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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Balanced Growth, Authority to Speak the Truth
Teachers: Malvantra, Elyon

February 20, 2005

*	Malvantra  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Malvantra.
	  You are aware that you are members, in reality relations, 
in the cosmic family.  You are kept in the loving care of the 
Father of all beings, the Mother of all beings, the spirit 
Source of all souls.  As you grow you have begun to benefit from 
the wisdom attained; it has given you more power in the 
application of spirit truth and goodness and beauty, for you 
discern a more clear orientation of truth and goodness as it 
applies to the many events you enter into in your life.  Each 
growth cycle yields a refinement of previously attained insight 
and fosters the development of greater and broader insight.  
Every step in your ascent your faith is deepened, your 
confidence is strengthened, and you are even more certain that 
any uncertainty that comes before you will yield benefit.  Fear 
subsides and a curious delight replaces it, for with the 
overcare of the divine spirit you are assured of your ability to 
see clearly, to learn rightly, and to grow wisely.
	There is another element to your personal growth in the 
watchcare of spirit, and that is your collective congregation.  
Each of you walks a different trail than another, and the result 
is differing perspectives and experiences yielding a coloration 
to wisdom that is a shade different from your fellows.  It is in 
your commingling of your understanding and your insights that 
you broaden even further your cosmic perspective, your 
sensitivity to truth.  It is this brotherhood that expands the 
individual.  Father is at one end of your being, your brothers 
and sisters at the other.  These two contribute to your growth, 
to your well-being.  If it were that all personalities were as 
omniscient as the Almighty, there would be no benefit from 
fellowship.  While Father resides within as that very omniscient 
being, the miracle of time and space is the multiple 
individualities who are growing from ignorance to enlightenment.  
At every station in the ascent all others act as completors, 
those who contribute to you where you lack in your status.  This 
joining together is the Father's will.  It is the purpose of 
Supremacy.  It is also your safety net, for it provides balance, 
and it is also your cheering section, for it encourages you to 
	I am grateful to once again be among you to incircuit in 
common awareness.

