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Prayer: Divine Parents please look down with favor on this group, this
organization at this hour. We seek to form a circuit not only with each
other over this mechanism of this conference call but as well we desire to
form a circuit with you, our Divine Parents and all those who are entrusted
with our watchcare. We open up our hearts to all that you would bring to us
in this hour. We welcome you into this circuit that we form, we ask that
you join us and lift us up. Bring us your grace and your peace and your love
that we may be lifted up, raised up in our consciousness, elevated in our
awareness. We ask this of you knowing full well this is your desire as well
and therefore we no less than expect it to be so and we would thank you in

Machiventa: I am Machiventa and I welcome your invitation to join you in
this forum. I appreciate greatly that each of you extend yourselves in faith
to meet here in this my classroom. Each of you who are here are my students
although often times I function in more a role of headmaster than I do as
instructor, nevertheless I consider you each my charges in this new and
exciting process we are creating even in this hour.

It is thrilling to see souls come together over what is a new technique on
our world for implementing the plan of Michael to bring this world into
correction. This new technique we are developing together is utilizing the
best of technology and spirit to step this process forward. I understand
that there are aspects of this format which are ??? and I appreciate that
this causes you to extend yourselves in faith to function in this capacity
but it is exactly you who I am seeking to work with, you who would extend
yourselves to meet me here and perhaps in other venues so that we may
together create this next realm of reality.

I have been given a mandate to implement this training process for all who
would have ears to hear and I look now and witness eager souls, bright
lights each one, signing on to this new teaching program in their hearts and
following through with their actions, the allocation of their time. This is
all that is required of these students of light, that they bring themselves
to this process of free will choice and then allocate their time and
resources to follow through with the program.

This is all any teacher or professor could ask of any of their students,
that they be not only willing, but eager. Many of you have the sensation of
a great many things astir in your world, indeed in the universe and you are
correct. Very much is astir. We are in fact extremely privileged to be not
only witnessing but participating in what will be known as Urantia's final
turning point. You look around your environment and you are aware that there
is imbalance and there are inaccuracies in the portrayal and manifestation
of the nature and character of your Divine Parents here on this world.

This is where you come in. This is the role given you to play, to manifest
the highest reality you are aware of, to bring forth to our world a greater
understanding of divine nature through your manifesting that nature. Many
many points of light are needed to dispell the darkness on our world as each
point of light can disperse large amounts of darkness. It is not about
waiting for a great leader to come along and rally the troops, more
appropriately it is you each one who will become moved to act, in fact to be
that which you know to be the highest reality.

These are the exciting times we are involved in and you, each one, must
function as co-creators of our destiny. Look to yourselves, trust that you
have within you all that is necessary to be great and glorious for in fact
the Father Himself indwells you and while you may consider yourself unworthy
or unable to rise to such a challenge, there most certainly is One within
you who can rise to any challenge, who can overcome any obstacle, who can
guide you through any darkness, who can lead you into any awareness.

Trust that you have this component firmly in place. Seek to access that
component of yourself. Seek to access all of the outside influences who are
at your disposal such as myself in this hour. I merely function as
instructor, as messenger. I am graced with the opportunity to function in
this capacity. There are many others who are equally graced to function in
the capacity of instructors and facilitators but each of you contains within
your being, the direct line, the straight course to wisdom, understanding,
certainty and peace.

The spiritual pressure that we are experiencing will stimulate these powers
within you to find that component of your divinity and to embrace it, to
access it, in fact to join it and eventually to be it. This is your destiny
and along the journey, this destination, we are privileged to function in
the capacity of ambassadors of truth, portrayers of spirit reality,
upholders of divine principles. It is not necessary to be of complete
understanding of all there is to be understood in order to portray that of
which we are certain. Therefore never hold back because you feel inadequate
of your own understanding but rather be bold to share that which you do
understand even if you cannot accomplish it.

It in not required that you be perfect to share the ideals of perfection, it
is only required that you desire to be of service to another and then you
are. Fear not the implications of being an ambassador of light, that is your
role, it is your privilege. It is the grace bestowed upon you for having
arrived at this place in your journey, at this level of your understanding.
You have earned all that is being [given] to you and merely by being
children of your Divine Parents you have the greatest of all awakenings
awaiting you, your discovery of your divine nature.

