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FEBRUARY 13, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It is wonderful to be among such jovial personalities this evening. After such a full week of life's activities it is a wonderful release to meet and be around like spirits. I am in such gratitude to Father for His magnificent way of arranging the potentials of time to become actuals. I am grateful to feel a part of all there is.

I am MARY. I also am grateful to have this opportunity in time and space to be a part of this great but humbling correction. I am satisfied to be a soul among souls, a spirit among spirits, a Kingdom citizen and one of Father's many children. It would seem that in this world today that life's success has quite a confusing meaning. The well-known, wealthy, educated, or athletic are quite respected. Those many that did not have such opportunity seem to feel their life is not with much value or meaning. This is exactly why I am so grateful to be one of the Master's many associates that work for the good of the whole.

In Father's Kingdom the many souls transcend the thoughts of status and/or success. As the Correcting Time takes deeper root many individuals will find the greater meaning to the purpose their life, as well as their part in the whole. It may be true that you are not put in that place that you saw yourself. Rather you may be serving a purpose or fulfilling a task that Father has assigned to you. At some point you have committed to drinking the cup of this mortal life. You have made a commitment of sorts. Expect Father to fulfill His part in that and do not complain.

If you are committed to serving in this Teaching Mission and Correcting Time you will be trained and assigned. When you waver in your commitment, your training, your assignments will be delayed, as will spiritual advancement. If we are committed, then we must be strong and fight the good fight of faith. If one chooses to wallow in self-pity or cower in fear, then that is acceptable, but complain not when you feel you are stuck in a rut and wonder why nothing seems to be moving.

What has been started here on Urantia has gone too far to turn back now. Those that serve the ego may continue to do so, but those that are committed to drinking the cup and helping the Master to bring potentials into actuals need to stay focused on their commitment. We will move forward no matter what. Would there be any questions this evening?

CALVIN: I gather in this lesson is a call to stay strong in faith and remember the cause of this Mission and not be complacent with what gift we have? I am reminded of the Master's mission here, not only training, but our contribution to apply our training.

MARY: Well said. I realize that there is continuous struggle between the animal and the spirit. The world has become used to attaining instant gratification. To work hard and allow the outcome to be Father's has somewhat gone by the wayside. I fully understand that many feel defeated by life and live on the edge of fear and self-pity. This evening is somewhat of a call to rise above temporary mortal satisfaction to eternal spiritual fulfillment. Yes. Good comment, Calvin.

SIMON: Thank you for taking questions tonight. I just thank you for bringing me to greater trust and enthusiasm for the message. How can I bring the good message to others?

MARY: Thank you, Simon. Many individuals simply a need a bit of encouragement and a glimpse of that place they feel they are a part of. The Correcting Time works through a series of mindal circuits and this is very personal, very small. We need not work on a large scale. The good is growing and shall gather more good along the way. As you do and give to others you can feel 'a closeness' to Father and peaceful joy that is a good indication that you are serving as you should be. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you.)

CALVIN: There seems to be quite a difference of Mission perspective of where this Mission is heading. Some are literally transmitting the next Urantia Book and the Magisterial Son is coming and taking us to great heights. Some groups may be saying that others of us are just being complacent, not allowing the new growth. There are two quite different directions people within this Mission are going, definitely two different versions. Do you have any comment on this?

MARY: Yes, time will tell. I cannot confirm any of these projects or predictions. I can only fulfill what is to be my ministry that is right before me. I already understand I am a part of a grand universal scheme. I need not make it bigger than it is. I can't. I am in understanding that I am one of you--no more, no less, as is Abraham and the many that are committed to serving and drinking the Master's proposed cup. As I mentioned, the Mission works on a very personal level. We need to maintain this small comfortable feeling and reality to bring about a long-lasting affect. I appreciate your question. I am even learning as I speak. I suppose once you truly feel a part of all there is, there is not need for personal grandstanding, there is not need to set above or set apart. Indeed be cautious of those who seek to separate the good-hearted from a real, possibly mundane, reality. Thank you. (Thank you so much for your answer, your love, teaching and are very, very appreciative of your contribution to us mortals here.) Absolutely I also appreciate each one of you and your commitment to staying the course. Well done. One more question.

TECTRA: You have got me thinking about the Correcting Time. Here we are in this country and because it is familiar to me how things might be going on that line in this country, but how are they going throughout the world, the rest of the globe? Is it kind of all the same thing or are we behind time because we are so distracted in this country with all the stuff we have? Is it going better other places? Can you comment on that?

MARY: You are correct in your observance. The United States is fairly distracted and yet, no one provides more service to various parts of the world. There are many parts of Asia that have started well before the United States in this Correcting Time. It varies throughout the world. A lot of it is culture, technology and how well people are bonded together, how accepting they are of others and have made a place for diversity. That is a good question, Tectra.

I know it is easy to focus on what is right before our eyes and it is also expanding the mind to incorporate the greatness of the universes inhabitants. I appreciate your query. With that I shall bid you our farewell. Know that we are in appreciation for your acceptance of the course. We are honored to serve with you, side by side. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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