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APRIL 25, 2005
I am Abraham. Greetings. I always enjoy this feeling of home when I return to you week after week. We all know there is growth in adversity but surely is it so refreshing when we can rest in our fellowship, our common ground.
Many people every day find themselves seemingly lonely. Even those that have a fair relationship with Father find their life without fellowship to be more difficult. How blessed are we to have one another to share thoughts and ideas. How fortunate are we to have one another to build upon the foundation of faith. Your fellowship is a balance in between faithlessness and fanaticism.
Every day you are growing in your Sonship with the Father. Every day he is revealing more of His personal being to you. Most days are we each trying to master the self so that we may receive the divine gifts. Self-mastery is important in learning who you really are and your place in the universe.
Most of Father’s well-intentioned children continuously make effort toward mastering the self or taming the animal tendencies. Individuals who find life to be a punishment see not the value in experience. These individuals become bitter and closed off to divine guidance. What are we without Father? Where is the value in striving toward personal, spiritual or social good?
One who feels embittered by life has a tendency to close up in heart and mind. They literally stay stuck in their beliefs. What a miserable existence. What a lonely life. Father, Michael and Mother not to mention numerous other beings are always at hand, always standing by, always ready to divinely guide. If one is so embittered, so self-protective, then definitely are they outright refusing any divine assistance. How does one refrain from being embittered by life’s circumstances toward becoming empowered to keep fighting the good fight of faith?
This is how I understand it. When life circumstances occur and one feels powerless or hopeless to try, then are there resentments held. Resentments are an acid to the spirit. Issues that are not understood or dealt with at the time can become buried in emotional pain and as time moves on, other circumstances occur and then the buried pain connects with the current emotional pain and it definitely is a vicious cycle. When I suggest dealing with pain, I mean to put no time limit on this process. Some circumstances take a great deal of time to dissect and understand the meanings and values.
Bitter individuals feed on fear and to spread further spiritual poisons even unintentionally somehow gives them satisfaction. Misery loves company. Your duties as mission participants are to help bring in the light. The more experience you have the more you know whereof you speak. We can always draw from the Master’s example of bringing in light. He always asked questions. His charm and kindness brought out the best in people. He always had an ultimate faith in His fellows and that was indeed empowering to them.
This week should issues arise that are leading you toward resentment, by all means take some time to pray, meditate, and even journal. Should the opportunity arise to bring light, be reflective of gratitude. With a grateful attitude one cannot help but be positive and bring light. Your advancement means advancement to those who know you. That understanding in itself is quite an honor. That is all.
Know that wherever you are, I am always with an unending affection for you. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom
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