Try not to concern yourselves with the details of how this new spiritual
manifestation will manifest in your lives, rather come to this process with
the eyes of little children who would learn something new, who would expand
their awareness, who would not circumvent their experience through
limitations of preconception. You are co-creating this new reallity, in fact
you are co-creating your reality always. Now attempt to do this in awareness
of this new process.

In conjunction with the Father who resides within you, all things are
possible. Attempt to not limit yourselves in your expression of divinity.
Embrace the eternal aspect of yourselves and await your opportunities and
recognize your signals. If you orient yourselves in this fashion you will
begin to reallize that all that you seek is being given to you to continue
in this co-creative process and you will begin to function in awareness that
you are not only responding to that which you are given, but you are
bringing to you that which you seek as a response.

This is given to you by your Divine Parents. These are my expressions for
this evening, I would however like to open the floor so to speak to any
questions or comments that any individuals would like to offer as one of the
parameters we would like to extend is that of a one sided conversation.
Welcome. Would there be any contributions from the classroom this evening?

R~: Good evening Machiventa and thankyou for stepping to the front of the
classroom as instructor for us.[my pleasure] I am interested in the idea of
the walking around merkaba, the idea of being connected both to the planet
Urantia herself and through me to our co-creation work, the unity with the
Father and I'm curious to know how or who else we work with, our seraphim,
our adjuster, Urantia herself, how are we encircuited to co-create in a
conscious way?

Machiventa: Very good, thankyou for the formulation of your question. In
fact your association with numerous energy fields is always in motion and is
largely dependent upon your spiritual orientation and receptivity to the
degree of expansion [that] can be accomplished, in fact many different
energy circuits or energy fields can overlap any given individual and to the
degree that you focus your individual energy and desires you may expand
these overlapping fields to include vast circuits beyond your comprehension.

In fact one of the vastest circuits you each have at your disposal is
contained within you. That one circuit transcends all circuits and is a
direct link to the center of all that is and to your center as well. Many
many circuits are formed through the volitional will of the participants.
Even this conference call, I cite is a circuit of energy formed in this hour
by you each one. It would not exist without you. You created it out of thin
air and now you enjoy the rewards of your efforts, hearing these words and
sharing your energy signatures with mine upon mingling our individual
energies over this circuit we just chose to form.

Truly it is that simple and yet that profound. You may join any energy
circuit you desire by sheer volition of your will. You may be in tune with
various energy circuits and I assure you, you are entirely unaware of other
energy circuits with which you do participate. It is not as much about these
outside energy fields as it is about your awareness of them. Once you become
aware then you can become a willing participant and this elevates your
experience of the circuit which may have been present all along.

Seek not to go seeking and searching afar for where you might plug yourself
into some foreign circuit, rather seek to increase your awareness of these
circuits which even now extend to you and through you as a matter of
priciple. Does this perspective help your understanding?

R~: Yes in that...you're saying to me that when I am at my workplace, when I
am within my family, to extend my perception to the presense of additional
circuitry that I am participating in?

Machiventa: Precisely, expand your awareness of that circuitry, it is there
all the while. It is simply you who function of relative awareness and
therefore with relative participation.

R~: When we speak of circuitry now should I be thinking of this line of
energy as being the meanings, the values, the facts of the correcting time
as manifesting themselves right in front of my face and being conscious of
the incremental contribution that I am making to the correcting time, to
the Magisterial mission?

Machiventa: You may view the correcting time as simply a macrocosm of the
microcosm that is transpiring within you even in this hour. It is not as
though these manifestations of energy and circuitry have not existed prior
to your understanding of them, rather it is your awareness has shifted and
your perception of these energy fields has been awakened. Likewise this
correcting time is the awakening of the mortals of this realm that they have
all the while been surrounded by vast numbers of energy circuits but have
been unaware of their existense.

Similarly, you as an individual will go through the processes of awakening
to discover that you had available to you energy circuits of which you were
totally unaware but as a result of your new understanding, now become
accessible to you by virtue of your spiritual growth. We have individual
spiritual growth which is ongoing and an eternal journey, and we have as
well group spiritual growth which takes place and that is the focus of the
correcting time. To elevate the whole as well as to elevate the individual.
So both are correct as a function. There is room for both without
contradiction. It is a personal journey and as well it is a group
undertaking and the one feeds off of the other one and together they move

R~: So that's what you mean by watching for signals, is that [for ex.]
come into my office every day constantly, I work with people in my family,
so watching for signals that allow me to uplift, to encourage those around
me according to their understanding and at the same time I contribute to the
macroscopic correcting time according to my understanding.

