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Prayer: Divine parents, we seek your embrace through spirit. Once again we
step forward to be closer to you, to reach for you. May we feel your spirit
embrace in our lives. May we be graced with that which you so willingly
provide for us even in this hour.

Monjorenson: I would address this eager crowd of students. This is
Monjorenson. It pleases me greatly to witness the eagerness with which you
come to a format such as this and open your hearts and minds to the gifts to
be received from on high. I join you in this endeavor for we both do greatly
benefit from the good grace and the pervasive love that touches each of us,
that encompasses all of us.

It is certainly a joy to receive and to realize something of the depth and
the breadth of the love that is provided for us. I bask in the glow of this
love as do you. I share in the feeling of embrace as do you. This connection
of spirit, this pervasion of love, are the nourishment which provide us with
the energy to move forward. But as we take in this nourishment, as we soak
up this atmosphere of love, we realize that this infusion of energy, this
embrace of the divine is what motivates us to be about our individual
missions to spread this very nourishment.

We align ourselves with spirit and I embrace all that is ours for the
taking. The more we are motivated that we should share with all those we
come in contact with, the essense that overflows our cups, when one becomes
in realization of these divine gifts, it is simply not enough to languish in
this sensation but rather we become inspired to become part of the circuit
that is this love. When we act in service we are in fact creating a circuit
whereby  this love, this sustenance from on high, may pass through us and in
so doing not only top off and recharge our individual spiritual batteries,
but spill over and nourish and replenish the spiritual capacities of others.

Then likewise they become inspiried to form their own circuits and thereby
do we daisy-chain our efforts and form numerous interlocking circuits
wherein this sustenance and nourishment may fow to the very farthest end of
our chain. It is not required of any of us that we generatae or manufacture
this love energy to be spread abroad, but rather that we encircuit ourselves
so as to be in position to let this energy from on high pass through our
being and by doing so we have fulfilled our purpose.

It is not possible for us to give away our energy and become depleted for
the more that we are willing to dish out the more that is granted to us. We
are to be the servers to all, and as such servants, we are to be maintained
and nourished ourselves. Do not be concered with your nourishment or your
sustenance. You have already come to understand that you are well taken care
of by your divine parents. All your needs are seen to by those who so
lovingly watch and protect you.

With all your needs having been met, the next desire arises in your hearts
to help with the grand plan of nourishment and sustenance, to be of
assistance that you may give back a little something for all you have
received. This inherent desire within you arises as your cups are filled to
their very brims. As you seek, certain and secure with your bounty of
spiritual wealth, you become highly motivated to gift others with some of
that which has been so very valuable to you.

I am here to encourage you to accept this role, each one, as conduits for
this divine energy. expect that the Father will use you in your position to
dispense this nourishment from on high. Look for the opportunities wherein
you may dispense this goodness. It will cost you nothing as the Father
provides the nourishment, in fact by your efforts you only gain by becoming
a more strenghtened part of the circuit. I behold that each of you are
willing to embrace the task, to assume this responsibility.

I encourage you to position yourselves appropriately through your stillness
excercise and through petitions to your divine parents to be of assistance.
I assure you of the dedication of myself and of those on my side of the
curtain, to assist you in your hours of need, to position ourselves to
encircuit with you. It is however your choice as to how and when and under
what circumstances we may work together. It is your choice to position
yourselves and then to activate yourselves, to be in motion so that we may
co-ordinate and work together.

You have access to vast resources of which you are largely unaware. I tell
you this so as to bring you a sense of certainty and security, that you may
be bold. It is when you act, we act. It when you move that we may move. It
is when you speak that we may convery. It is when you demonstrate that we
may be shown. This role is at once profound and simple. To simply be the
highest principles and values you are aware of and by doing so you exhibit
to all those around you the very universe priciples and values you would

Grand times are upon us. We shall all see great spiritual successes in our
endeavors. No longer will we be timid in approach but we will act as if we
know of a certainty of the grand and glorious nature of our Divine Parents
who desire to be recognized and who desire that their children be lifted
from darkness. It is you who will shine the light. It is divine energy that
will shine through you but it is by your action of flipping the switch and
of directing the beam that this project will suceed.

