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Prayer: Divine parents. First of all, we welcome you into this circle, we
welcome you into this circuit that we form in this hour. We ask that you
join us and be part of the energy that flows between us. We also extend
ourselves in faith that spirit may always dominate in our actions and in our
lives, also we would petition you for the forces at hand that would promote
the healing and welfare of us all. Surely we could all use this in our lives
in some capacity and we would petition you for this knowing that it is your
desire that we would be healed, be made whole and be made strong that we may
live your will in our lives and exemplify you all the way down here in our
reality. Thankyou for hearing our words and embracing our petition.

Machiventa: I would greet you all in this forum once again, I am Machiventa
and I would receive your invitation to join you in this forum that we may
express those eternal values and truths that we have come to know and are
growing to know day by day.

First I would recognize the value in some of the statements offered. I would
verify the accuracy of the idea that you all who hear these words are indeed
and in fact light workers. It is your orientation to be of service to the
Divine presense which creates this circuit of light that you are each a part
of. You are as those on the end of the hose at the fire directing the light
from on high. It is your intention and effort which causes this light to be
so directed. Without someone to steady the hose it would remain ineffective
and useless to the task of focusing this beam.

Therefore should you see yourselves as these stations of focus. It is not
your job to furnish the flow of light, the flow of energy, but it is your
job to hold fast at your station and to guide and direct this flow of light,
this flow of energy as it may best be applied, even in this hour your
directed intentions have power beyond your imagination. Your race in general
has yet to discover the power behind your intention of purpose, your focus
of desire, it is perceived by those on my side of the curtain.

I would also make comment that as a mortal of the realm it may be easy to
misunderstand the nature of making petition to the Divine for your material
needs. As you are more accustomed to material cause and effect you must
enlarge your understanding to accomodate the bigger picture of enhanced
capacities for the things which you desire. Divine influence never exceeds
the capacity of the petitioner and therefore must await enlargement of
understanding and capacity in order for the answer to your petitions to be
made real.

There may be a number of obstacles in your way to accepting the answers to
your prayers, the responses to your petitions and it is incumbent upon you
as individuals to seek growth wherein you may be able to embrace that which
you seek and realize that which is provided for you. The human creature has
a great many factors at play in the understanding and subsequent
manipulation of the relatioinship of asking and of receiving. Never
hesitate to ask for that which is beyond your grasp.

Never hesitate to pursue that which is beyond your understanding. It is by
doing so that you gain access to this understanding and gain realization of
that which you seek. Sometimes great patience is required and waiting until
you are prepared to received that which you petition, other times some
effort is required on your parts in preparation for receiving this grace. On
your world you refer to the phenomenom of people carrying with them excess
baggage which proves to be a burden on their spiritual journey and to the
degree that you come to undertstand what your individual baggage is, you
must develop the willingness to let go of that which burdens you in your

The human mind and the human psyche are very powerful tools in your growth
process and have ways in which they store and bury those aspects of your
ascension which have proved difficult at a former level of growth. As you
grow in your spiritual ascension you find yourselves at increased levels of
understanding wherein you are capable of re-examining those issues in your
life, that baggage that you carry, in light of new understanding and those
challenges that you were unable to negociate when more immature. You find
yourselves being confronted with your growth [which] allows you the ability
to process and see in a different light those impediments to your progress.

Frankly, it is not possible to survive the human condition without having
been injured or abused as a developing mortal. When this occurs at an early
stage of development, you lack the ability to process the implications of
such injuries or abuse and you package up such traumatic events into what
you refer to as baggage. As you mature you are capable of re-examining that
which you carry with you and determining what of your baggage is necessary
to your spiritual journey and what of it is merely a burden in your process.

This is one of the supreme challenges of the mortal of this realm to
navigate through all that you have encountered and endured in your lifes
journey, and to refine your abilities to process accurately those events in
your past which have been packaged away as a safeguard to you psyche. Here
again I encourage you to ask for Divine assistance, to petition that you may
see your baggage in a new light. On the journey that you are each commited
to and have begun, you will soon learn that there is no room for additional
baggage. You must one by one eliminate many of the loads that you bear so
as to free yourself up to be the light and versatile spirit that you are.

Often it takes succesive lifetimes to uncover that which you have covered in
this first journey of unknowing. While your minds are powerful tools to
protect you in the encounters of trauma, they are also powerful tools you
may use to revisit and re-examine under new light that which you have
packaged away and hidden from the light. Truly on this next journey we must
be light, open and airy, unencumbered by past influences, open to future
influences. This is not without its effort on your part. You must each
undergo personal self scrutiny. You must find where you have hidden your
baggage, you must be unafraid to examine it in the light of your new

You must be willing to leave this baggage as we depart on the next leg of
this spiritual odyssey. Truly the climber has to be quite concerned with
taking only the necessary gear as he knows how important it is not to be
encumbered by that which no longer serves him. This is the juncture we find
ourselves, and I trust that each of you will find the strength and the
courage to examine that which is an obstacle in your growth, to petition
help to re-examine these obstacles in the light of your new understanding,
and then I pray you have the strength to activate your will and divest
yourself of that which does not promote your hearts desires. And to this end
I make petition with you and for you even now.

