[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 5/59/05

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Growth Toward and Growth As, Your Enthusiasm and 
Dedication, Behold Who You Are, Two-way Communication, Faith and 
Toxins, New Teacher Contact.
Teachers: Evanson, Elyon, Stephen, Veronica, Machiventa, Yantese

May 29, 2005

*	Evanson (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, I am Evanson.  I am 
desirous to remind you of a perspective regarding growth that I 
know you hold, but it is my wish to draw it to your foremind 
once again that you may benefit from integrating it with your 
daily activities.
	In your dimension, and you will find on my level as well, 
much takes place that is what may be called external oriented.  
Much goes on outside of self in order to keep your life 
organized and progressing according to your goals and in harmony 
with others.  This necessary orientation has the tendency to 
steer your inner growth along that same objective line rather 
than the subjective orientation.  It is easy to perceive your 
growth as growing toward, reaching, and attaining.  Reach and 
attain imply something beyond, something to arrive at.  There is 
no error in this perspective, for you are a child of God seeking 
the divine presence and you live in a world where contact with 
others is common and necessary.  But you know that growth 
towards is really growth as.  You grow in love, in light.  You 
grow as a peaceful spirit being.  The attainment of mind and the 
enlargement of spirit are more than a possession; they are 
states of being.
	Early in your spiritual development growth evolves as, in a 
sense, an acquiring of wardrobe, the putting on of spirit 
clothing so to speak.  But eventually you become your own 
attire; you are the covering; you are the presence of that which 
you sought to wear and now represent.  Understanding the nature 
of growth in this manner brings a balance, for while the hunger 
for truth continues your seeking of higher truth, reaching for 
the divine, you are also of necessity undergoing personal 
transformation and becoming that very thing, truth itself.  
Everything you then do is a manifestation of spirit applied.  
You may wish to acquire more in spirit status and continue your 
journey to do so, but you are also growing in stature and 
becoming a reality point revelation of spirit.
	In your activities you discern times when that which you 
are doing has some frictional hindrance towards your spiritual 
goals, and you must wisely choose that which is helpful in your 
path, but you also can rest in peaceful assurance that whatever 
you undertake to accomplish may be spirit manifestation itself 
infused into any seemingly mundane activity.  Your reward of 
attainment is not only the reward of acquirement but the reward 
of being.  That is never lost; it is not a possession that can 
be taken away.  It is presence.
	Thank you for listening to me today.

	Evelyn:  I find that helpful because we tend to think, ”I’m 
not being spiritual right now.” like it turns off.  It’s one 
more thing we can feel guilty about.  Whatever it is we have 
acquired is there; it doesn’t turn on and off.  That’s a 
comforting thought.

*	Evanson:  I draw you to the episode of the final hours of 
Michael’s bestowal on your world, and his manner of being so 
impressed another meeting his death as well.  That is from the 
solid grounding of Jesus in his spirit being.  Even an event as 
ugly as that was did not shake him from his sense of presence 
with God.  Your own hardships can be faced in the same manner.

*	Elyon (Mark):  I would greet you as well and make my 
presence known.  This is Elyon.  For a change of pace and as a 
demonstration to you that there are vast resources at your 
disposal, I would ask of this group whom so would you desire to 
commune with at this time?  If you could only see the spiritual 
arena filled with those eager personalities to assist you in 
your processes, those many who have committed to stand by you as 
you make such great strides in you spiritual awareness.  They 
would offer themselves to you on call at this time.

	Evelyn:  Elyon, would you choose someone who hasn’t had a 
chance to address a group before and has been looking forward to 
that opportunity?  We are thrilled with anyone, but I enjoy 
hearing from new characters.

*	Elyon:  Then so be it.  I will call one who has not 
addressed the crowd in a long time to step forward.

