[tmtranscripts] FW: LIGHTLINE TELECONFERENCE 3-17-05

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Sat Mar 19 23:57:40 PST 2005




Prayer: Divine parents, we humbly seek your presernse in our lives even in
this hour, even over this circuit we form together. Please bring your
presense to comfort us as we overcome the awkward stages of this form of
communication and help us to feel as though all of us are sitting around one
cozy room together and able to share in this communication in each others
presense. Most of all bring us your presense that we may feel this
connection to you anytime and anywhere and everywhere that we might be, that
we may always feel the closer to you. We would welcome your emmisaries of
light that you grant us with at this time. With open hearts and open minds
we would welcome any message you would have for us. Thankyou.

Machiventa: I greet you once again. This is your instructor and associate in
this teaching mission. I am Machiventa and I am unable to resist the call
put forth by the calling of your hearts, the willingness to embreace
spiritual truths, the excercise of the very faith necessary to complete this
circuit, to bring all the way to the material that which is universal and

This communication we enjoy this hour is brought to you by you. It is your
desire to stretch beyond your normal boundries, to reach out beyond that
which you can see and to experience what is on the other side of the curtain
from your material eyes. This circuit does not exist to act as proof to win
over those who may not believe, but rather this circuit exists as a direct
result of the fact that you do believe. Therefore can this potential be made
real, this possibility become actual in our experience. Therefore I commend
you all on the progress that you have made to get yourselves to this
precipice, to this edge where you may look over into another realm and
through you own force of will, make great progress and experience that which
is outside of your physical parameters.

I hope that the progress that you have made that enables you to be where you
are now, will serve as a reminder and an inspiration of what can be
aaccomplished in a relatively short period of time when you are commited and
applied to the task of growth. Likewise will your commitment and your
sincerity serve you well as you move forward through these next stages of
your spiritual development and provide you with greater and greater
opportunities to excercise your faith and to gain the rewards for having
done so.

Each of you as individuals are soley responsible for your own growth and
personal development and as well responsible for any lack of progress or
tangential experiences that you may embark on as you move forward in this
march of time and space. We are pleased to be made aware, and I will do my
best to make you aware, that the cries of your world have been heard by
those in authority on high and the petitions of your souls have been
granted. Once this monumental swing has been inaugurated, the end of
accomplishment and success is ours for the striving.

We know now that the forces of the heavens have directed that this project
be accelerated and brought to completion, that it will be so, it is only a
matter of time intervening until we all will see the fruition of this plan
and the time intervening I speak of is yours. You are the ones engaged at
this juncture of time and space. As the correcting time has been inaugurated
and sets sail, you have volunteered to act as the shipmates and to sail
these vessels destined for light and life to the best of your abilities.

Many of you have been studying for some time the navigational charts and
stars that you must use to navigate your way through the challenges that are
before you and you know full well this is not a pleasure cruise on which you
will occupy the observers perspective of the deck chair, but rather will you
be called upon to perform the duties necessary to sail the ship safely into
the harbors of light and life. But I see as I look out among you, you are
able hands and willing, and that is all that is required for a successful
and smooth operation.

Those aspects of skill that you may be lacking can be brought to you during
the course of this excercise if you are but willing to learn. You are in
fact capable, it is only your willingness, your desire to serve which is
required to enable you to be wholly useful in this voyage that we share
together. Just as this communication is a result of your efforts to allow it
and to believe in it, so will your efforts aboard this vessel be elevated in
response to your ability to excercise your faith that it is possible, not
only possible, but to be encountered, to be expected of those who excersise
great faith.

All of your great leaders that you are aware of in your history have leaned
heavily on the immaterial realms, the realms not seen for their strengths,
for their endurance, for their guidance, these have come from on high and
your great leaders have been strong enough to allow this wisdom and this
strength to guide them in their actions, to steer them in their reactions to
all that this life might throw at them. You too have access to these same
channels, not only of communication, but of suport, of strength, of wisdom,
of peace and of certainty of the destiny of your mission.

If you see your mission as seen by the Creator, you would know that all of
your actions are merely played out in time to the meter of the Divine, and
you would take great heart and great comfort in knowing the contributions
that you each make towards the inevitable unfoldment of the Divine plan
envisioned for our world. We are but workers in the field and the harvest is
the Creator's. Happy workers we are that we are privileged to bring in this
harvest and to prepare it to be glorified on high.

I encourage you to stretch even more and even farther, your wings of faith.
These wings of faith are what enables you to free yourself from the material
component of your lives. These wings of faith augment the spiritual
component of your being and provide you with freedom to transform yourselves
from the material, even through the semi-material, even to the spiritual
realm. This is all done by your direct efforts and therefore do I recognize
the progress each of you have made to this point.

Therefore do I congratulate you for these steps that have opened your eyes
to this point, that have opened your ears to these messages from outside.
You have labored for these accomplishments each one individually, and they
are yours to keep forever and as with any accomplishment, one always looks
to the next level, the next step to take, and I encourage you to be bold in
your assumptions of faith, to be strong in your conviction, to have a
mindset of certainty, not only of the eventual outcome of this glorious
mission we are currently engaed in, but of your valuable position within it
as well.