Machiventa: Indeed, if one could look at it as the subtle difference between
reacting to the signals or the potentials from the outside or looking for
opportunity to act on those signals or potentials from the outside. If one
could view themselves as looking for the opportunity to manifest and create
higher ideals rather than function in a reactive position of bouncing off
what another would contribute, those are the signals I refer to, more
opportunities and gifts than anything, they are potentials that have not
been actualized and await a creator to bring them into manifestation in this
material plane.[thankyou] Thankyou for your questions and your interests.

M~: As a spirit...spiritual ministry, regardless of plurality of origin, of
course all spirit influences are one in function, and it occurs to me as the
Supreme was mentioned, the planetary Supreme Urantia, it occurs to me that
the earlier question that was asked..we as we get to know and come closer
and bond with Urantia, increasingly say by bringing her into the merkaba,
allowing her to take this energy that has been transformed manipulated and
with high intention and for purpose allowing her to take it say for healing
where she desires to direct it, as we get better to know this growing
planetary Supreme it seems to me that she will in all likelyhood offer us or
grant us or open up the gates to the planetary equivalent of the cosmic mind
and therefore we can reach into this and certainly be led to whatever
circuits are available on her planet for our bretheren and us it would
certainly strike me that we would be more likely to become aware of them
right through the one who is the Supreme of this planet. Is that feasible?

Machiventa: You speak of a circuit that envelops you so completely as to
almost be indistinguishable from yourselves and yet you remain in relative
unawareness that you are enveloped. As mortals of the realm you are so
nurtured and supported and loved by your Mother Spirit that you are as the
fetus in the womb. You are so surrounded by your Mother's energy so as to
not know where you stop and she begins. Her fluid surrounds you as you were
surrounded in the womb. You cannot at this point differentiate yourselves
from the Mother.

It is hard for you to grasp how much She supports and nourishes you while
you are in this mortal existense but I tell you plainly, She envelops you so
completely that you do not know of her existense because you have had no
contrast with which to make this observation. Therefore, yes, you are
already a part of this circuit. This energy field surrounds you and is yours
for the joining, for the taking, for the giving. Avail yourselves of this
energy field and all other that you may become in awareness of, they are
your nourishment for your soul. They allow your soul to be free.

A component of yourself is your soul, is not accustomed to being bound in
material form and it is through avenues such as these energy circuits even
such as this one we communicate across wherein ??? may [begin?] experience
freedom of limitation. In this process of becoming spiritual beings that
each one of you are undergoing you become freer and freer of the material
restrictions until you you enjoy the freedom that your spirit yearns for and
are able to freely access any number of energy circuits, freely locate your
being wherever you may like and freely experience any aspect of reality that

For now you are confined to your vehicles and only under certain
circumstances do you allow that component of yourself, your true nature, to
experience short bouts of freedom. You will in time discover each one of
these circuits for yourselves and your relationship to these circuits and
them you will explore these avenues and rejoice at having opened up new
dimensions of your being. All in good time. Does this address your

M~: It's very comprehensive, yes most definitely and as we are empowered
increaseingly to subject the animal nature to the mastery of the spirit we
allow all things to unfold don't we.

Machiventa: Indeed, precicely.

R~: Machiventa, I'm confused. I imagine I perceive Urantia herself to be a
different encircuitment than our Universe Mother and as I believe I become
more aware of the work of the way that the Most Highs, as it says in the
Urantia book, rule in the kingdom of men and that the activities of groups
of people, of cultures, of races, of economic groups, of any demographic
group you want to look at and how each of those are manifestations of the
growing personality of Urantia herself, I find myself feeling less enwombed
and sort of asleep or lulled as I imagined my own children to be lulled
while they were in my womb and I perceive Urantia herself as a receiver of
my co-creative actions. Is this a valid way of looking at what I am feeling?