*	Stephen:  I thank you for this request, I am Stephen.  It 
is my honor and my privilege to simply be in observance of what 
is such a success story in this, our latest undertaking.  Truly 
we marvel at the potentials that we see daily being actualized 
in your lives.  This is a grand experiment that we undertake 
together, and I have signed on to such an experiment with eager 
anticipation of the great unfoldment I will observe in my 
participation.  But what is most impressive is not the drive and 
the enthusiasm I witness on my side of the curtain but rather 
yours.  It is you who choose to be engaged with us and involved 
in this experiment of such great magnitude knowing so little as 
you do about the ramifications of your choices and the ultimate 
success of your endeavors.  To witness such extensions of faith 
brings the universe to witness, for when you make these choices 
we know of a certainty that your conviction springs from the 
faith that you have grown in your lives that we witness.  It is 
a universe miracle unfolding, and it is standing room only in 
our arena as we watch this miracle happen.  Even that I address 
you in this hour is a miracle of your faith and the Father’s 
grace come together.  Therefore I am humbled to receive this 
opportunity, and I am inspired by the grandeur of what promises 
to come as we live the very opportunities that we are graced 
	As the petals of our flowers unfold to be exposed to the 
light we cannot help but be impressed with the beauty that 
becomes real as we observe.  You are familiar with the beauty of 
the unfolding of a flower from morning until afternoon into 
evening, the transformation you witness in this but single 
cycle, and I assure you that the unfoldment of each of you as 
individuals represents a field of the most glorious magnitude.  
This field represents the unfoldment of the divine plan.  We are 
eager to watch this transformation in this short cycle that we 
observe.  I have signed on to be witness assistant as have you 
in this process.  Together we will behold this glorious 
transformation, and it is with humble gratitude that I 
acknowledge our partnership in this process and seek only to be 
the more fully and powerfully engaged, as I understand is the 
desire of your hearts as well.  We are of one heart in this 
desire, and together we are of one destiny in this process.  I 
cherish this journey as a sacred one as do you, and look forward 
with great anticipation to the many turns and horizons involved 
in us taking these steps together.
	Thank you for your desire to hear from one who has been in 
observance and craves the opportunity of just such as this.  
Thank you.

*	Veronica (Jonathan):  Behold who you are.  The divine 
luminosity flashes all about and within you, light radiant, 
wisdom enhancing, increasing vision, opening your eyes to goals 
and horizons before unseen.  You are bathed in love; the divine 
affection undulates all about you washing you, refreshing you, 
touching others in a baptism of fellowship.  You pulsate with 
the life rhythm of the universe energy.  All this you are.  
Realize in stillness the profound reality of your existence, 
your connectivity with divine being.
	I am Veronica.

*	Machiventa (Mark):  I greet you, this is Machiventa.  I 
consider you all my good and faithful students.  Although you 
might consider yourselves students of others, you are all who 
engage in spirit pursuits our students.  We are united in our 
goal to provide you with spiritual guidance as you are united in 
your goal to achieve spiritual awareness.
	As part of this process no longer will you find it 
necessary to simply wait and see who among us will be chosen to 
step forward and provide this guidance, but rather as a 
demonstration of our spiritual partnership in this mission we 
would like to extend our individual invitations to you to access 
those individual personalities among us whom you would like to 
engage in spiritual communion with.  We would like to expand 
your comprehension of our arena of communication to be more 
inclusive of two way dialogue and would request the questions 
you harbor in your hearts to be brought into this arena more 
openly rather than to wait for those on our side to observe your 
dialogue between yourselves and to subsequently make comment.  
We would throw open the doors of communication even wider and 
request that you bring to us your topics for discussion, your 
concerns of spiritual import as well as your requests for 
individual personalities to address these requests.  On most 
occasions the desires of your hearts for particular individuals 
will be readily available and, if not, there are plenty to pinch 
hit and field your questions, comments, and concerns.
	This next step is designed to bring us even closer, not to 
reinforce the attitude that you are listening as if to a radio 
and a signal from afar, but rather to promote the realization 
that this is more like the telephone connection wherein 
conversation is much enhanced when it flows in both directions.  
We value your observations and opinions regarding your mission 
and the challenges that lie before you each one.  We are 
certainly here to provide our perspective but desire a closer 
relationship in so doing.
	I am aware that your patterns that we have been engaged in 
for this period of time are ingrained and will take some effort 
at modification, but I have seen great modification thus far as 
a result of your efforts.  Therefore we will keep adding new 
challenges such as this new desire for more two-way 
conversations to spur you on in the realization that we are 
indeed engaged in this process together.
	I respect that you have in your minds the relationship of 
students and teachers, and you are from your perspective correct 
in this classification that you make.  However we desire a 
deeper, closer relationship more akin to junior fellows and 
senior fellows.  We acknowledge the distance between us but 
would extend ourselves as you extend yourselves to meet 
somewhere in the middle and there be considered comrades in this 
undertaking that we have both volunteered to serve in.  So, as 
the weeks unfold consider your perspective on our relationship 
and know that it is the request of us whom you consider teachers 
as well as the request of the one whom you consider your father 
to be closer to you to diminish this perception of gap, in fact 
to bridge this gap which is possible as a result of the outreach 
of your faith and the unlimited boundaries of your spirit.  Meet 
us half way and there we may commune as fellows, as friends.  
This surely will come to pass.  It is only the next horizon 
before you.  I harbor no doubts that just as you have come to 
many horizons and successfully crossed over, likewise this will 
prove to be no greater obstacle.
	Those are my words of encouragement today.  I rest assured 
that our relationships will be strengthened as a result of your 
consideration.  Thank you.

