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MARCH 21, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am in awe each week that I get to partake of your faithfulness. You have faith each week that I will return. You have faith in your fellowship, so much so that you welcome one another to be your true selves. It is without a doubt that your faith in Father is the foundation from which all else is built upon. It is your willingness to make Him your sovereign over this branch of our family tree that brings us success to our humble beginnings. Our gathering and conversing magnifies our learning. I, myself, want to thank you that continue to stay the course. Certainly, we don't all have to agree upon the direction of the course, but we can agree that Father is our sovereign, our First Source and Center.

Staying along the lines of your conversation this evening, it has been a well learned lesson that those things which are true, beautiful and good are lasting. Those things that aren't will fade away. This is true on a collective level, as well as personal. Father does draw out an ultimate good in each and every situation. Those issues that have truth are practically life long bits of wisdom that you can draw from. Somewhere in the mortal mentality they are available. Truth is lasting and falsehood may hold mass attention for a time. Definitely is it your prerogative to question and test your understanding and experience--there is no right or wrong way to believe. It is all an exercise in experiencing truth, beauty and goodness for yourselves.

Father asks you to come to Him, but He does not tell you how. There is no one right way to allow the spirit to lead. It is true Father's children are unique and experiencing matters in various ways. Certainly the Supreme Being could attest to this. We are grateful for the inter-workings of the magnificent universes. We are grateful to be a link in the cosmic mind. It is literally possible for the human mind to connect with the circuitry of the unseen, the unknown. Time and method of spirit connection is not so much of a focus as is the willingness to put Father as your sovereign, as the head of your table.

Let us ponder for a moment those issues of the common man. Either man is open to learn or he is not. Father does not force His way in. There are mortal perceptions however that would perhaps delay understanding. Let us go into the opposite direction of ego into self-loathing, self-doubt. It is understood with spiritual maturity that one grows to have better understanding or become bitter and helpless to the everyday occurrences of life.

Those that continue to strive and fight the good fight of faith will grow in understanding and self-confidence to gain a more well rounded understanding of the overall reason for existence. What you have experienced in the past colors your perception today. It cannot be helped. It is not bad or good. It is simply the mortal way. It is not cause for anxiety. In every moment Father is available to give direction. This should be of some peace and comfort. He asks not that you be something other than yourself, rather He attempts to help you broaden your horizons. He helps you to make sense of your perception and make potentials into actuals.

This week let us be observant of obsession with dreading the animal self. Let not guilt slow that actual circuitry that is linked to the cosmic mind. Find time every day to have some sort of rededication of your commitment to Father. With the spirit of the risen Lord at this holiday season, make some contact with Michael, your Creator, your Brother/Father, your Spirit of Truth. Life is renewal, always changing. Truth is a matter of your perception, nevertheless it is enduring. Allow yourselves to have time to grow and take in what you will. Worry not about the rest. That is all. I am always growing in affection for you each. I thank you for your unique gifts you bring to our table. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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