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OCTOBER 10, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the spirit here this evening. I am realizing we have opportunities in this fellowship that are quite nourishing to the soul. The mortal mind can long for a great many desires and have an emptiness that seems to go unfulfilled. In our fellowship, once we have set aside personal agenda, we can find fulfillment that seems not possible in the material world.

I am MARY. I am once again honored to be set side by side with you, my brothers and sisters. I am in understanding of this evening's lesson and Abraham is providing me opportunity to learn as I make effort to teach.

As many of you know, I did not grow up in a well-balanced family. I had longing for personal connections that seemed not to be possible in my particular lifetime. As my eyes opened to the spiritual realm, I found myself to find fulfillment that I had not planned on. With the women apostles I had learned what it was to be a real sister, a true friend, a good daughter and a caring mother. I had not the traditional family and yet, I gained the experience that provided real meaning and the fulfillment that I had long sought after.

Experiencing the ministry with my sisters was not always such a comfort or joy-filled, no. It was the real problems we worked through in everyday life that brought me closer to the fulfillment of having a real family. There were some hurt feelings, jealousy, general spirit poisons and yet, our commitment to stay the course was what brought us spiritual value.

It is written 'that every day a true believer lives, he finds it easier to do the right thing.' Many days in our ministry was hell, so to speak. Not only did we need to learn to deal with one another in a work setting, but also did we have the issues of the ministry, other people we were serving. There were stressful days and yet, we clung to the promise that Father goes before us. We took the Master's words to heart when he said, "My Kingdom is not of this world."

Most of your greater challenges are something you can't quite label or define, but the experience of it creates memory that is a vault for meanings and values. I made a great many mistakes in the ministry and this is to be expected in any mortal life. The difference was that Jesus did not allow us to dwell in the spirit poisons of mistakes, but to reap the benefit of being educated from them. I give you back to ABRAHAM.

It does bring a certain amount of peace when you can believe there is plan and purpose to all things. The world is learning that the importance of mortal life goes beyond man's written laws. Intuition has become as important as some of the other common fruits of the spirit. As we dwell in this highly sensitive time we are learning to rely more upon guidance from those we cannot really see or hear.

Spiritual experience is bringing us to a stage of maturity that drives us to do the right thing, to think about how our actions affect others, to perhaps not be so self-absorbed. Every mortal has their somewhat disguised quest within for certain longings and as we learn that faith is an energy, we can find through the experience that Father provides, fulfillment. This is peace promoting. This is calming to the soul.

With all the chaos in the world at this time, let us make effort this week to promote peace within. Inner peace is clearing to the mind and opening it to spiritual guidance. You are not small children in the dark room of the unknown. You have seen beyond what the mortal eyes can see and this is strengthening the muscles of faith every day.

That is all. Know that I am grateful to my teaching assistant, Mary, for her beautiful words of experience and to you, my participants and you risk takers, who dare to live life to the fullest. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.
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