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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Deepening Commitment, GPS-God Positioning System, You
are My Leavening.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael

September 25, 2005

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings once again. I will come
among you that we may establish a better working relationship
that you may encounter once again my energy. You know that I am
not very far from you. This is Monjoronson. I welcome this
opportunity to avail myself of this circuit that you create this
very moment through the sheer force of your wills and the
desires of your hearts. I acknowledge the effort that you make
to establish this connection, and I respect greatly your
dedication and devotion to building such a strong circuit, such
an able channel of communication. It is a direct result of the
desires of your hearts and souls to bridge this gap that this
reality exists even now. It is a response to your dedication
and devotion that you hear these words this hour.
As certain rewards for your efforts we provide for you
expanded awareness so that you may grow to your fullest
potential. It is my distinct privilege and pleasure to fulfill
this role for you as guide. It is not my will that propels us
forward together as much as it is yours that brings us together.
Without your commitment to stop your busy lives and take a
moment to open this channel it cannot be.
You have heard of my commitment to guide and to lead you on
this next phase of what really is an eternal journey. I look
forward to working with you as together we extend our faith to
reach great new heights. The commitment that you show in
establishing these circuits so faithfully and devotedly is the
commitment I seek for you to enlist in the next ascension party.
We have had some time to reflect since last we sat around the
circle at basecamp, and I have perceived in each of you a
deepening commitment to our journey before us. This is pleasing
to see, beyond words. You each have found new depths in your
beings and have found new commitment to our process, and for
this I am very grateful to be witness and participant. I am
certain that with the dedication and commitment I witness in
this party that we will endure all challenges which arise as we
attempt to make our way to the top.
I invite you to use your powers of prayer and visualization
to see this endeavor as being successful, to embrace that
reality each one individually. Extend your faith to see with
your mind’s eye the successful outcome of our efforts spent
together and in so doing act to create the very reality you
would petition your Father for. It is one thing to petition
divine assistance, and it is yet another step to take an active
role in the very creation you would petition for. See
yourselves as part of that circuit as well. You know what it is
like to be incircuited and now experiment with what it is like
to incircuit yourself within different circuits. Indeed we will
find ourselves called to incircuit with a great number of other
individual circuits. Once we have established comfort and
familiarity with this connecting, it will be a smooth transition
for us to access many different circuits over time.
Continue to visualize in preparation for this next phase
yourselves as being well and fit for such a journey. Continue
to grow in your faith that all things are possible in
conjunction with the Father. Together we may eagerly
anticipate the climb before us, the challenge ahead, the journey
and the destination.
These are my remarks for today. I remain in attendance.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings again, friends, this is Elyon.
I am always happy to be present in these collections of
attention toward the most important aspect of your lives, your
spiritual progress. Without such communal input you are left to
supply power of your own resources. While you each are so
capable, it is expeditious to have one another from whom you may
draw additional power and support.
I have spoken in lessons past of the compass that points to
Paradise. I have spoken of the rudder that steers you through
the waters of life. Today I will take another tack and speak of
a GPS, your God positioning system. You are all too familiar
with my admonition to practice stillness. While much good
effort is made toward the overt practice of stillness, the true
value of the engagement is very much like your positioning
apparatus wherein you lock on a coordinate and, no matter where
you are, you stand in reference and thereby are able to be
guided toward that coordinate. Through silent contemplation you
lock your coordinate, that of spirit, and then while you
traverse the many trails of life, be they smooth or rough, be
they direct or swing wide and apparently far from your goal, you
know where you are and you know your ability to be guided to
your destination.
It is through practice that you develop the confidence that
the spiritual positioning of your personality will not fail to
draw you to truth and to life. If you were to possess your
material GPS and never use it, you would stand no better off.
But as you practice and acquire familiarity with the features
offered you come to rely on its accuracy, even the safety it
provides. As you spend your time in worship and meditation you
become capable of locking into God’s presence in any conflict,
throughout any turmoil. All things around you, be they
providers of assistance or resistance, cannot prevent your
direct continual and secure connection. You may swing wide to
the far extremes of the universe in your adventures of
personality attainment, and you will never lose your orientation
to God on Paradise.
While I speak of travels in a physical placement sense, you
may also swing far and wide in emotions, in conflict of mind, in
pursuit of the heights of thinking, and still never lose your
connection with the Source of all being. Again I encourage you
to practice, to get familiar with this innate and internal
ability to be oriented toward God and to be assured of your
continual connection.
Thank you for receiving my words.

* Michael: I, Michael, am with you. I have told you of the
leaven within bread that gives it its rise, of spirit that
infuses life, that uplifts all. It brings the nourishment to
the soul. You each have sat with me. We have shared the
embrace of love. I have received your dedication. You are the
leaven by which I uplift the world. Many a time you will enter
into a situation that is spiritually flat, that is without the
upliftment of spirit presence. While you may consider yourself
but one humble, small creature, it only takes one grain of
spirit inoculation to promote and foster the development of
truth, to give rise to goodness. I encourage you each to
remember that I am with you and that together we have that power
to bring about the Father’s light and to give our brothers and
sisters the nourishment they seek and to lead the world one step
closer to Light and Life.
I love you all.

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