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Monjorenson: Greetings fellow sojourners upon this planet, I too dwell upon
this world and do so at the bidding of our Sovereign Son Michael, I am
Monjorenson. It has been my hope and now my privilege to be here and to give
to you the continuing lessons which will advance this planet, albeit slowly,
as you have come to discern through your continual increase in insight
regarding spiritual growth, be it in your own personal unfoldment or that of
the entire world.

Life upon Urantia has progressed through many stages. The cycle you are
passing through and the cycle you are entering into marks another
evolutionary step forward. My efforts here will be to emphasize once again
Michael's teaching when He was here of evolved love for your fellows and an
intense keen love for your Creator Parents. This teaching, while of the age
you are passing from is the foundation, the fabric of all ages. It is time
for all peoples on Urantia to move more in alignment with His teaching to
resolve to carry His word from thought into action. There is one great power
within you by which you are able to live love, and that is the Spirit of
Truth, Michael's own presense. He did not give the teaching that was not
liveable and He supplied this teaching with His living Spirit. It is through
that spirit that you discern His words, that you discern the truth given by
a Divine Being, not merely a prophet, not merely a teacher.

This Spirit makes the word jump from the page, makes the meditation of the
mind become the motion of your body. It is the Spirit of Truth by which you
are annointed to represent Michael and it is this very truth that my order
of being gives to other worlds who have not had a bestowal of a Creator Son.
Through this Spirit I am also encircuited with you. Through this Spirit is
where I touch your soul that you may hear my words and may recognize my

My purpose is for Michael and our common Father. Every moment of your life
you are infilled with this Spirit, and in this relationship you are able to
express the truths of love, of love that is alive for giving, accepting, one
that can change to accomodate another as Jesus could kneel to address the
needs of a child and could stand before the powers of government of his
time. Those of you that have made the effort toward an increased spiritual
unfoldment have come to realize the value of relationship.

How often has a friend expressed what has become a turning point in your
understanding, in your cosmic comprehension and in your ability to live what
you learn. Through our Sovereign of Nebadon, all human beings are His
brothers and when He lived upon this world, even those who sought to kill
Him saw [Him] as a fellow in spirit, and while their motives were against
His mission, He knew that upon the completion of His mission His Spirit
would come to dwell in every one.

It is through this Spirit presense of Michael that you, through discernment
and compassion are able to perceive and energize a spiritual communion, a
relationship of holiness with all others. It is that opening of the arms of
the heart, to speak figuratively. When Jesus did this, even strangers fell
in love with Him and felt that He had known them as a friend for many years.
This you can do too. You are aware of the recording of the words of Jesus
when He said that He was going into His Father's house and that He was to go
to prepare a place for you, and while this is often viewed as a domicile, a
dwelling place for you when you leave this world and enter the morontia
realms, He also intended to teach that within His Spirit which soon came to
this world, there is your place, there are you to dwell.

The Spirit is your mansion, the mansion in which lives your soul. It is the
castle of protection, of Michael's promise to ever be with you. This is our
purpose in my mission and I enlist you all. Aid me in intensifying the
awareness and the activity of the interconnection of the Spirit of Truth
among and within each and every one. It is high time for community and
fellowship on this world. All your conflicts will be resolved through
relationship with a positive willingness to work with one another in support
and caring. It is critical at this time for this lesson and this reality to
be learned.

My power to effect change on Urantia is rooted in Michael's Spirit of Truth
and as you begin to grow more acquainted with my efforts it will be this
very spirit through which you will discern my true purpose, the real intent,
and this will clarify conflict and confusion. As in the teachings of Jesus
which have been interpreted and repackaged, that which comes to you as from
me will also undergo such changes. But whether the words vary, the meaning
will resonate with truth. The meaning may be said in ten different ways but
you will be able to discern it through Michael's Spirit, and if you do not,
then it is time to sit in stillness, to fathom the veracity of what you've

And if it comes not true, then take it upon yourself, the approach of
Michael when He ever said, my hour has not yet come. This approach allows
you to set aside an uncertainty for the maturation of time and an increment
of growth wherein you will better discern if it is true or not. When your
hour comes, you will know. Our association, our relationship will progress
because of the Spirit of Truth. Everyone into whom you gaze into their eyes,
is where you also interface with Michael and His Spirit and while that same
sensitivity may not be forthcoming from your fellow, you know that brother
or that sister because of Michael and it is this knowledge that you are
siblings that care arises in the heart, that desire to serve and to uplift
becomes an ever growing passion. With Michael I stand pledged to assist you
and I recognize you also are with Michael and we are in the community of His
Spirit. This is our fellowship.

