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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Cycle of Growth, Co-creators, Direct Line to God, God is Outsourced, The Service
of Perfecting of the Self, Citizenship in Nebadon.
Teachers: Elyon, Lester Monjoronson, Michael.

February 26, 2006

* Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again it is a pleasure to join
you, my steadfast students, at our regularly scheduled meeting time. Once again I must
express to you my supreme pleasure at the great strides that you are all making as we
become not only exposed to new universe principles but conversant with them as well.
Next comes the step of taking them in as our own individual experiences and becoming
versed in that of which we now only refer to.
You have brought so many wonderfully tasty treats to this potluck forum today that
I am restrained to select but one or two dishes to comment on. But as our time is finite
I will confine my remarks to but a couple of the wonderful topics brought up for
discussion and interchange.
We have been engaged over this time period together and have risen to many new
heights. One lesson that is becoming part of our experience is that no matter what new
heights we may accomplish there are even greater heights to be attained before us, that
we take all the accomplishments we have achieved and continue to utilize the skills that
we possess, and to acquire new skills along the way to facilitate our next ascent. This
process of continually discovering, embracing, and achieving is a cycle that you all are
becoming increasingly familiar with. As ascending mortals you are coming to embrace the
opportunities inherent in the new discoveries you make along the way. No longer does one
resist discovering unknown territory when they have enough experience to tell them that
every undiscovered new territory brings with it its own accomplishments and victory over
its inherent challenges. After some time spent in this cycle repeatedly ones such as
yourselves will view the next hurdles, the next horizon, as thrilling and not as
Another of the thought patterns I would elevate at this time is the correctness of
observation in your roles to play as co-creators in this process, that you are correct in
your observation that this is an active process, not a passive one, and that if we are to
make our steady progress in this ascent we are to be engaged and active to the best of
our current skill levels. When we engage ourselves thusly we are then graced with the
opportunity to increase our skill level, and we are provided with the tools and
circumstances to add yet another valuable lesson to our personal experiences. You have
all observed that you are brought lessons when you are willing to take them on, and such
remains the case throughout your ascension career, and in fact we await your signals
before we attempt the implementation of our lesson plans.
Finally I would elevate the observation that you are also correct in your
assessment of the overall universe principle we are fostering that each of you has a
direct line, a red phone, to the First Source and Center if you would only engage with
that circuit. In the meantime and to assist you in this process there are the rest of
us, and we are eager to serve you in this purpose of identification and clarification of
your relationship to this principle. We all are functioning in the certainty that as
part of your individual ascension careers you will yourselves come to this realization in
your own time and in your own way. In fact, we are functioning with the conviction that
your eventual union with your Father fragment is imminent, and we are ever ready to fill
in as a certain time is required for you to mature to the point of acceptance. It is not
ever our desire as teachers to take the place of your relationship with any divine
personality, Michael, the Father, or His fragment, but rather we are the ground crew
assisting you as you discover and identify that component of yourself that you are
designed to find and join.
This represents my contribution for this group today other than to express once
again my appreciation. You are my students in whom I am so well pleased. I enjoy
immensely observing the steps you make and the actions you take as you grow in this
process of evolution. It brings great joy not only to myself but to many others who
observe you taking such steps. I withdraw now to allow for others.

* Lester (Jonathan): This is Lester. I have snuck up to the microphone between
great personages. You know that I am somewhat of a rebellious nature and am learning
rapidly of universe harmony, and yet I am still quite fond of being playfully incorrect.
I want to tell you that the First Source and Center is outsourced, and that the
tiny islands upon which this Source is resident is you and that you are all each
laundering love. You are transforming that magnificent love of Father into love of
brother and sister. This is good regardless of the conditions on your world in your
economic, political ways. All across this universe love is taking hold, not merely as an
overlay of God’s love, but as an individual springing up in each location of love anew,
love from you. It is still the Father’s love; that which is laundered is not changed; it
merely has a new appearance.
It was hard for me to learn this in my days upon a world like yours, for I also
fell to the mistaken notion that I would be approached and thereby realize divine
presence. Now I know I am the pot within which that divine presence springs forth, that
the seed resided all along.
Make yourselves available to all opportunities wherein you may not merely receive
the sense and the presence of God but to also in your own way outsource that presence,
let it go and become in another. The divine magic is that as you export this sense
another discovers that it is already within. Every grain of gunpowder has its own
ability to ignite. When another goes off many others can go as well. It springs from
each though touched from each other.
Well, I think my time is up, and I do let you have the time to bathe in the great
presence. Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I am here, this is Monjoronson, and I would simply convey the
thought that, while many times our communications involve our common desire to be of
service to each other, to this world, and to the Father; I would remind you, each one,
that your greatest, most noble, most helpful act of service that you can perform while
engaged in your ascension career is to yourself, that is, is to the development of the
self to find, to contact, to join, to form a union between your different components of
self. When you do this act of love, when you pursue this career before you, you are
providing the First Source and Center the one thing necessary to complete this cycle.
You are providing the faith, the choice, and the subsequent actions necessary to take you
from where you are to where are going. By performing this function you are not only
performing this act for yourself individually; you perform it for all of us, for we all
are one in this process. The more each one of us performs service of perfecting of the
self, the more we provide to the great oneness, and out of this movement of spirit
springs the opportunity to share the opportunity of service. So, mistake not that while
we are often in discussions of how the self may function in service with each other, for
each other, there is always underlying the greater task of preparing the self for the
service at hand.
It must always be kept in mind that service springs from the spiritual growth
attained, not the other way around of spiritual growth springing from the service
opportunity. They are linked together in a cycle, but in order to be effective
ambassadors of service one must be an effective minister of the spirit. We have a number
of times touched on this about the individual and the group in our climbing team, and I
would simply make reference to this importance of both aspects and as always encourage
you to give both aspects their due of consideration, realizing that they are intertwined,
and the one requires the other.
This represents my contribution here today. As always questions or comments are
welcome as are other personalities’ contributions. Thank you.

* Michael (Jonathan): Yes, I am here with you. Reside with me in silence. Pause.
Turn your heart to our Father.
What a gift it is! He within you. What great purpose your life is, to be born and
to be reared in His presence, to grow up to become God in your own way by way of his His
divine gift. No other accomplishment is so great and grand. I am that you may be more
like the Father. I am pledged to make Nebadon the home wherein you may become a glorious
child, ready for the life adventure of spirit existence. It is my purpose to do the will
of the Father, to set my goals as His goals. Yet, while you reside within my realm I
have but one question: Are you able to manage universe citizenship? This is my desire,
that while you mature in spirit standing for our Father, that you give to Nebadon the
devotion, determination, of transformation.
I will at one time in the distant future experience the moment of your passing
beyond this realm. I ask you to leave here a legacy. As you grow here much of the
hunger and thirst for righteousness is the desire to attain. As you attain leave for me
your beautiful works of art. Leave a wake from your travels that will ripple throughout
my realm and bless the many who will remain and the many who will rise and pass through.
It is spoken “stewardship of the earth”. I ask you to be also stewards of Nebadon.
Yes, you are my children but you are also citizens, and citizens can perceive, decide,
and act and leave an effect. Help me to make Nebadon stand distinct and unique. When
this project is complete I too will go with you into the universes of the future. I
pledge to send you to Father. I ask you to leave with me here one more sequin that will
make up the garment of Nebadon. When even I have moved to realms the Father will send me
into to serve we both will know that many who come to this realm will be uplifted, will
marvel at our accomplishments. This is the responsibility of citizenship.
My spirit encircles you. You are thread upon my spirit, each one of you a pearl.
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