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MARCH 6, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am loving your topics of discussion this evening. Your thoughts on the larger issues in the mortal life are sincere and profound. Certainly does it cause me to think. Topics like homosexuality, abortion and politics, will always be an issue in the lives of mortals. While there is no common solution at this time, it is important that mortals communicate peacefully, be willing to listen to one another, as well as share opinions. I believe you do well here. This is a safe place to communicate. Well done. For the most part, you as individuals have made serious effort to follow your understanding of spirit.

Over these years there has been training and a metamorphous of personality. It is becoming easier to live spiritual principles and put forth the ideas of the Master into everyday practice. I am seeing changes in you that will be beneficial to our overall ministry. You are beginning to believe that all are equal within the Kingdom, including yourself. Others opinions of you are fortunately falling by the wayside. You are able to live with the freedom that the universe will support you in your efforts to promote the good of the whole.

We each are understanding now it is not important that we are noticed, but that the good you do helps promote truth, beauty and goodness, out among those whom with you communicate. We are accepting reality as it is. To color over reality with wish-fulfillment is simply not acceptable. Reality in itself holds enough adventure and indeed there is plenty of work to do. Falsehood has simply become distasteful and you are recognizing this on a soul level. It is wonderful you welcome truth as it is and do your part to bring about an ultimate good as seen through the eyes of our Father.

I am MARY. I am joy-filled to be with you this evening. I thank you for your warm welcome every time I visit. I do understand Abraham's words this evening. I do remember being caught up in a judgmental world. Others negative words always made me feel less than and indeed I also participated in that judgmental criticism against others. This was a good lesson. How can you know being limited by others judgment and also limiting others if you have not this experience?

In my days in the flesh I found a great deal of reality to be a little too painful and leaned heavily on denial. With the Master's teachings I learned to embrace reality as it was and believed that there was always a lesson therein. I came to believe then I was not God and needed to be open for the greater Kingdom lessons, so embracing reality fully was actually enjoyable once I came into understanding of the value.

I was certainly a bit rough around the edges as a woman of that day and age. I used not proper etiquette to communicate or even act as a respectable female of that day and age. Working with the Master I had come to realize that it was not important for me to learn to be someone I was not. It was important however to fully live my beliefs and that revolved around embracing the Father's will. In this I found laughter and joy. I found reality to be cold and hard, but pleasant and as it should be. Working with the Master I understood I was acceptable as I am and that gave me confidence to go about the Father's business.

The Master had a charm and common sense view that brought out the best in all who knew Him. Even now does He work with us individually to show us we are a light in the world and fully capable of embracing Father's will and going about doing good. Sure, we will make mistakes, but have not time to dwell upon them for there is much going on in the real world.

This week let us ponder truth and how we embrace it. How is truth flavored by our own wish-fulfillments or need for denial? My hope is that you all realize how loved you are, as you are and have tremendous support from On High. That is all for this evening. Our love goes with you, in the words of our mentor and friend, shalom.
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