I offer the opportunity to ask me questions or to express your own insights.

Q: This is M*** how are you tonight my friend?

Monjorenson: Always well.

M: Yes, very exciting times we are participating in. I have a question
should you desire to comment. On the current possibility on this planet for
groups of like minded mortals, possibly mortals upon your staff, that will
come together to create a system and through their synergistic union be able
to co-create in unison with their Paradise Father, members of a whole new
vital order of beings which will act as liasons in the step-down process
between our unseen planetary hierarchy, which you are certainly one of
these, and our mortal bretheren in the flesh.

Monjorenson: What you speak of is a very real possibility and not unlike the
active corps who worked with the original planetary headquarters staff. A
group of beings who can interact with those you perceive as celestial and
those you know as terrestrial. It may be the past pursued. Firstly it is our
effort to instill the longings within any human being to walk the path of
Jesus, to live his gospel and thereby demonstrate to all of Nebadon and
particularly to this system that human beings are capable of spiritual
discernment even without celestial assistance for this demonstrates forever
and always the Divine Spirit of God within.

And such actions of such human beings demonstrate that no angel or son of
God has coerced a freewill creature. That is our prime and firstmost effort.
Subsequently, what you speak of, of liasons, will become more important, not
so much in the albeit necessary corrections upon this world but moreso in
the development of that once planetary headquarters wherein there is truly a
capitol through which ambassadors of light may come and go and a place which
human beings may enter in and discern directly the overcare of your higher
brothers and sisters.

We will also be relying on your midway bretheren for they too know well how
to make the contact between you, their cousins, and the visitors from other
worlds. In order for such a group to exist it will of necessity be made up
of those who have transcended their sectarian orientation, a transcendence
which does not abandon that which they believe in but one which embraces all
other forms of description of reality and truth. These are the candidates
through which biological adjustment may be made and circuit engagement will
be allowed. There are those in my entourage who are taking notes of
candidates throughout this world.

M: This engagement that you speak of, I have heard it referred to as the
circuitry bonding process that Serena brought up several months back and of
course the individuals you speak of would be obviously those that have
transcended or lets say their ego animal mind has been transfused and
transformed so they can in essense be walking upon this world yet not be of
it. This circuit engagement that you speak of, are we on the same page when
I mention circuitry bonding that Serena has brought up in the past,

Monjorenson: Yes, I would add some clarification. Every candidate who
undertakes this circuit engagement [is] doing so in a vertical sense,
upwards to
the sources of contact, and this, while also a bonding, is not the
encircuitment also of one human to another, a triangular orientation of
encircuitment, and that is the true bonding. It will be such that you will
know a fellow of such stature immediately. Continue.

M: Serena has commented on this as others have to me and this triangular
bonding yes, as the bonding to a group of individuals that are engaged in,
there's a process that's touched on in the Urantia book on page 1222.
Indeed through the intelligent use of body mechanisms mind can create other
mechanisms, even energy relationships in living relationships by the
utilization of which this mind can increasingly control and even dominate
its physical level in the universe.

Well I take that further to infer that through certain creations, shall we
say contruction of maybe merkaba like anchors, that these like minded
individuals can engage in the bonding process between them and at the same
time be involved in the bonding process with one of your to be materialized
celestial staff members and this triangular bonding in essence could yield
the [wish?] of our Paradise Father, a whole new order of being much as the
carriers envisioned when they projected that the Prince's staff, the first
generation of Adam and Eve, would come together and the conjoint offspring
being this envisioned race shall we say, of teacher rulers of human
society but having such a race lost forever in that sense I do perceive that
this triangular bonding could in essense yield such an order and indeed
allow these blending mortals to receive what you have spoken of.

Monjorenson: You are a discerning student and I applaud you for your efforts
to understand and to perceive.

M: Well if it weren't for my connection with Serena and you I wouldn't have
a clue about this my friend. I will take my seat and allow the other
students to offer their inquiries and it is a pleasure an honor and a joy my
friend and I enjoy your presense each day.

Monjorenson: I will add one comment to respond to your questions. This will
in effect replace some of the efforts of the material son and daughter on
your world to uplift the human race but it will not make up for the
biological elements, it will as you have quoted, be an infusement by way of
mind into the material through which your racial structure will improve.

M: Certainly, and subsequently mind in the spirit utilization and
synchronization, one of ...as the generations past, our race, the memory
will be
able to be uplifted, the DNA able to be rewritten through the inteligent use
of mind and spirit mechanism through both the desire and the techniques of
we say, becoming masters of manifestation.

Monjorenson: This is correct and it will be through the alignment with
spirit. We are here to assist.