You are all needed workers in the field. We need every pair of hands, every
voice, every soul who has sprouted wings of faith to engage in this great
and grand task before us of harvesting all that is being nurtured and grown
in this time and space. All things work towards the good and even so in all
that surrounds you on a material level. The Father has magnificent ways of
turning all that happens into the positive and therein is where you may be
helpful. Therein is where the excercise of your faith may bring the truth of
this reality to those around you, that all is outworking to the good. That
even that which we encounter which appears negative and detrimental can be
used to glorifgy this plan of the Father.

It is those who will act with boldness and certainty of character that will
point this out to the others and promote those ideals and ideas that will
foster all the latent tendencies now present in all of the Creator's
children. It is not necessary that you provide the desire within another,
merely that you spark this desire, merely that you trigger this latent
effect as you have had this triggered in your lives. You can be that
catalyst, you can be the spark, the trigger, the force to unleash this
goodness and to bring about the greatness before us. Truly you will be
amazed what will be accomplished by the most simple and basic acts of faith,
motions of trust and exhibitions of divine character.

That concludes my lesson today but I would remain to entertain thoughts,
questions, or suggestions from you my counterparts in the flesh, in whom I
depend upon for the progress of this very plan that we make real, even in
this very hour.

Q: You speak about being a worker in the field and that is something I am
interested in being a part of, the correcting time, and seeing what part I
can contribute to the unfolding of life and light. I find myself asking what
can I do, what should I do? What is the Fathers will for me? I find that
hard to determine. When I get an idea of what to do I wonder ..Is that my
idea, or is that the Creator's will for me? How can we begin to distinguish
between our will and serving the Father's will?

Machiventa: A first and most obvious step is to actively align your will
with the will of the Father, therefore creating the reality that it is your
will that the Father's will be done, and in all honesty and sincerity, after
having reached this realization, then you must in fact extend your faith to
include that if you are inspired, if you are made to understand, if you are
brought into realization, these are designed by the Father as a result of
your desire to align your will with his. When asked, what should I do as an
individual to facilitate the Fathers will, I would say it is simple.

You must become the highest ideals that you aare aware of, not just know of
these ideals, not be able to express these ideals, but rather become these
ideals. Portray that which you know to be true. Become the truth in your
lives. Actions are so many more times powerful than any words. The strongest
and most powerful thing that you can do is to live your life in line with
the highest spiritual realities that you are aware of, to become the
embodiment of making spiritual realities real in your life. Many times as
part of the learning process, we are exposed to many truths that we then
must digest and embrace and internalize as our own truths, then at some
point, having had the benefit of the teaching and the learning, we must then
put into practice that which we have learned.

That what we have been taught must be made real, must be brought into life
through the choices that we make everyday about even of the most common of
affairs because every situation that you encounter on the plain in which you
inhabit, is an opportunity for you to express spiritual truth, universal
beauty, and real and actual goodness. Those are what you are to portray in
this life to make them a part of your nature, to look for the opportunity to
portray an aspect of this truth, beauty, or goodness. Seek out the
opportunity to make an ideal real. To make a potential actual.

Your great leaders have in the past made great headway by  putting forth
their vision, their idea that they would promote and then many others are
then offered a choice to support this idea or that idea, this platform or
that platform. The most powerful platform that you could promote in your
lives is one of a spiritual nature and a universal magnitude. That will
transcend all manner of material circumstances and provide you with the
guidelines in which to operate which are superior to any material set of
guidelines you may encounter.

Therefore do not be content with the way things are. Look to the future and
create the way things should be. You are each one co-Creators with your
Master, with your Creator. In this time and space it is you who are at the
focal points, you who occupy the pivotal positions, indeed you who make it
entirely possible. As you do this hour and this communication, so can you
all the hours of your lives and all the opportunites that are presented to
you. Make it your goal, your mission, to be engaged, to seek out the
opportunity for service. To be the one in the right place at the right time.
That is your privilege, your opportunity, your growth potential. It is
wonderful that you ask yourself these questions, how to be of service, and
when you encounter that you have missed an opportunity or fallen short of a
goal, these are learning steps so thet the next time you will be keen and
sensitive to the opportunity, you will be present and attentive when the
opportunity arises for you to function in the capacity of spirit.

Many think they are not worthy for such a task, but I would put such worries
to rest. Your Divine Parents love you so much, they have designed this
entire plan to rest upon your shoulders. That is how much trust they have in
you, now how much trust would you offer them that they may interact with
you, they may assist you, they may promote your efforts? They desire this
working relationship and although it is unusual on the physical plane that
you exist, so is this communication we enjoy now.

Q: Thankyou for your very thorough and inspiring response, I really
appreciate it.

Machiventa: Thankyou for your partnership, I so appreciate that as well.
Would there be any other questions or expressions tonight? If not, perhaps
we should all engage in an attitude of prayer. Creator, please help us each
one to act as co-Creators with you. Help us to fulfill our destinies that
you have provided for us. Help us to be all the potential that you have
granted within each one of us. May we be attentive and alert to your
signals. May we be strong and certain in our faith. May we act for you and
as you, in your stead in our positions that we occupy in this life. We know
of a certainty that you hear our petitions. We believe that our desire
pleases you and that you will respond when we ask your assistance. Thankyou
for the great gift we all are living through, this experience of such a
grand nature. Help us to feel worthy that we may implement this plan to the
glory of the Father in heaven. We are certain, and we will function in
conviction that we are engaged with you in this process and we remain
certain that you will be engaged with us in this process. Help us to make it

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