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SEPTEMBER 12, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am joy-filled to meet with you and observe your interaction. I enjoy your uniqueness of personality and your passion to forge ahead come what may.

This week I was literally given orders to find rest and reversion. I was made to rise above my present thought into an open space in mind. Over these last few weeks I have been witness to a great deal of occurrences that were driving me to have need to work, to assist. I have grown quite fond of the people on Urantia and I am loathe to see such suffering. I understand there is always an ultimate good in Father's plan, but I wanted to be sure I was on task with my duties and I was perhaps a bit overworked, perhaps a little too close to the action. I am still finding myself to be surprised at my own feelings. I am at times overwhelmed and I am completely committed to staying the course, but everyone cannot give their all when they are taxed beyond their capacity to find meanings and values.

At times each of us must completely remove ourselves from the happenings of everyday life. There are times when we simply need to not think, not be always in a problem solving mode. People are at their highest potential when they are receiving spirit guidance. The chaotic mind is not receiving full and accurate spirit guidance. People are really at their best when they find value in the small, joyful things in life. Moments of quiet observance in nature are bound to reconnect soul with the spirit. The well rested, balanced mind works at an increased capacity. Those that for the most part live their spirit driven inclinations are most likely to be of benefit to serving the whole. Looking busy or productive is not what's always best. It is easy to make rash decisions and take action therefrom.

Greetings, it is I, your spirit friend, MARY. I am just now beginning to understand the depth of Abraham's topic for this evening. I am myself feeling well spent. I have always taken a great deal of inspiration from the Master's example of the well-balanced person. He was never in a hurry. He rarely acted upon rash decisions. He always made time for the small, simple things in life. He took great interest in nature, astronomy, woodworking, habits of the mortal mind and the wonder of Father's interplanetary workings. He really enjoyed life. He had not regret over the past, nor worry about the future.

What the Master had is somewhat hard to find among the people of today and that is trust in Father. Jesus expected not for Father to give Him money, to put food on the table, no. He did however trust that when He needed something, the means would be there for Him to work toward achieving. The Master found work to be pleasant, a meditation, so to speak, not a time to hope the day would pass quickly. There was for the most part purpose in everything. I do feel personally that individuals around the Master naturally became light-hearted and had comfort that the Father's plan always worked toward an ultimate good.

To serve the Master and His cause was indeed my life's work at that time, but never did He encourage me to live without balance, prayer, meditation, fellowship and certainly that included care of the physical body. One who feels well served is definitely energized to serve. Those that feel fed by the spirit are inspired to pass along this life sustaining energy.

This week, make effort to find several moments to rise above the cloud of over-thinking. Find the small, simple joy in moment to moment living. When all things are gone from this mortal life, what have you? When you look back upon your days in the flesh, what did you leave behind? What is your responsibility in working toward the ultimate good? Next week we will have questions. Know that I am blessed to serve alongside of you. We bid you farewell. Until next time, shalom.
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