[tmtranscripts] FW: NORTH IDAHO TEAM 3-26-05

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Wed Mar 30 14:22:29 PST 2005

SUBJECT: NO. IDAHO TEAM SAT. NIGHT 3-26-05 [in Northport Wa.]



SAT. NIGHT: 3-26-05 Margul: [Rick]  Greetings, you are called to be in this
world, not be of this world, for you are aware of your true origin as a
spirit child of the universe Creator, and you look to one like myself for
guidance, for confirmation, for inspiration, for you recognize that your
elder kin who reside in the realms beyond your physical dimension have a
gift to offer. One which instills the seeds of wisdom as you willingly apply
the message, but we who are among you, honor you, for we are not of this
world, nor are we in this world and that sets you apart as the effective and
active demonstrators to those uncertain of the veracity of the Eternal and
of the certainty of your alignment, of your engagement with spirit.

You are the scouts  who look aacross the fields, who peer over the hilltop,
who peek around the corner, and in your effort to discern that which is
morontia, you are by doing so, becoming positioned to be the reporters, the
prophets, the witness to many who wish to see. You are the tangible
teachers. In so doing, you draw those who resonate with your pursuit of the
higher way. You endear them to the eternal, they learn identification with
the Divine. It is not taught, it is represented by you. It rises up within
your fellows as an act of faith. I am one who attends this world that those
of your orientation may be reassured that your pursuit of God and the Holy
is of great merit and is of great recognition and honor by the hosts who
hover about you.

The Master Son of your local universe promised that his departure would
provide the means whereby he may return in great force with great power. He
does so this hour within you each here tonight in the name alike you, who in
sincerity pursue truth and present it honestly in life. I am Margul, Trinity
Teacher Son.

Machiventa: [Mark]  I greet you as well, this is Machiventa, and I ask the
question to you that is in your hearts. How best best do I answer this call?
What is the best course of action to be taken to respond to this call? You
have been told by those in authority that you are worthy of such a call. You
have been requested by Michael himself to follow him. You have been granted
this authority by those in universal authority and still there is some
question of how to bring these spiritual mandates into the material realm.

Your answer lies in your conviction, in your assuredness of this truth, in
your certainty of direction that comes from complete conviction from that
which you know to be true. It provides you with the strength to perservere.
It provides you with the comfort when you are uncertain. It provides you
with the desire to be about this task. Your conviction is what the others
notice about you that makes you different. Your certainty of direction is an
attractive element of your being that draws others in.

You must forsake uncertainty, you must turn away from insecurity, rather you
must embrace the certainty that is yours when you lean on your conviction.
You in your hearts, harbor no doubts as to the nature and the reality of
your purpose and of this mission we are engaged in, therefore must you
proceed as if you have no uncertainty, as if your conviction is strong and
it is your faith in this reality that makes your conviction the pillar on
which your actions may be built.

As was just stated, you need to be these realities that you are aware of, to
function as though you are ambassadors of the new way. Do not settle for
things as they are seen, rather manufacture things as you would have them.
Shine a new light on all that is present around you. This new light of
conviction will make clear even the most uncertain and unknown aspects of
your mission. Use the power of this light to guide you, to illuminate your
way to draw those to you and to guide the way where there is darkness. If
you are acting as the workers who willingly shine this light, then it is not
your responsibility to guide others as much as it is your pleasure to
illuminate the paths wherein they may walk.

This is your privilege in these times as individuals who are in this world,
and who have a foot in each realm. We are merely your coaching staff and
assistants, but you are the ones who must take the steps and shoulder the
burdens of this mission. You will encounter along your way, much doubt and
uncertainty as to how you should progress. Never hesitate to fall back on
your conviction, on your certainty of this spiritual realm, and of your
function within it. We are here to bolster your efforts, to convince you of
your authority in these matters, and to gently prod you to act, for it is
when you act, that great things may happen. Those are my words for this
evening unless there would be interaction of any kind.

Michael: [Mark]  My dear ones, while you are gathered, I would sweep in here
to make contact with each of you and to let you know that I recognize that
you are assembling at the inauguration of my ascent to the Father. It warms
my heart, the affection you have for me and for my mission on our world as
well it warms my heart to see that you would take up with me and follow me
as I beckon you. I wish to bring you my peace. I wish to bring you my love.
I long to be close to each and every one of you. I desire that you be close
to me in your everyday lives and even now in this hour. I extend this
invitation to you and I know it is the longing of your hearts to follow me.
I embrace you each one as loyal and faithful stewards of this invitation.

I assure you each one that we have great and glorious experiences before us.
As well, I assure you that I will be with you throughout every step of your
experience and I await our embrace as you make your way through these trials
and tribulations of this, your first material beginning. You are my
beautiful children in whom I am so pleased. I thank you for gathering to
think of me in these times and I assure you that I think of you always. Come
to me as you will, and I as your parent, will be there for you. I will hear
the longings of your heart and I will grant the petition of your soul in due
time. I grant you my peace. I will be with you again.

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