	Jada: We were talking about poisons in the food we eat.  
Through our faith we can overcome the poisons or at least 
mitigate their effects.  Could someone speak to that?

*	Machiventa:  There is no doubt that faith is your single 
greatest tool in overcoming what are your life’s greatest 
obstacles and challenges.  It is through your faith that you may 
be properly oriented to navigate the many challenges and 
obstacles that arise as you are on your individual journeys.  By 
availing yourself of your most powerful tool your awareness 
becomes heightened as does your willingness to proceed in the 
most advantageous method to your progression.  This implies the 
willingness to do that which you know to be helpful, healthful, 
and beneficial as well as your willingness to avoid things known 
to be unhealthful, unhelpful, and unwise.  Faith can provide you 
with the strength that you need when the choice before you is 
uncertain to choose the right path, the best path for you to 
take.  Faith can also bring you options which are more helpful, 
healthful options.  When you orient yourself to seek the good, 
the beautiful, the true, the right then these manifestations 
arise before you to be chosen.  When you petition your Parents 
to bring you that which is good, truthful, and beautiful then 
these elements (are the answers to prayer)....
	When you then extend your faith these characteristics, 
these opportunities before you, you are accepting these answers 
to your prayers, and thereby your circle is made pure and good 
and right.  Your faith can provide you with the answers as to 
whether a particular course of action is appropriate by simply 
asking.  If there is uncertainty you may petition a response 
from on high and then expect that you will receive one.  In 
those cases where there is some certainty in your being as to 
the appropriateness of your action, it is left up to you to make 
that choice.  Therein is where your faith provides you with that 
bump, that nudge, towards the right, the good, and the proper.  
Either way, your faith remains a large factor in your decision 
making process whether or not you are in awareness of the role 
that it plays.
	Does this satisfy your request?

	Jada:  Yes.  An aspect of faith I experience is that 
sometimes it seems rock solid and the next moment it’s like it’s 
not even there.  I wonder what happened.

*	Machiventa:  You are indeed fortunate when an episode 
arises and your faith is rock solid.  However when the next 
episode arises and you are uncertain as to your choice, therein 
call on your faith and petition that part of yourself which 
knows the answer to your question.  Seek the answer from your 
spirit guide who unerringly will point you in the right 
	I would suggest that by contrast the episode in which you 
possess spiritual certainty is an episode wherein you have had 
spiritual experience and know the landscape of your spiritual 
decision.  The episode in which you are uncertain is most likely 
an episode of unfamiliar territory and there is a guide within 
you who will safely and effectively show you the way.

*	Yantese (Jonathan):  This is Yantese.  I emerge at the 
request of Evelyn. I am part of the group of which you seek 
notification, the youth corps.  This is my first attempt to 
establish resonance between the frequency of mind that I 
function within and this mind frequency of one you call a 
transmitter/receiver.  I am discovering how meaning is 
transferred into message through this harmonic juncture.
	My goal is to promote gentleness and peacefulness in the 
generation growing up on your world.
	I keep this short as this is new and somewhat unsettling in 
security and assuredness.  Thank you.

	Evelyn:  Thank you.  Wow!  Good luck with your work.  We 
will think of you and how we can work hand in hand on 
peacefulness and gentleness in the next generation.

*	Yantese:  I welcome your efforts.

	Mary:  Thank you, Yantese.  When Elyon asked who we wanted 
to speak with I pictured addressing the many personalities with 
my gratitude and assurance that you are there upholding our 
work.  Even though we don’t understand wholly this project, I 
operate with faith that you are there.  Thank you for the 
guidance we receive who work with kids.  Thank you for 
stretching your boundaries and coming forward to contact us.

*	Yantese:  Thank you.

	Ginny:  Do you have any comments or suggestions as we 
prepare for this Common Ground festival?

*	Yantese:  I encourage you to openly and warmly welcome 
those who are interested in your event.  While you are planning 
and developing the program hold in your sight the benefit of the 
souls who will partake in your activities.  While you may debate 
the technical organization, your success is in the fostering of 
the fire of spirit drive in another.  Your success will not come 
from precision of words you speak but the energy of love and the 
warmth received both in the lightness of your expression and in 
your affection.  You do this well among yourselves.  You are 
able to do this with strangers.  As you reach out and draw 
others in, know that upon closure they go forth, each being 
within themselves another point of light for our common Parent 
to manifest and touch those you have no ability to reach within 
your own sphere of activities.  Your program will proceed well 
fully due to the abilities of your volunteering participants.  
Remember you are planting seeds, and the presence of God will 
bring life, germination, to those seeds.  God is with you.

	Ginny:  Thank you for your interest in our planet, such as 
it is.

*	Yantese:  I guess I should say good by.

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