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May 9, 2005


I am Abraham. Greetings. Gathering together in this fashion helps us to remember who we are. As I look at each one of you I see not so much of a physical matter but I see a light. I know you based on your true substance, your personality, your gifts, your likes and dislikes. I know you based on your status as a child of God. I love what I know. I am in understanding of your best intentions. I am with compassion for the mortal nature. I understand you because I have come from where you are now.

Each day you are exposed to the harsh realities of mortal life. Many times during the day there are circumstances that pull you from spirit. It stands to reason that the mortal life is filled with material occurrences that must be dealt with. For some it is dealing with a single individual with whom you perhaps work with. For some it is family members. For some of you it could be financial woes. For many people it is a great deal of past baggage that interferes with spiritual connection.

The beauty of our fellowship is that we are re-centered back to spirit. Each week that you meet you discuss mortal problems, solutions, ideas and ideals. This is healing in the fact that the mortal struggle is not so difficult when an encouraging friend is at hand. Of course, you have Father, you have your faith, but still is the mortal struggle much easier to bear when understanding minds congregate. In our weekly gathering we can remember our priorities, our true identity and our purpose to continue carrying on.

I do still ponder my existence pre-Machiventa, my mentor. I was somewhat isolated in my desire to serve the ego. I valued my standing in the community as a leader. I served what seemed to be most important. As we can understand from the observation of any animal, personal happiness seems to be most important. As growing spiritual beings we find personal happiness and fulfillment to lie with Father's meanings and values.

For me, my mentor's teachings had the most impact when he was reminding me of my true identity. I was then a child of God, a servant of the people, a student, a teacher, a father, a husband, a brother, a friend, and someone who was to help set an example of living faith in the one God. Machiventa brought my priorities to the forefront of my thinking through revealing to me my true identity. I was not simply an animal on an evolutionary planet, no, none of us are. We are endowed with mind, spiritual power, and ability to minister as the Master had.

When mortal life seems to be pulling you from spirit, what are those simple steps you can take to find balance? What sort of action can you take to remain true to your identity? Certainly our fellowship is a wonderful reminder of our sonship with the First Source and Center. Good health and self-care is also strengthening the spiritual life. You each know what is needed to maintain good health. Study and stillness time also bring us back to a place of balance. Music, art and nature also helps us to re-connect with spirit. We'll stop here.

Know that I am ever grateful to you, my friends, for your willingness to ride out any storm. Your faith is a light on our path. I thank you. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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