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NOVEMBER 28, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I love this evening's group attitude. Your energy is indeed a driving force. I am blessed to have an overall picture of how you each touch the lives of those you know. Family has gone beyond biological borders. You are each helping to set an example of embracing every individual as a part of the Kingdom as a whole.

I am always inspired by the Master's stories because He truly lived in each moment. He was not stuck in regret over the past nor was He anxiety ridden over things to come. The Master learned useful skills from His journey in the mortal life, but still He went into every new situation with no expectations. His heart and mind were always open to new possibilities, messages Father may have to impart to Him, new understanding of human nature, or more experience that helped Him to complete His mission bestowal that gained Him His sovereignty. All things were new with the Master.

I am MARY. It is wonderful to be among you this evening and in such high spirits. I can see why Abraham is filled with such excitement and anticipation of this weekly meeting.

>From time to time I still have some regret over my experience in the flesh. I still feel sorrow sometimes at having been a seemingly slow learner. How grateful am I to have worked with the Master, who embraced every individual regardless of who they were or what they had done or not done. To the Master, people were not labeled or set with certain limitations. They were simply children of God. When I had met the Master I was not at the top of my game, so to speak. I was uneducated and felt trapped in a life I had never wanted. Jesus was instrumental in showing me how to bring forth the value from all my experience.

Because I was a battered woman--I knew well how to deal with other women looking to have healing. Because I was a neglected child--I had a special bond with children and knew just the right words to make them feel included. Jesus really showed me how to quit feeling sorry for myself for what seemed lost and take hold of the here and now. I had to overcome my regret through self-forgetfulness and allow my experiences to unfold in due time and when it was right, I had understood the value therein.

When Abraham had spoke of tradition and feeling the pressure to live up to societies ideals of success, I believe in a way, he was speaking about what can be seen by the material eyes, instead of the spiritual. Those things that are valued in today's society are highly materialistic and much is dependent on how things look. A man, who is wearing a three-piece suit, is more likely to get a job than a man who is unkempt. Someone who is educated is more likely to be trusted than someone who is spiritual. A mother, for example, is looked on to be more valuable if she does it all--work and raise children. These are the pressures that stifle growth.

We can look back over our experience with disappointment and be confused over where we are going, or we can be as the Master was, living truly in the here and now. There is value in all our experience and Father does use it to further His ministry. Some of you are experts at certain things in life, not because you have had earthly education, but because you have lived it firsthand. No one mortal is qualified to define the success of another. That definitely is not helping in the growth of anyone.

Having lived the life that I had, it made it extremely difficult for me to be judgmental of others, which helped in my ability to be able to minister. There is definitely a certain humility I had learned, which gave me the capability of having compassion for others, those that seemed to be trapped by their circumstances or poor choices. The Master showed me that my willingness to overcome my regret and self pity helped me to live in the here and now, which enabled Father to reach me with certain instructions that were needed to minister.

Urantia is moving forward. There are choices people must make to accept the past and simply learn from it and move on, do better. Dwelling over regret of the past is in no way an atonement for it. It is not helping anyone to advance. It is not helping in the connection we should have with Father. Life is what it is. We are in the here and now and it is important to have an open mind and heart to receive Father's guidance.

I am especially grateful for the Master's humor that brought me out of my self-pity into my true potential. Again, you each know what you must do to live a balanced life. This week find time to have a moment alone with the Master. Allow a bit of time to review your past and see the good therefrom. Ask Father what value He would make out of your life experience this far. How has your life experience given you the skills to minister to others today? That is all. Know that Abraham and myself are with continuing gratitude for your dedication and willingness to serve in any capacity. Until next time, shalom.
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