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Prayer: Divine Parents, we are grateful, eternally grateful for sending us
your emmissaries of light, your bridging the gap down to interact with us.
We would welcome these emmissaries of light to join us in our circle in our
lives at this time, to be a part of the circuit we willingly form at this
time. This truly is a gift and we remain grateful, thankyou.

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. Once  again I am overjoyed to access the
channel of communication that is open between us at this time. We on our
side will employ any method to bridge this gap between the material ear and
spirit presense, but I recognize at this time that it is you who are hearing
these words that have in fact made the larger gesture towards the formation
and promotion of this avenue, of this expression between us.

I'm sure each one of you could remember a time in your lives when such a
communication to your unseen celestial assistants was unknown to you and
unheard of by you and at that time if you were asked to verify the existense
or reality of such a form of communication between such different realms,
you may very well have truthfu;lly and accurately declared that such a
circumstance was not possible.

Before you were exposed to this quantum leap in your experience, the life
experience before you would have led you to believe in all truthfulness that
your response was accurate. Now, from your vantage point, from the level to
which you have grown in order to accomodate such a reality, you may gaze
back at your former position before this teaching mission and your personal
contact with the reality of this communication and see that you have in fact
grown and  ascended in your level of comprehension of the parameters of your

Likewise, there is very much spiritual reality you have yet to personally
encounter and therefore this reality is not your own personal experience and
you must imagine, guess, wonder, and anticipate the new parameters you will
come to experience as you ascend your spiritual ladder. From where you are
now, you are able to gaze back and remember life before you knew of this
spiritual reality, then stand on your attained platform and know of a
certainty the new parameters of your spiritual awareness so that when
another would now ask you, would such a reality be possible, you with the
benefit of experience, can now most certainly verify this spiritual reality
to others who have not experienced it on their own.

Likewise I can stand from my spiritual vantage point and assure you of the
great magnitude of the increase in your spiritual awareness you are destined
to embrace, and you must simply take my assurances on faith that they are
accurate due to the restricted nature of your experience. But in traversing
the distance you have come, you are developing the leverage for the distance
yet to be traveled when you rely on the strength of the faith that you have
come to know as the result of all that has come to you to this point.

Likewise will this faith strengthen you as you take your next steps into the
spiritual arena and experience much that is new to you there but now
anticipated. Truly do you have a foot in each realm. Truly are you capable
from your vantagae point of looking back and remembering what life was like
before you were so graced and blessed with spiritual fruit. This is
extremely valuable to you as it provides you with the necessary perspective
for compassion for all those who desire to experience what you have thus
far, just as you desire to experience what those on my side have so far.

Those of us on my side of the curtain have great compassion for those of you
on your journey to reach us. This position that you occupy can be most
valuable when you are in awareness that your feet are in two distinct
arenas, that of the material and the flesh, and that of the spiritual arena.
You have done more than knock at the door of the spiritual arena, you have
flung the door open and have seen even if just glimpsed, the reality present
on the other side, and at the same time you are still impacted and
restricted and conditioned by all the material factors that play in your
lives. You are in fact in the doorway, sometimes functioning on one side of
the door, and occasionally, briefly, functioning on the other side of the

Your spirit craves to explore the very depths of the spiritual arena as it
longs for those things eternal and real beyond material. Your material side
may make great demands on you, your vehicle and your environment weigh
heavily in your descisions, and yours is a life of balance, shifting your
weight back and forth between your two feet. It is relatively few who are in
your position of standing in this doorway, and to those who are aware and
can function in this awareness, there is great opportunity for service as
one who may be the doorman to this new arena for all those with both feet on
the material plane but a desire in their hearts to explore what's on the
other side of the door.

This desire from within them is the eternal longing of the part to find the
whole and eventually will bring each and every one of them to the door if
not fully into the arena itself. When they come to the door, what do they
find but you standing there with your foot in the door to keep it open and
to prop the way, and your other foot outside the door in full attention to
the need of those approaching. Some may come and simply want to gaze at the
door, others may desire more fully to explore it, others wish to poke their
heads into the siritual arena, and still others will boldly walk through the
cracked door and enter of themselves.

All the while, you who are aware of this distinction of the realm, is
doorkeeper, having sole descision over which side of the threshold you shift
your weight to. A good doorperson will be attentive to the needs of those
who arrive and be ever willing to assist to opening the door when the time
is right and necessary and will also be keen to when the door must be left
for another to open as their spirit motivates them to reach for the door and
open it of their own accord.

It is possible in this life, for a human  of the realm such as yourselves,
to decide that they will reside on the other side of the door, in the
spiritual arena, even to the extent that never again will you traverse into
the material arena as such a significant descision will cause the spirit
unification of fusion. Those individuals who decide to walk through the door
and never look back simply find all that they are looking for and are no
longer resident in that spiritual arena but move on to another.

This descision and this reality is available to any human of the realm who
so desires and every position short of divine fusion is also yours for the
desire. You decide where you stand in the doorway, in the arena, in the
alleyway. All rests with your internal descsion to take up your spiritual
ascent, and your progress is a matter of your own efforts. Likewise, the
fact that you hear my words today through this channel of communication, is
a product of your own efforts and I commend you, each one, who made the
choices and having extended the effort to get you here, now.