Machiventa: From your vantage point it is not altogether possible for you to
discern where one energy circuit stops and another begins. It is much like
wanting to define where the air in your living room stops and the air in
your kitchen begins. They are constantly in flux with each other and
therefore for you to attempt an observation of such a nature will prove
inadequate as your vantage point shifts and as the energy circuits themself
shift and as your awareness of these energy circuits shift, truly you are on
a moving conveyer trying to identify a moving target and while the human
mind desires to place things in categories capable of understanding, when we
talk about the spiritual realm we must come to new understandings if you
will, of greater distances, spans and expand our limitations of
understanding to accept that there are concepts such as the infinite which
the human mind is not adequately prepared to embrace. This does not preclude
your attempts however. Your desire of understanding is what gets you there.
Your attempts to get your arms around that which is vast enables you to come
closer in your appreciation of these aspects which are outside your current
limitations of understanding. [thankyou]

M~: So it's a matter of relativety of concept frames then I take it, and the
blending of the morontia material blending will allow these concept frames
of reference or foundational framework to expand to greater depths, to
better support the morontia and spiritual superstructure that will rest
gently thereon.

Machiventa: These divine principles and divine characteristics are in place
regardless of your understanding of them. You mentioned the words frames and
reference points. I will point out to you that each of these positions of a
frame or a point speaks to its very limitations. If you have a frame of
reference then you only are aware of what is to the inside of this frame. If
you have a point of reference it is only viewing all that is from that
point. You must grow to appreciate that from any frame or from any point you
are only seeing all that is out there given those restrictions.

It is your desire to go outside the frame and change your point of reference
that enables you to increase your understanding to be more than it is at
current. It is, once again, coming to a situation with an open mind, with
the mind of a child who wants to learn, not the mind of not knowing but the
mind of being teachable, the mind of eager to learn. That is what I mean by
the mind of a child, not the mind of ignorance but the mind of teachable and
if you approach your understanding of universe principles more with this
attitude than with the attitude of fitting in these priciples into your
frame or experiencing them only from your vantage point, then you will not
be successful in enlarging your perspective significantly enough to
accomodate all that you would if you would come to the same opportunity of
understanding with the open mind of a child.

M~: Yes, so frames of the universe are only relatively true. They are
serviceable scaffolding which must eventually give way before the expansions
of enlarging cosmic comprehension. Man must think in a mortal universe frame
but that does not mean he cannot envision other and higher frames within
which thought can take place.

Machiventa: Correct and your usage of the idea of scaffolding is oftentimes
helpful as your human minds desire to see yourselves as taking steps and
becoming more and more elevated in this process of stepping and having more
and more achievements bringing you a higher and higher understanding.
Therefore this concept of scaffolding is quite serviceable in your analogy
of how you build new truths and new understanding directly on top of the old
understanding and old truths. It is not that the truth down on the lower
levels was not accurate at the time, but it is rather that you are adding to
the truths. You are building on to the foundation of truth that you had a
greater truth, a bigger truth and each time you do this it is as if you are
adding a layer of scaffolding.

But recall your entire process is built the one upon the other. This does
not service your cause to seek to destroy or dismantle previously held
beliefs and ideals of yourself or another. Jesus when he instructed here in
corporeal form was known for never dismantling anothers belief system but
rather adding and building on top of that belief system. This is crucial
because of the use of this scaffolding principle and likewise you must never
feel having discovered a greater and more accurate representation of truth
that you must somehow have been faulty or incorrect in having laid your
initial stages of scaffolding. I hope this imagery is serviceable as well.

M~: Yes that is very very fine imagery there. In all actuality I am just
looking at it as a matter of conversion of potentialities into actualities.
It's constantly going isn't it. Potentials become actualized and then more
potentials increase on top of one another. That's good, it will give me some
thinking there.

I have a question completely unrelated to this and Machiventa I will ask you
this for it has been with me a good 25 years and I have asked before but I
haven't an answer. [Quote Urantia Book p.1258] The cosmic reserve corps of
universe conscious citizens on Urantia now numbers over 1000 mortals whose
insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial
abode but I am forbidden to reveal the real nature of the function of these
unique groups of living human beings. Could you comment and maybe shed some
light on this mystery that has not been opened at least from me as of yet.

Machiventa: My friend I feel you know the answer to that question. [ok, I'm
listening] Well first of all we must understand the context and timing.
These papers were received in a given time frame in the development of
Urantia and it is my hope and certainly the hope of all who were involved in
the process of bringing forth these papers of which I was one, that these
instructive lessons would never be fossilized and crystalized into a
framework if you will, which would preclude your development of even greater
understanding and ideals as developments in spiritual understanding and
growth occured.

