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DECEMBER 19, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am also with gratitude to dip my cup into this endless well of love and strength. This time of year on your world has led me to ponder generosity and good will. It would seem that those that have an abundance give freely, while those that must be cautious tend to be closed off. Each of you know by now that spirituality is an abundant well that never runs dry. We can feel the Spirit to literally be an energy. The more effort we make to align with the Father's will, the more energy that seems to fuel our minds, bodies and spirits. It would seem that being progressive is of great priority in the mortal life. Progress comes in many forms to many individuals. Once we are well into understanding true meanings and values we find out the true definition of progress.

Last week Mary suggested that you think of an individual who is particularly inspiring, come what may. When we look at these inspiring individuals they seem to be with an unstoppable energy. Sure, there are disappointments, even bitter, painful memories, but in these individuals there is a understanding that no matter what happens keep on trying, keep hope, faith and love alive. These are the individuals who know of that well of unending spiritual energy. They don't hold back. There is always plenty. They are always in a generous and giving mode. Those who are in this generous mindset are in understanding of true meanings and values. They give of their time to others. They live to bring laughter. They show their concern for others by listening. There is peace in such an accepting individual.

I am MICHAEL. I would bring you the message that I am joy-filled to be a part of that endless well of love and strength. You know I go before you. It is my desire to help this world into a new and better age. I am with understanding that many moments can be so difficult and discouraging and I can promise you that I am in every moment. I understand every tear. I am in that energy you feel in the generosity of spirit. I would have you feel comfort in your ability to carry on and help the Kingdom to flourish with what is truly meaningful and valuable. This is the time on Urantia when many think of me as that helpless babe some two thousand years ago. I am grateful that in this Correcting Time I am seen as a driving force for truth, beauty and goodness. Again, I go before you. I love you. Carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. Thanks to our Brother/Father for His words of encouragement. For this week let us ponder that driving force that goes before us. You have all the help you will ever need. Take comfort in that. Until next time, shalom.
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