It is not important to hurry through this process. It is not the design of
our Heavenly Father that you take any shortcuts or circumvent your life
experience in any way, rather should your journey be long and full, rather
should your experiences be rich, and you come away wealthy with the
experience of life. That is your gift to the Supreme. That is your
contribution to make in the final analysis. Sometimes when you come into
spiritual awareness, it is as though a child realizing they are growing up
and out of childhood. There's a longing to stay in this state where you  are
familiar and life is good. So it can be in the spirit realm. There can be a
desire to function in awareness, to have reaached a level, a plateau of
understanding, and desire to tarry there in order that you may assist
perhaps a few others on their rungs up the ladder, or perhaps facilitate the
growth and learning experience of others because of your perspective and

This is as the Father would have it. It is not his desire that you learn how
to play the game too quickly. Part is to learn how to play the game and the
other part is to play the game, and play it well. This is the art of living.
Not to escape life, not to get through life to the next life, but to live
life to its fullest, and this is made abundant when you function in
awareness, the very awareness that you portray in this hour, you take out to
the world and function therein. Do not shy from this awareness. You have
learned aspects of the game, now take what you have learned back to the
game. Portray that which you know to be real, even this  reality that we

There are many who might not even believe your words, at the existense of
this circuit that we enjoy this hour. But you know of this reality, we know
of this reality together. The fact that others are unaware has no bearing on
the nature of this reality. So, I applaud you for the advancements that you
have made through your faith and through your effort to come to the door, to
crack the door, to even glimpse the arena on the other side of the door.
Remember you may always come and refresh yourselves through this reality.
You may act as doormen who would come to this door, you may act as guide,
you may act as interpreter, you may act as witness to this reality, it is

It is part of your experience and no one can diminish this experience in
your life, rather should you share the fruits of your labor that have
brought you to this place. The more you share your experiences and witness
to this higher level of reality, the more curious seeking individuals will
find you out and ask you to bear witness of what you know. This is your
privilege. As a player in the game, you now see much that others do not,
understand much that happens behind the scenes that others might not, and
with this knowledge and experience, you should play the game well, and bear
truthfull and faithfull witness to that which you have come to know. That is
all we can ask of someone who shares a foot in each realm.

I would accept any comments or questions as I would foster communications in
both directions if there would be any.

Q: Thankyou very much this evening, for this great wisdom. I feel
transformed by it. As I continue daily to be drawn and pulled to take more
steps towards and through the door, I wonder how to balance that with my own
personal life and the demands of the material?

Machiventa: When you are involved in any endeavor, such as a game, using
that analogy, you accept the rules of engagement and everyone accepts the
framework in which you are operating as the parameters in which you must
function. What is required to be a master, is to both remove yourself from
the limitations of imposed material parameters and function from the higher
levels of your being and your understanding of universe principles. I would
provide the example that individuals involved in any game together may get
quite caught up in the most minute details of each move and the playing with
spiritual parameters, then does the game and the pressure of the game become
lifted and the game takes on joy and fun and challenge and growth.

When you lift your perspective from that of nose to the board and every move
vital and important to your survival, to overlooking the board almost as if
others were playing, and artfully using this circumstance, this game, this
condition that exists to inject spirit reality into your every  move, then
do you discover you are on the side of right and winning and good and
optimism and the game becomes a new dimensional experience for you as no
longer are you subject to the limited conditions contained on the board or
in the dice, but rather are you artfully using your every move to portray
spiritual reality, to bring spiritual awareness into your moves, to function
from a higher plane in which winning, losing, choosing and deciding are all
relative factors as you have already won from your perspective. Does this
help clarify your differences in perspective?

Q: Yes, yes, thankyou great teacher.

Machiventa: Such is the case in all of your life experiences. It is ever and
increasingly important to increase your perspective, your view. We talk
about ascension and how you have grown in your ascension. That implies that
you have grown up where you have a better vantage to view of all that goes
on below you. From this superior vantagae point it is quite easy for you to
discern the larger picture and to lose sight and importance of the day to
day details, knowing full well the larger picture that encompasses your
every move not simply confined to an activity, or a day, or a time, or a
choice, or a move that you make, but rather a pattern that you will portray
which will condition your moves, your choices, your attitudes, and your

It is this pattern that you are forming through your choices and your growth
thus far. When this pattern is familiar to you and becomes real in your
lives, then these details will cease to impact you, even such details of
great magnitude such as, dare we say, life as we know it, that one day you
will come to see as another step, another move in your evolution and your
ascension. Right now, most mortals of the realm see the game as all
important and game over when your vehicle and life come to an end.

>From an enhanced perspective, even I can see that that is but a step, and
all the details that comprise that were only comprising one step. So
therefore the details do not appear so weighty or so great when you realize
they are but one of a long string of details which are there to condition
and formulate your overall pattern that is not encumbered  by time or space,
but rather continues on, and that pattern along with the accumulation of
life experiences is your gift when your part reunites with the whole and you
give the accumulation of your gift freely and genuinly over to your Divine
Parent who made this entire journey for you a reality.

Q: I am moved by your teaching Machiventa, thankyou so much.

Machiventa: Thankyou my friend, for you have bridged the gap indeed. I am
here, and have been here, and remain here. It is you all who are on this
line, who decide when and where this contact takes place and who puts the
effort into making this communication possible. I applaud all of those who
hear these words, for being here now, and am certain that the privileges
that you all are acquiring because of your efforts, will astound you just as
those who are unaware of what we do right now might be astounded when you
explain to them that you are actually conversing with a celestial
personality, one who walked on your world. Most will not readily believe
such a reality and yet you are here. I am awed by your progress and I
appreciate the efforts you have made and look forward to the work we may do
together to facilite the unfolding of the grand plan of Michael, the mandate
that allows us to communicate even now.

If there are no other questions I would release this T/R and would express
my gratitude for the formation of this circuit. It is by your human hands
and your human hearts that we are able to do this. I bid you all a good
evening and I bid you that all of you receive the abundant opportunities
that your growth will bring to you as a result of your efforts. I thank you
all and bid you goodnight.

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