As you are coming to learn, truth is dynamic, it is ever growing, it is ever
expanding and you and each of you are involved in the expansion and creation
of the understanding of this truth and while certain numbers were used to
indicate that at a certain time in your historical record there were a
certain number of individuals who had been recognized as having achieved
certain levels of spiritual attainment back then, this is now and I plainly
refer to you and everyone who comes in contact with these words as being
counted among those on this world who have been registered as having gained
a level of ????? enables you to become active participants in what is now
transpiring between us. Those such as yourselves who have devoted your
attentions to getting you to this place are now the ones who we are seeking
to be involved with in this next phase of service that we are privileged to
be endowed with and I perceive such was your understanding in your own self.

M~: Yes, very much so and this has been reconfirming. I felt all along by
stating it the way it has, "I am forbidden to reveal the function of this
unique group of living human beings" simply says hey we are not going to put
walls and ceilings on it. These are the individuals that are the co-creators
bringing the new miracles, the pioneers, the co-creators bringing new
miracles to this increasingly advanced and enhanced cosmic meanings and
divine values, its evolution.

Machiventa: Well said my friend, well said.

M~: Well Machiventa I could talk to you all night and I really enjoy you and
this T/R is most exceptionally connected with you and I am honored to be
here tonight. Thankyou my friend.

Machiventa: I as well share your sentiment of being honored to be among all
of you. I have been privileged enough to have the very best of our earth
between my toes. I understand what it is you are navigating in your journeys
each one and I honor your commitment to be here to find me, to find the
Father in your process and even more I know that it is the desire of your
hearts to reach out in service, in gratitude for all that you experience,
the greatness of [this] spiritual venture. Trust that you will all receive
that which your heart desires, [not] only your personal attainment of your
spiritual ascension but as well you will be granted the opportunities to
manifest glorious service. Function in awareness, be prepared to act, be
prepared to create. It is given that you do this and face that what you are
and be all that you can be. I would release this T/R.....

M~: May I ask one before you go, just a quick one please Machiventa? [yes]
This is one from the 3rd epochal revelation, this most fascinating
personality, not much was said about him but Nordan the Kennite, is he...I
bet he wanted to come back here didn't he? Your brilliant student Nordan the
Kennite of Salem.

Machiventa: Indeed many spiritual entities that find their freedom in having
transcended to the spiritual realm desire to pick up on their planet of
origin and this opportunity is available to them however the stages of
spiritual maturity are so appealing of their freedom that seldom does the
soul desire to be confined as in this material state. It is truly a
sacrifice of the soul to inhabit your material vehicle and while it is not
without its material rewards, it is a restraining experience and difficult
of enduring which is why those individuals who have chosen to personalize as
a mortal of the realm made the supreme choice to forsake their spiritual
freedom in favor of service.

M~: I wasn't speaking of coming back as a mortal, I was just speaking of
coming back even as a morontia being...Nordan the Kennite, you've touched on
something that makes me want to think more about this one, unless you
misunderstood my question.

Machiventa: The career of any indvidual becomes their personal journey and
once they reach a level of spiritual awareness they have before them vast
choices of expression of their spiritual nature and what we interpret on
this material plane as limitations simply do not exist when in spiritual
capacity therefore all options become available to any developing spiritual
being, even yourselves. You may make many choices in the future in which you
have no conception of at this stage and the same is true of all developing
beings who have gone before you. It only is a matter of what you would refer
to as time before all these wide choices are granted to each one.

M~: Nothing is etched in stone is it?

Machiventa: You are etching the stone my friend. Now if each of you could
take with you the idea that you never leave my classroom, that this
classroom can go with you and that in fact it is your privilege to take the
opportunity to function in the role of instructor from time to time and you
will find yourselves in the company of others and realize that it is you who
is at the head of the class and you will realize it's the same class....

M~: We never learn anything until we can teach it do we.

Machiventa: So say on and speak your truths and be prepared to stroll up to
the head of the class where it is your turn and look for the opportunities
that arise before you, they will come your way. Embrace them. Thankyou for
your contributions and your dedication to this process. I now would release
this T/R and look forward to our next communication, be looking for that as
well. Farewell.

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