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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: New Spiritual Shift, Stillness-Single Eye, Service-Entertaining Angels, Seek New
Spiritual Insights.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael

February 5, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Good morning, I greet you once again. I am Monjoronson
and, as you have become aware, I have taken more and more of an interest in your group
and others as we are in fact in preparation for upcoming events. The pace of training is
accelerating as the seas rise around us.
I greatly enjoy observing your participation about your perceptions of this new
spiritual shift as well as your ideas about what this shift may entail and how it may
materialize into your real world environment. I will raise to the surface a few of your
comments as closest to understanding this paradigm. The first concept mentioned worthy
of elevation is that concept of embracing the fact that you really do not understand and
cannot really conceive of the spiritual realities which will come to manifest. In
adopting this perspective of uncertainty, or rather as yet unknowing, you open yourselves
up like teachable children to then perceive that which is unknown and embrace it all more
readily than approaching a new phenomenon with your preconceived ideas of what you expect
to find. So, as this dynamic shift occurs it would behoove you all to wade into your
observations as innocent children would subject themselves to being taught.
Another principle worthy of elevation is the dynamic between what you are seeing
and what you are creating. You must ponder the link between your perceptions, your
reality, and your co-creative capacity. These aspects are invariably linked, and one
must be mindful of the interaction of these components so that they do not become
limiting factors. For example, if you are only prepared to see your spiritual companions
in flowing white robes you have created a great obstacle in your perception, and you are
no longer as open to simply accepting that which is, and this closing of potentials does
not serve your purpose.
I would also validate your observation that the kettle is heating up and that you
are close to seeing the episode of sudden acceleration that you have referred to, which
has been foretold for some time now.
Of most value and importance in your continuing progress and education is steadfast
adherence to your internal spiritual compass. At every crossroads and intersection you
may turn to this compass, and it will unerringly guide you in the right direction through
territory you may not recognize and over obstacles you as yet are unaware of. What you
have developed in this time spent together is the ability to lean on that compass
guiding, and that very basic premise is what is of supreme value in your educational
I now allow to make room for others, but I always appreciate this opportunity to
join you. Thank you.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon, I greet you as well. I am pleased to have
Monjoronson as a regular in our classroom, as he is a superb teacher, and I admire his
power; his advice is worth noting. I will ask you once again to pursue stillness, for it
is in this endeavor that you focus your mind’s eye. Michael has said that if your eye is
single then you will discern.
Every personality has a definition of what would be the hoped-for change upon your
world, and each vision, while being only one aspect of the grand picture, is valid. It
is through your discernment that that aspect of the grand scheme will begin to emerge,
for what is about to take place is not just an overlay from the Magisterial staff upon
all of you. It must and it is required that there be receptive points in humanity
wherein this grand scheme may lodge, may take root. Therefore each of you becomes an
anchor-point. So, with an eye single, you represent one aspect of the coming shift.
It is therefore unnecessary to be concerned over another’s orientation, for you are
functioning as a team, coordinated, and everyone has a role distinct and important.
While you perfect your vision through the single eye, so does another. Then in the
totality the entire revelation will be revealed and discerned. It does nothing for a
celestial personality to simply put forth if there is no receptivity, and receptivity is
only available to those who seek to discern. Therein is the importance of stillness, for
it develops the skill to seek and discern.
Also, another wonderful phrase by our master is that you may be attending angels
unawares. Service is the avenue through which this shift of paradigm will spread, for as
it is born in you, the new way; it only carries forward to others through you. Likewise
the aspect of this paradigm discerned by another that you have yet to see is revealed by
them to you through service. You are often taught that you have guardian angels who look
out for your welfare and who seek to advance your spiritual attainment, but realize that
this is a partnership and that you also are vital to their projects, that without you
they have little leverage in this world. So, when you are in company of your fellows,
you are in company of the angels.
As Monjoronson has reviewed your discussion, I also wish to underline the view that
this particular mission of the Magisterial Son will not start from a single point and
spread out but will emerge all across the board broadly and coalesce into a single
revelation. It will gradually emerge to each person in a unique variation. It is
through your community that you will come to discern the overall. I refer you back to
your prior lesson of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
There is a great and new era unfolding, and you, my friends, are at that horizon.
It is through your support of one another that you have come to the summit and are
beginning to discern what is to transpire. Continue to seek the Father in times of
quiet. You know well the many reasons I have given to undertake such solitude. Therein
is where you will draw the power to step forward to be the light and to be a
representative of Monjoronson in this new phase. While you look to see the signs of its
coming, realize that it is rising within you and emerging from you at the same time. You
are part of this becoming. It is your privilege and it is a gift bestowed upon you. It
is a gift not exclusive to any one of you but given to all who are willing to receive and
wanting to act.
These are my words and I remain with you.

* Michael (Mark): I am Michael; once again I come to embrace you with my arms of
spirit. I am so pleased that you are so steadfast and earnest in your training so as to
be the better prepared to be in service to me and the Father. I welcome you each one as
my good and faithful servants and trusted allies.
If you were in full awareness of all that I have done for you in preparation and
all that is directed to you throughout this process, you might very well be too
overwhelmed to focus on your mission at hand of being a good and faithful servant to your
trust of your own personal spiritual advancement, and serving me and the Father as we are
then able to work together to bring about the manifestation of that which I desire for
our world.
You have vast resources at your disposal, and I invite you to place no restrictions
upon the manifestations of the glory from on high. Do not forsake the as yet unknown as
being impossible, for in conjunction with the desire of the Father all things are
possible. Even you who have come so far and who have made such progress are still
subject to your preconceived ideas and conditioned by your material experiences. This is
normal and natural for beings of dual nature such as yourselves, but you are capable of
more. You are in potential like eager children to learn and to be taught. That is what
brings you to this forum at this hour, and that is what will guide you through and propel
you through all that is before you.
Hold steadfast to your internal bearings and allow yourselves the freedom of
discarding that which does not serve you. In regards to your conditioned ideas, seek new
spiritual insights. Approach me for expanded understanding, and do all this with the
open nature of the spiritual children that you are, and your eyes will behold things,
your spirit will perceive things, and you will grow to be things that you do not yet
know. Welcome all this as simply a part of your journey, a part of our journey together.
Be willing to investigate the unknown, to approach the uncertainty. Be willing even to
forsake your notions as to how and where and view your new journey with open minds and
open hearts.
Trust that I will guide you as will your companions and associates whom you enjoy
even in this hour. All this I do for you because of my love for each of you. All this
is a gift for you from the Father on high. It is my privilege to manifest aspects of
this gift as you are ready. I give you my pledge that I will be with you and available
to you as you turn to me. Let this journey be joyous and wonderful, and allow yourselves
the freedom to experience this in your highest possible capacity. I always have love for
you, and I once again bring that to you as my gift. I accept from you your devotion and
your faith and your love for me. Farewell.

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