M: Very confirming my friend and a wonderful presentation. I step aside,

Monjorenson: You are welcome.

Q: Monjorenson, I was wondering with the coming of spiritual influences,
how the separation between church and state can be better effected. Could
you comment on that.

Monjorenson: Such a separation is valuable within your corporate structure,
your congregation of individuals who have established rules of conduct
and methods of action such as your churches and your governing bodies. There
will ever be a desire for these powers to influence or control the other for
intuitively these structures understand the power each has upon the human
mind, will and heart. Within the individual, within the solace of their own
volition, there ought never be a separation between that which you
comprehend spiritually and that which you seem to be of need in the world.

But there is worth in providing a separation in your external structures of
civilization for corporate entities function with a mindedness more akin to
mechanism than a mindedness akin to soul. A soul can set aside itself to
minister to another, a mechanism merely goes through the motions trained or
programmed to effect an end. By having a dichotomy, a polarity or
separation, it forces these bodies of control to adjust and readjust due to
restraint and counter stances. This is healthy.

It will be up to people, each single willed creature, to vocally express the
value of holding such organizations apart and it will also be the duty of
each individual, to within their own being, merge the transcendent with the
worldly, to be in the world while not of the world, for it is within your
own soul that such harmony is beneficial and it will be through each one of
your actions that the world will progress. I hope this has contributed to
your understanding.

Q: Yes it has, so there is like a grey line between church and state,
there's not like uh, there's an everchanging boundry?

Monjorenson: It is. What they have in common is their worth for people yet
their core motives are quite different, one valuing the ability of the human
being alone to improve conditions on the world and the other great value is
placed in the power of God. Both are worthwhile and I point to the episode
of Jesus when His apostles were attempting to reconcile the differences of
the disciples of John. Jesus, the Creator Son stood back and allowed the
politics to play out and allowed the human beings to make their choices, to
place their vote and to stand their causes.

And when that cycle had completed, Jesus returned merely to give an overlay
of spirirtual pattern that would help to uplift each one as they sought to
reconcile their differences, their orientation. The church is not the
Creator, but the church values what the Creator teaches and I speak of
church in the broadest sense, a congregation of human beings who are devoted
to the First Source and Center. But the grey overlap that you speak of is
largely the institutional structures and here is where the intrusion of one
into the other becomes possible. [thankyou] You are welcome.

Q: Monjorenson the is J***. If we still have time anymore tonight would you
have a few things to say to clarify some of the biologic changes that you
described when you were talking about in answer to M's question.

Monjorenson: As this is a continuing focus for many who dwell upon this
world and are in charge of uplifting human beings there is little I can
offer other than to state that the efforts of your material son and daughter
to infuse the biology of the human races with higher DNA, as you know now,
that process will not be reundertaken. It will be important for human
science to advance and for the human community to require of that science an
adherence to spiritual values.

This will be an external course through which human biology may improve but
at the same time the sooner and the more people turn their lives from merely
an external human oriented existense to one of an internal relationship with
a Divine Spirit being can [one] understand their ancestry and their heritage
and their belonging. Spirit will transform mind and mind is infused
throughout your physical vehicle and there is the method and path for
healing and for biologic upliftment. The life carriers and others are on the
task for there are compensations that are needed to reach the goal that Adam
and Eve sought when they came here for in Light and Life you will need
physical forms far better adapted to that level of existense than you have
now. I hope this helps. [thankyou very much, yes it does]

M: So in essence Monjorenson, a lot of this biological upliftment as far as
the body mind focus, we can allow our bodies, I take it, to become
generators through this great creative radiating principle flows that
oneness with the striving to be one with our thought adjuster, allowing
ourselves to be like an electric generator where we will collect and magnify
this energy, this pure energy of love that we will learn to direct and send
it out in a stream of pure white light that will allow such upliftment.

Monjorenson: Indeed, and I for illustration point to the story of the woman
who reached out and touched the hem of Jesus's garment, and you know how
instantly that energy had gone forth. This is what you speak of.

M: Indeed it is my friend. We are truly empowered are we not?

Monjorenson: You are and remember my lesson, you have the spirit of truth.
I will draw a close this evening. I know you enjoy my visitations through
this form of contact and I thank you for your attention and I trust that you
will take to heart what I have expressed tonight and may you who love our
Sovereign Son, will [to] do your best in sincerity to live what you learn
His Divine Spirit presense. It is to Him that we all do honor and it is to
Him that we all live our lives for we know that when we are blessed we are
desirous to bless as well, but in the house of Michael, giving and receiving
is the method of operation. It is the house rule. Love one another my
friends and I will make my contact as you know again, thankyou.

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