual
awareness. At the same time I as well share the concern over each of your individual
journeys of discovery throughout this process.
It is truly awesome to recognize that the will of our Father extends from the First
Source and Center through every level of jurisdiction and every individual personality
involved all the way down to the individual and personal tutors of faith to you. We are
all united in our attempts to foster your discovery of yourselves through this process of
faith, and we are as well devoted to our projects of broader scope at the same time. The
two avenues of expression go hand in hand. If you are in contact with this communication
these words of affirmation apply to your spiritual accomplishments at having accessed
your faith to a sufficient degree to have brought you to here and now.
I would point to this journey you have made thus far as the key to any future
journeys. This component of faith will not only draw you inevitably forward but provide
you with your bearings on how to proceed when you reach crossroads of uncertainty. When
you are undetermined as to how to proceed simply reflect on those factors that have
brought you thus far, your faith and your actions in that faith. Your steadfast teacher
has spoken well of the importance of your faith in this process, and it is ever true that
that is your key to forward movement, to forsake doubt and uncertainty in favor of an
extension of your faith; to act as though you are in full possession of the realization
of your faith makes it so. Often it is as simple as accepting that you do know and
acting accordingly to propel you on your journey of discovery.
I am here to assist you in that journey as well, and, as we have spoken before, we
have a mission together. We meet to discuss not only our individual needs and growth
cycles, but as well how we may manifest these new universe principles out into the
material realm. Like Elyon has mentioned, often simply acting in faith is a powerful
statement beyond words, and I see each of you around this forum as capable of making such
powerful and potent statements of faith. Look for opportunities to extend yourselves
into this realm of faith, to project yourselves where you would be rather than where you
are, where your ideals lie rather than where your ideas of today reside. Attempt to use
the power of your thought and consciousness to co-create the reality that you would have,
and then act in faith as though you are in fact doing just that. In this way together we
shall all create a new reality around us, one that comprises our highest ideals, our
noblest principles, our greatest understanding. This is what is required to change the
world, no less and no more than the simple acting out in faith.
As your comments suggested earlier you must often hear the answers to your
questions a number of times before you can accept that they are in fact the answers to
your questions. But I can tell you that this matter of your faith and the extension
thereof is certainly one of those keys that are continually overlooked in your journey of
I would conclude my remarks there and allow for either comments or questions or
other personalities’ expression. Thank you.

* Michael: I would greet you all, my children, I am Michael. I thank you for
gathering this time, and always when you gather in pursuit of your spiritual selves you
are gathering with me.
You have heard me say in your references that I ask those around me when I walked
this earth to follow me, and in fact at that time there were those devoted individuals
who literally followed me in my footsteps step by step as I led the way through the
journey that we took together. Now I have a new dimension to my request to each of you,
that you as well follow me. You do not have my footsteps to follow in literally left in
the dust; you do not have my words delivered to the masses to follow up on, but you do
have me with you side by side in this journey. You do have my direction of purpose to
follow. You do have my devotion to others to follow. You do have my respect for the
individual to follow. You do have my love for each and every one of God’s children to
follow, and you have my approach to the Father to follow. I have left you all these
things and even more. I would assist you by your side. I would have my hand on your
shoulder and, instead of following my dusty footprints, I ask you to follow the leadings
of your heart. I am there and I will lead you. I have always been there; it is but for
you to recognize me.
You have a guiding light from our Father to ever lead your way as well. Discover
this in your journey; access this and you will gain great peace of mind in any
misunderstanding of direction or purpose. In the meanwhile I have brought you many other
devoted assistants, tutors, teachers of all kinds. These also are ones in whom I am well
pleased for their devoted service to you. I will provide you every avenue and every
technique so that you may find me and so we may find the Father. Please accept any and
all avenues that are pertinent to your individual journeys and avail yourselves of all
the grace that you are capable of embracing. I seek you through all these avenues, and
you as well seek me and through me the Father. I will find you in every available avenue
as will you find me, and we together will find the Father.
So I say once again who will follow me? Not in my footsteps but in my example of
love and devotion and with peace. I perceive that all of you will follow me. It is the
desire of your hearts that cannot be hidden, and I accept this as your gift to me in this
process. Thank you for coming of your own choice to be in this forum to seek me and to
find me. I extend my love as a giant covering over you all, and I will provide all that
is of need to you as you are about this process of discovery. I have most certainly
found each one of you, and now you are discovering that in all these different avenues
you are finding me there as well. Let us rejoice in this together. Let us savor this
seeking and this finding. Let us cherish this experience of discovery together. It
shall be so. I leave you now with this peace and this love I bring to you this hour.
Drink it in, it is yours. Farewell.

* Nebadonia (Jonathan): I am Spirit Mother Nebadonia, and I too am with you along
with our Michael, my Michael. I promise you that as you do follow him I am as the wave
upon which you are pushed forward; I am as the tailwind that fills your sail and takes
you forward to him. We stand pledged ever to lift you up and give you over to Father on
Let that peace Michael speaks of sink deep within you and there meet the love that
we also give. To feel it enter in and to feel it welling up from within, know that we
are around you, within you, in every way and all means. Translate that peace into joy;
let it exude from you. You are our special children, and we are very joyful to be with
you in this family.

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