*	Elyon  (Mark):  Greetings, this is Elyon.  I consider 
myself to be a personal friend of each of you who hears my words 
this day.  As your personal friend I would take this opportunity 
to speak to you directly about what I know to be the concerns of 
your hearts, as I have heard the desires of your hearts to know 
what more clearly is your role and function in service as you 
	I would use this timely analogy of the parent/child 
relationship.  As the child is quite young and immature and 
inexperienced they rely almost completely on the truth that they 
come to know through the avenues of their parent's direction.  
When in doubt the child will frequently look to the parent for 
affirmation or confirmation that what they are saying or 
believing is in fact accurate and true.  As the child develops 
and gains personal experience less and less do they look to the 
parent for affirmation of each individual aspect of their 
understanding, as more and more they are self assured of the 
correctness of their understanding.  As time goes on and with 
the benefit of experience eventually the child will see all that 
the parent has taught them as their own information, as their 
own wisdom, having been accumulated over some period of time and 
with great reassurance all along that they are on the right 
track, that the answers they provide are appropriate and true, 
right and correct.
	To extend that analogy to where you are this day and such a 
relationship, you have had the benefit of some duration of time 
around those loving ministers of spiritual influence such as 
myself who have attempted in every way to guide your learning 
process of discovery, to provide you with your own necessary 
firsthand experience of spiritual truths and the nature of 
spiritual reality.  You, as eager students, have embraced these 
teachings for some period of time.  In the beginning stages 
while you may have been tentative and not wholly certain of the 
depths of all the wisdom you were to embrace, you looked to us 
frequently for reassurance and confirmation that indeed you were 
about this process properly.  You were able to recite back to us 
and internalize the lessons we had delivered.  Therefore we were 
able to build upon those lessons with another lesson which could 
not have been delivered without your effort at embracing these 
steps along the way. 
	At some point the student, the child, the young spirit set 
out on this journey, must become aware of the wisdom and 
knowledge that has been gained as a result of their efforts and 
will assume the authority of one who knows.  At that point no 
longer does the student feel it necessary to constantly to re-
engage the teacher for affirmation, as they have developed this 
sense of self security that what they do know they in fact do 
know.  It is as though you prepare a student for a spelling bee 
by working with them, going over and over the options that may 
confront them, the realities that they must function within.  
Then when the bell rings and the time is right they and they 
alone must stand and with certainty proclaim what they know.  
This brings with it the authority to speak as one who is versed 
in this material, as one who knows.
	I give you today that each one of you is a student who has 
beautifully and faithfully performed the duties of the student 
and learned the material that has been presented and is now 
fully capable of speaking with authority about that which you 
know.  It is no longer necessary for you to look to the source 
of your inspiration and knowledge about these affairs except to 
proceed on your path of higher education.  Rather is it part of 
your position that you have acquired, for you to speak with 
authority.  I give you the fact that the text that you are all 
familiar with, The Urantia Book, is truly a gift to your world 
and meant for all people on this planet.  But your own 
experience with that revelation tells you that not all people 
are prepared to accept the magnitude of that gift.  There are 
many who seek the information that is contained in that gift, 
but to offer them the entire curriculum at one opportunity would 
prove unfruitful, whereas to offer them bits and pieces 
contained within that revelation to whet their appetites and 
draw them to curiously explore on their own would prove greatly 
fruitful.  You are developing the wisdom of instructors, of 
purveyors of this information, to know when the appropriate time 
is to offer so much of the curriculum that you have had the 
benefit of contact with in your search.
	You are the ones who are to be seen by the human eyes.  
When you speak with authority about matters of spirit, it is you 
that they will see.  It is you who will indeed manifest the 
traits and characteristics you refer to.  Therefore you must 
come from yourselves.
	You must be bold about the authority that you have attained 
and been granted by no less than Michael, Machiventa, and others 
in charge of this mission who have repeatedly offered you the 
authority so that you would become strong enough to stand on 
your own and manifest the truths that you have come to know.  
When others look at you they see you and you only; they see 
nothing behind you.  They may indeed grow curious and want to 
know where you have learned such matters of spiritual depth.  It 
may become right and appropriate for you to guide them into 
deeper levels of understanding by exposure to many avenues that 
you have come across in your spiritual path, but yours is the 
material plane.  It will not do to refer to unseen others for 
your authority.  It must come from within.
	So, my question to you all today is, what is it that you 
would embrace as providing you with the necessary authority to 
speak the truth?  We as teachers have continually offered our 
praise for your accomplishments and advances.  We have 
continually encouraged you to own that which you know and to 
speak that truth from your hearts.  That is as simple as it is.  
It is not required that you back up your statements of wisdom 
with footnotes or with other sources of authority.  Rather 
should it be your glory to stand and speak that which you know 
to be true, alone and of yourself.  Therein is the true glory in 
this kingdom, to be a strong pillar of truth, to be the guiding 
light and do that which the soul desires.
	I will continue to remain here for you as individuals, my 
cherished students.  As you continue your higher education I 
will be only thrilled to accompany you and support you and 
foster your development as far as you would take it.
	In the end you must, as the teacher, insist the student go 
forward, stand in front of the class, and recite that that you 
know.  When asked how to spell a word, it is incumbent upon you 
to speak that which you know.  When asked the nature of 
spiritual reality, speak your firsthand experience with 
spiritual reality.  Don't wade into territory of supposition or 
unknown arenas to you, rather stick to what you know.  If you 
stick to the truth that you know, you cannot give an incorrect 
response.  It is simply not possible.  Your response will be 
accurate and true according to the limits of your understanding, 
and that, the witnessing of the truth, is all that can be asked 
of a mortal of your realm.  It is extremely simple and on the 
other hand difficult for many to take that step to assume the 
mantle of authority, to speak the truth about things unseen and 
to be the one to act in wisdom.
	I hope this gentle nudge helps you to take the step 
with certainty that I believe in you, Michael believes in you, 
the entire scheme of the Correcting Time is about you, not me, 
not others behind the scene, but you are where the rubber meets 
the road.  You are the face that will be seen, the voice that 
will be heard, and it is you who will make the difference.
	I hope these words will provide you with encouragement and 
with strength.  Please take them along with my love.  I leave 
you today.

	Ginny:  I am blown away! How did you know I've been 
thinking about this?  Thank you for addressing those issues.

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