We may encourage and foster and support but it is those of you in your realm
who will activate and allow what is to transpire to transpire. There is no
doubt of the success of this mission. There ?????....Which steps will you
each take to help with this grand plan? What glorious beginnings will you
put into motion? And by extending yourself for the sake of spiritual
awakening will you receive such grand rewards. I will remind you all that it
is your inherent right as children of God to play the roles that you will
play to facilitate these mandates from on high to promote this spiritual
awakening. It is your privilege as well.

Assume these roles, accept this responsibility, avail yourselves of this
privilege and simply and profoundly act. Those are my words of encouragement
for you this evening. I would accept any questions or comments as I do not
have many opportunities to address an audience such as yourselves.

Q: Monjorenson, some months ago I recall you had informed us of a need to
increase the capability of our teaching mission archives to support a large
number of requests which would be forthcoming when the correcting time
progresses to such a point where it is getting wider attention and more
people are becoming aware and wanting more information. I see more
improvements have been made in the website but I was wondering if there is
sill a need for improvement at capabilities to help enable the plans for the
correctiing time to progress.

Monjorenson: One could easily say there is always a need for improvement but
I am confident that the accomodations can be made. The fact that you are all
alert to the potentials and the needs have right there within their
potential the seeds for all that may be required to rise to the challenge.
As I have said, the resources right at our fingertips so to speak, are vast
and I have no doubts that as we are required to access greater resources
they will be ready at hand to serve.

I applaud your efforts to date, for your preparations indicate the
serviceability of the system and your willingness to upgrade as necessary,
therefore I am not concerned as to the exact readiness as I am convinced
that you can rise to the challenge and wouldn't it be wonderful to be
flooded with such a challenge. Without such a suggestion to prepare
yourselves, you began this preparation years ago with compiling your data
base and providing a means for distribution.

This circuit that you formed has been quite serviceable to date, even
impressive from the standpoint of many who are physically disassociated have
grown to become closer menmbers of the family. This opportunity to share
back and forth by means of this circuit has provided support and comfort and
spiritual nourishment to many who are abroad and unable to physically
manifest a teachers presense such as in this very hour. Therefore have your
efforts been a great success and I look forward to the evolution of more and
more circuits that allow this spiritual nourishment to more and more
individuals out in our great web.

Q: Monjorenson, you mentioned to act. Can you explain more what you meant by

Monjorenson: Indeed, this circuit, indeed all circuits in which you engage
in the spirit realm contain an element of your individual personal desire
and alignment. This desire is made real and manifests in your being by
virtue of the conviction of your heart. This conviction of your heart and
yearning of your soul is affirmed when you align yourself in worship and
prayer. When you petition your divine parents for the desires of your heart.
It is not that your parents are unaware of your desires, it is an
affirmation to your being of your desire to position yourself thusly.

Therefore is it very helpful to provide these affirmations when you seek
this spiritual embrace. When you desire to be focused on spirit and an
instrument of spirit, it is helpful to position properly through the
mechanisms of prayer and worship. Likewise I mentioned the practice of
stillness which is a further attemmpt to align yourselves and your wills
with the will of the Divine. When you invest yourself in these practices it
a demonstration to your Divine Parents of your dedication as well as your
preparedness, as well as your willingness.

When these factors become apparent, then spirit is granted full access.
Spirit never forces its' will upon you, rather it waits for you to choose
it, and having made this choice, then spirit may enter your being, flow
through your instrument and you are at that moment encircuited. This does
not mean to say that there is a rigid form wherein you must follow to gain
spiritual access, but in your human attempt to embrace spirit, these
practices are helpful and useful in your attempts to gain this embrace. Does
this answer your question? [very fully...thankyou.]

If there would be no other dialogue at this juncture I would release this
T/R. I would thank all of you for being a part of this circuit that was
formed at this hour. As you all realize, you have been touched by this
nourishment from on high. I encourage you to soak it up, to drink fully of
this cup, to prepare yourselves each one for the roles we are to play as the
glory of Michaels' plan unfolds. We will speak again, I bid you goodnight.

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