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FEBRUARY 20, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am in awe of your faith and how you make time to feed the soul. I realize that you find my words valuable and yet, your fellowship and ministry to one another is just as valuable.

A mature individual finds spiritual serenity to come to them somewhat more easily than it did in their days of youth. There is no doubt that the younger you are, the more you need to make effort to reach for spirituality. If a man does not work he does not eat. If a person takes not care of the body then, of course, ill health comes their way. It is important that you set aside some time to focus on feeding the soul. It is all too easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and overlook the meanings and values that could perchance to come your way.

The more I get to know mortals, the more I believe that they are good. The goodness may be far below the surface, but it is there. I believe most citizens of Urantia make effort to do what is right. There are some extremely hard-working individuals about. Of course, we always teach balance in all things. To feed the soul is to enhance every other aspect of mortal life.

A simple trip to the market may hold unforeseen ministry tasks. It is obvious that this is a chore and not too much a cause for joy, but something that must be done. We can look upon our daily tasks as burdens, or we can see them for the possibilities they could possibly hold. I am in understanding that we have expectations and in a material world, allowing the unfolding is difficult. There is always temptation to push the unfolding in our direction. Many of us live to see these expectations come into fruition and when they don't; our disappointment is added baggage and sours our outlook for what is to come.

Each of you come here with a large percentage of faith that myself or Mary will be here, yet you push it not. You allow the unfolding of what may be. It feels natural. It provokes conversation and always is there value drawn therefrom. It would be wonderful to carry this attitude out into your daily living. Now more than ever is it crucial to keep in constant communication with those On High.

In our ministry we have no idea when opportunities will arise. This does indeed take some taming of the mind and remembering our commitment to living a spirit-led life. What about in the meantime? Meantime meaning when things appear dull, non-active and we are obligated to strive to live our material lives. It is hard to find joy in the mundane and yet, your outlook and attitude can always make these boring tasks seem better.

Let us ponder these tasks and the rewards they may bring. Is it something we must do to live in a material world to survive or is it simply some task we do to keep up appearances? Are you understanding of my meaning? Of course, we must perform regular maintenance on our automobiles to keep them in working order. Is it necessary we put forth time and energy into driving something that will impress the onlookers? In all our time management, let us not forget to nourish the soul, feel closeness to Father, feel balanced self-respect, feed the body and mind.

Sometimes the mundane must be endured so we can reap the spiritual reward. Let us not be slothful in our striving. Our lesson is short this evening. I am due elsewhere, but know that I am filled with gratitude for our relationship with one another. You are a ray of light in this seemingly dark world. You help to feed my soul and I thank you. Until next time, shalom.

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