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NOVEMBER 7, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, what a fine example of fellowship this evening. It is wonderful to see the positive influence you have over one another. Whether you realize it or not, you literally put yourselves in Father's hands the moment you step through the door to this meeting. It has become an unconscious decision really. You have grown accustomed to me as much as I have to you and our comfort levels are exceeding each week we meet. I am growing in gratitude for this opportunity.

As we become more aligned in choosing the Father's will, we are given spiritual gifts that help all to progress toward Light and Life. This is a spiritual power and not of this world. It is an ability given to us directly from the Father, while the skills of this ability are influenced by our Mother.

I am MARY. Again I am feeling the excitement of new possibilities and again amazed at Father's network of caring individuals. One thing that I have been somewhat surprised by when I passed from your world to the next is how much I learned that Michael, our Sovereign/Creator, Jesus, the carpenter of Galilee, the man, the minister, the Brother/Father, worker in the world and in the Kingdom of Heaven, was influenced by our Mother Spirit. As I witnessed the Master at work I was indeed blessed to see His unending grace, His charm, His intelligence, His willingness to be patient.

Our Mother and Her mind spirits have been at work in this Correcting Time, bestowing upon its participants the beauty of grace. Grace is setting aside personal need in favor of embracing the unknown or allowing time and space to have a place in what seems to be the mundane, repetitive, ordinary and/or even annoying. Mother teaches us to allow for evolution. She patiently waits for specific instructions from Father, while being in the motion or moment of time and space. Think about this world of over stimulation. Rarely is there allowed any time for nothingness or dead air space. Mortals are made to feel they must always keep the ball rolling.

Mother's grace teaches us to be aware of the needs of the moment. She is watchful. Does Mother desire an ultimate good? Of course. Does She assert Her personal will to see that is the outcome? Of course not, for She well knows that there are universal inter-workings that are incorporated into Father's plan and purpose that She is not aware of. She doesn't have to be. She has trust and knows that a great deal depends upon Her willingness to be observant, be open to any situation, be able to delegate tasks and allow for time and space in the spur of the moment. That is grace. That is universal cooperation and power.

Being a woman in your world, I was not aware of the influence by Mother Spirit. It was not evolutionarily time for me to know this. You, as Urantian citizens, are just now finding out the importance of Mother's influence, as pertains to service and incorporating the needs of the whole, as opposed to selfish desires. With many mortal ideals being geared toward male perspective, it is the Master's hope that each spirit born child realize the influence Mother had upon Him during His days in the flesh and now. More importantly, He wants for our knowledge of Her grace and how She uses it to take care of the whole. One who practices grace in everyday living can tend to one individual, while seeing beyond that or encompassing the broadened perspective, and being open to specific instructions from a network of universal assistants. Grace is allowing for time and space. It is trusting in Father while being willing to serve in any capacity.

The world is always in a state of constant change and it is only a small part of the grand universes. We are set for a new and better age. As we embrace our tasks in this time of correction, let us remember our Mother, who serves without ceasing. It is simple and yet, with a great deal of power, evolution is happening and you are helping. I am informed we will take questions next week. Until then I am to bid you farewell with love and grace. Until next time, shalom.
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