First Source and Center, Father above all, growth is not an easy process at
times. There are things we must do which appear difficult and we petition
you for your strength, for your wisdom, that we may be about this spiritual
journey with your guidance and with your presense. The heart is willing, the
souls are yearning. It is but for us to take those material steps that are
necessary for us to achieve this next level of growth that you would have
for us. Let each one of us stand with you in certainty and in profound
assurance that you are with us and will guide us through these areas of
darkness. May we all embrace the truth that it is your desire that we draw
the closer to you and in so doing we move gracefully through the steps
required to be with you. We know of a certainty that you have found us
Father, and it is now for us to make the efforts required to approach you
and we would be about this business with your help, with your guidance.
Thankyou for this assurance in our lives. We know that by following your
leading step by step we will achieve this goal that you would have for us.
Help us to be strong as we attempt these steps and when we stumble and fall,
be there for us to redirect our efforts as necessary. You have given us a
glorious journey before us and we recognize it is not without effort and
even doubts and uncertainties. Let us come to you in these times that you
may direct the light that we may see it, and follow it. Help us to make it
so. Thankyou.

Would there be any questions or dialogue?

Q: I have a question for you Machiventa, this is Jim. I would like to know
what your comments might be. I am curious to know about how the correcting
time and teaching mission is working through other channels and other
avenues for example, recently posted on the 4 winds site, can you comment on
these things happening on other avenues besides this particular teaching

Machiventa: I can provide you verification as you believe that Michael's
mission will leave no stone unturned and will leave no avenue unexpressed.
There will be visible manifestations of this correcting time in every
imaginable vestage of this world. There are none outside this plan of the
correcting time even though there may be diversity of approach and
appearance of sharp contrast of application, I assure you that all avenues
of expression are within the embrace of the plan of Michael for the
ressurecting of this world.

You will begin to see these manifestations made real upon this world and
even in your lives as the spiritual pressure is applied. The spirit finds
its way into all receptacles. This does not imply uniformity but rather
unity of application and there may be manifestations that you judge to be
contrary to that which you would sanction, nvertheless there is allowed,
even encouraged this diversity of expression amongst all of God's children
and we are not nearly as concerned with the uniform expression of this
manifestation as we are the broad application. Therefore you may rest
assured there will come a time where there is nowhere that you will not see
the effects of this spiritual pressure applied. Is this helpful?

Q: Yes, it is helpful, thankyou.

Q: Good evening dear Machiventa, this is Felix. Regarding petitioning, I
humbly ask ??? as well as to be of service, I just want to be a humble
servant. I also ask for everything and anything material, whatever goes
against God's word to be removed so that I am not diverted from the path
that we're supposed to follow. I have also been petitioning for some time
now for a teacher. I have no idea if one has been assigned to me but I am
really looking forward in the future to the assistance of this teacher. I'm
just wondering if one will be assigned in the future or if one is already
available, I just would like to know.

Machiventa: The attitudes that you expressed are the attitudes required for
your spiritual progress in this journey and as a direct result of your
efforts in this regard I can assure you that you have been assigned
celestial personalities who are eager to assist you in your manifestation of
the Father's light. There is always the matter of timing and making these
connections which are only recently formed on this world but I assure you
that your efforts will prove fruitful and your diligence for being of

Surely no parent could deny the children that which they so earnestly seek
and that which is so desired by the parent. You are, my friend, manning your
post and directing your being as you are able to understand this connection.
As with most cases of petitioning, as I mentioned before, perhaps the
greater thing to petition for is the increased capacity to embrace that
which is currently being directed towards you. The attitude and posture of
being a servant in this mission is a worthy one and require of it some
capacity of understanding of that which you desire to be a part of.

Soon you and all the others will have a new tool at your disposal, a new
line of communication to that part of you which is already connected. As
part of your efforts and the grace of your Parents, connections will be made
and the path therefore will be made easier for each of you. You who have
come this far in relative darkness will be surprised by the flash of light
soon to be bestowed upon you. Your way will be made easier, your connections
will be made stronger, your sense of relationship will be deepened. In the
meantime, simply keep on applying yourselves in the best manner you are
aware and I applaud your efforts as so many moths in the night who are drawn
to this flame, your efforts most certainly will be rewarded.

It is ever true, seek and you will find. Only time stands between that
which you seek and that which you have found. Look once again to your
receptivity and prepare yourselves for the glory that is about to be given
to you each one. I will take my leave now and appreciate the time of each
devoted and the efforts of each one and this T/R. Thankyou and I look
forward to our future involvement together. Farewell.

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