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NOVEMBER 14, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am enjoying the harmony among the like minds this evening. I take joy in watching your excitement as you gather to discuss issues in mortal living. As your comfort levels grow with one another, you are finding more freedom to speak your true thoughts. As I gaze around the room this evening, I cannot say that even one of you have had a typical or traditional background. Your unique experiences have made you into the unique person you are today.

I am finding among Urantian citizens that there is a deep-set disappointment at having not experienced the life that your society defines as traditional. There is a great deal of guilt among people who seem to stray from the well known, well worn path. To many, 'unique experience' is another term for failure and use this so-called shortcoming as a reason to blame all of their poor decision making on. The time is coming where individuals will be valued for their ability to endure in any circumstance.

I am MARY. I can relate with this evenings topic very well. I had not the typically respected life-style. I was however a survivor and used what skills I had to get by. As I received training from the Master's ministry, of course I was able to withdraw the meanings and values out of my unique experience. I no longer needed to have regret over my so-called misfortunate upbringing. I found it useless to continually chastise my poor decision making abilities. Experience in the ministry taught me that no one person will be able to pour their life into a set mold and have it turn out to be what they have learned is perfect. Such is life on an evolutionary planet.

There is not a perfect path or completely prearranged plan. Your agondonter status gives you free reign to make choices according to your own understanding, in your own time. I learned personally that what appeared to be my scars from life, were in actuality a creation of who I was becoming. Society can be so judgmental and harsh with those who fit not the righteous criteria. You, Mission participants, are well trained to show acceptance and compassion to anyone and their life style, their personal circumstances. Most importantly-each person is a child of the Father and valued beyond human measure. As we deal with individuals in our life, let us make that abundantly clear.

In today's world there are no perfect chosen paths. There is meaning and value to practically any circumstance. The Teaching Mission's ministry is a wonderful foundation to plant the seeds of diversity. This week let us ponder our own seemingly non-traditional life experience. How have you allowed that to shape you as a mortal and cosmic citizen? I give you back to Abraham for questions.

I am ABRAHAM. Proceed with any questions you may have.

HARRISON: Abraham, I have a question. I don't know what to expect as far as help or direction, but Carol and I am considering whether or not I might retire the end of next year. Whatever you understand of our circumstances or whatever you have to say regarding that, I would appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I don't know if I can impart to you anything that you don't already know. For you, Harrison, I am seeing that familiar flicker of Father's light in your eyes. I am in appreciation your enthusiasm and willingness to be open to new possibilities. My only suggestion would be to be cautious of really listening to Father. I know Father's tasks can seem to not align with what you are truly wanting. Know that seemingly small tasks of today are building toward a greater plan in the future, greater--not so much meaning from a mortal standpoint, but more from a Kingdom perspective. Your commitment to this Correcting Time is known and appreciated and by all means, Father will use you to make strides in this plan. Embrace the small moments of awareness in everyday living. They are the true blessings. Overall, have not concern over time right now. You both indeed do very well. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, thank you for the lessons, friendship and mentoring us all. Any help or guidance you could give me I would really appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: Miriam, my daughter, I am most happy to spend these moments with you. I am always happy to see you. I am understanding you to be feeling the heaviness of life's realities-as if these months ahead are well known and the same old thing. I am saying 'the same old thing' does not have to be. You are at a point in your life where you are with some freedom and power to change the ordinary. I realize you many times feel life's heaviness when things appear to be out of your immediate control. I know to be subject to various circumstances is a prison, it is not freedom. I just want to tell you-you have power to do things different, to change the heaviness of life to light. You have done well, Miriam. Carry on. Another question?

CALVIN: Are you encouraged by the events going on in the Middle East (Inaudible.)?

ABRAHAM: I really have no personal opinion or desire for outcome in one way or another. It is what it is. I have learned by now that traditions are deep-set in the Middle East and evolution there is slow. I am encouraged however by Father and His ability to reach even the coldest of hearts. As He comes at this situation from all directions we are hopeful that the eyes of the people will be opened. When I speak of directions and Father's influence, I am meaning equality among the people, women, children, the elderly, religion, classes and status among the wealthy and the poor. Spiritual roots will take hold in many different areas and this is the hope of change ahead. When people have hurt long enough, there is a tendency to find surrender and in this there is clearing of the mind and searching in the heart. Good question, Calvin. One more question.

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have been quite involved with (inaudible) with their plight against leukemia this week. Do you have any guidance?

ABRAHAM: I am in understanding of your compassion for these people. Many times when we are witness to others hardship, we are made to turn inward and wonder if we, ourselves, could endure such ordeals. I am understanding--to continue doing what you are doing, being there, being a friend, having them know you are available. Many times those that are in real need simply need an understanding ear. You are well gifted in this area. Have not worry about helping them to go in one direction or another. The sharing of your experience provides a great deal of inspiration. That is all.

My connection is growing weak. I would thank each one of you for your dedication, your open hearts, your welcoming attitudes. In all sincerity, my love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.
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