[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 6/19/05

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Joy and Peace
Teachers: Mantutia

June 18, 2005

*	Mantutia (Jonathan TR):  Joy and peace be with you.  This 
is Mantutia.  I have come into your presence to amplify these 
two states of being, joy and peace.
	Joy is a satisfaction realized and felt in your soul.  It 
is a state of presence wherein the soul foresees a future, a 
path of unfoldment that is secure in its progress toward God.  
It is a realization of personal stability in the perception of a 
solid foundation derived from a successful growth from your 
past.  Joy is the realization of surety.  It is a profound sense 
of stability.  It is the state of having awakened to the grace, 
the enfolding arms of God.
	Joy transcends sadness and laughter, difficulty and ease, 
for these are merely encounters in life through which the soul 
gains wisdom, magnifies love.  Joy is the knowledge of the 
permanence of one’s well-being in the spiritual family.  
Difficulties merely appear as entertainment, a means through 
which you may apply your spirit, its skills, your understanding 
of truth.  It is a means through which you may unleash love.
	Peace is like joy in that it is as would be the opposite 
polarity.  Joy is radiant, expressive.  Peace is composed, 
settled.  Both are joined in that profound assurance that you 
are a child of God, everlasting, certainly.  Peace too is 
experienced even through turmoil, for it is possessed within 
your being on a level wherein turmoil is not able to touch.
	In moments of recreation when you seek rest and 
refreshment, few are those times when mere idleness satisfies 
the need.  Often does one seek some playful challenge, be it a 
game or some sort of exertion as in sport.  This I use to 
illustrate how even a challenge, a difficulty, a turmoil serves 
to bring peace and joy.  The rules of the game limit one’s 
engagement, and the windfall execution of these rules mirrors to 
oneself one’s reality, one’s realness.  These constrictions are 
like pinching oneself to verify that you are.  It is in the 
understanding, in reality the experience, of your presence that 
you feel joy and experience peace.  It is the heart smile.  It 
is the twinkle of your soul eye.
	When the mind is confused and the emotions are swirling, 
stillness is the means whereby you may reenter, to sit with joy 
and peace to recognize your core, your soul, to let the mind and 
your emotions settle to realign with the more profound element 
of your being.  Then you are energized, renewed, and refreshed.  
Then you are capable of tackling the challenges.  Then you are 
alert and aware of when another would benefit from your touch of 
	Jesus attained such stability of soul that, even when the 
armies approached to take him into custody, he could still speak 
the words of Father, minister to the needs of his fellows, 
address the spirit import of the moment.  His physical life was 
one factor in the enlarged consciousness of his spirit presence.  
Therefore he felt no fear.  He forgot himself, for he 
represented Father and he ministered to his fellows.  It was 
that peace and joy, that soul assurance, that caused him to be 
unconcerned over the pending danger of a crowd who misunderstood 
him and a power base that sought to kill him.
	This illustrates the great power behind such profound 
spiritual standing.  Experienced in this extreme it is relayed 
to you that you may also in your many tribulations still reside 
in peace and experience joy.
	Thank you. I request your responses.

	Evelyn:  I’m thinking how peace and joy are experienced, 
not so much as they grow, but that they are experienced more and 
more, if that makes sense.  Like love.  Love isn’t quantifiable 
but you can experience it more frequently or more deeply.  
Touching into another world.

*	Mantutia:  Often these words are coupled with significant 
qualifiers such as “eternal” joy, “lasting” peace which do align 
with your comment of its constant presence, just as is love; and 
in illustration, just as is the clear sky even and above on a 
rainy day, no more needs to be added, none taken away.  It is 
only your sense of residing within it and your ability to allow 
yourself the experience of more of it.  It is ever with you.
	Our Master Son often says, ”My peace I give you”, “My peace 
I leave with you.”  But all know he has never taken it back and 
then reciprocated by giving it again.  He merely reminds you of 
that peace, awakens the mind’s eye to the recognition.  You are 
correct in your observation of that everlasting quality.

	Evelyn:  Your example of recreation is apt for having us 
recognize that our struggles in life are just the rules of the 
game.  I like to hike as a recreational activity.  But while I’m 
hiking I’m catching my breath, and my muscles are getting sore; 
I’m getting a blister on my heel.  It doesn’t look like I’m 
having that great a time.  But it’s what I have chosen to do.  
When you get to the top of the mountain there’s that soul 
satisfaction of the terrific view.  It’s a vivid example of joy 
overriding, transcending, the momentary ups and downs of pains 
and problems.

*	Mantutia:  Your illustration repercusses to profound 
philosophical considerations such as the question of why there 
is evil in the world and why bad things happen to good people.  
There is no intention for these occurrences, no willful 
perpetration by God.  They are as the blister on your heel, the 
aching muscle, a part of the unfoldment of your soul.  They are 
as the necessary restraint when you push for the strengthening 
of a muscle without which no stamina, endurance, or strength may 
be attained.  Thank you for bringing this to consideration.
	I will release this engagement and ask you to ponder and 
further deepen into your certainty your sense of assurance, that 
upon this world are beings of great luminosity, brighter than 
your own physical sun, powerful, wise, and willing who will hold 
you in safe keeping, who will guide you and all others in 
residence here toward spiritual truth and a personal experience 
with God.
	I take my leave.

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