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APRIL 18, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am enjoying this peaceful evening. Your open hearts and minds make my task easy. Your seeking attitude links us to the cosmic mind.

I do well remember how influential the material world was and still is. It is easy to become more material than spirit. Daily living without spiritual practice draws us further into a life of materialism, a life lived through ego. We find during our moments of connection that to live spiritually is rather easy. It takes practically no effort to do right, to live right. We find our emotional levels to be stabilized and life's top priorities come to the forefront of our minds. Spiritual fruits become most important and easily attainable.

How do we continue to have somewhat of a consistent connection to spirit? If we lived by the Master's example, then we would always strive to live out our faith. Our beliefs would be acted upon. There would be effort made to move from the ego's needs toward the will of our loving Father. In the opportunity to participate in gossip you would find reason to remove yourself from it. In the opportunity to unfairly criticize another you would well practice taming the tongue. In the opportunity to take what is not rightly yours you would simply lose such a desire to have it.

Living a life of the spirit indeed takes effort. To have freedom from spirit poisons there needs to be secure connection. We have secure connection by acting upon our beliefs. Certainly it is understood that the mortal has desires and delayed gratification is sometimes hard to embrace in the mind. Making effort toward living out your understanding of spirit, the right decisions become easier to make, to act upon. We all know that your time and Father's time does differ and many times your impatience gets the better of you.

What can we do to avoid becoming overwhelmed by impatience? What can we do to assure spirit connection and turn our faith potentials into living actuals? What can we do to align our minds with God's time? I would suggest simple creativity, an exercise of the mind that is productive and detaches you from the anxiety of impatience-write something, draw something, build something. Do something that puts the ego on hold until the spirit can make a solid connection.

Jesus suggested that we be childlike in the manner that a child trusts a parent. He well advised us to avoid being childish. As the spirit grows the animal is diminishing. We are learning to grow the spirit by staying spiritually connected, which means the material in all its forms must be mastered. The Father wants for your abundance in all ways. He wants not spirit disconnection. Living a life in the flesh there is always temptation to take instant gratification. As we mature in spirit we find God's will more gratifying than anything.

You are each a torch of hope in your little environment. Your advancement means the advancement of your fellows. You have committed to help usher this world into Light and Life. Your light is best seen through your actions, through your courage to live out what you truly believe. That is all. I am always nourished by our fellowship. I thank you. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.
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