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FEBRUARY 7, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am happy you braved these stormy weather conditions to meet here this evening. I am always glad to see you individually, but I believe our fellowship is much more fun.

You don't have to be a mortal in today's changing world to understand the complexities that are occurring. We each know that transformation can be quite exhausting. Those that are allowing it are experiencing transformation. Every day you are a new creature, every day your minds are expanding and you are gaining maturity. For the most part in the so-called civilized world maturity has not value. You that have recognized your son or daughtership with God know that maturity leads to understanding and knowing and that is peace.

When we study on the Master's time in the flesh we are able to see those slight transformations the apostles experienced. When the Master's ministry began we understood how the apostles could seem foolish in their unknowingness. We can see how their ego's jumped to their personal desires without consulting the Father's will. We can now recognize in the early days of the Teaching Mission there was ego interference from many directions. This is the beauty of spiritual maturity. The declining of the ego's wishes in favor of the patience to wait upon the Father's will.

It is understood that each of Father's children have their needs. They desire to be noticed and accepted. They desire simple love. The ego tends to draw these aspects through an immature way or an animalistic way. Experience brings understanding and spiritual maturity. Those who are attaining this maturity for themselves are in the realization that the ego's methods are fleeting and keep one in childish behavior.

While our Mission appears to be inactive or not very exciting, the real groundwork is being laid. The individuals who embrace the Father's will are being given the grown-up tasks. As you mature spiritually you feel more a part of the whole. It is all just not about you personally, your needs, wants and desires, but about what is best for all concerned.

Think back over your years and while you may appear to have a few more lines on your face, you are grateful to be beyond those years, and already have that experience that has brought you to this present moment. Think of a very small child-he does what he knows how to do. When he knows better he does better. You each have valuable experience that has brought you some spiritual maturity, and while it does not contain the drama of your youth, it brings many valuable tools.

You know how to communicate with Father. You know you are not a child who is last on His list. Your erroneous thinking is becoming recognized more quickly. You dwell not in the unknowingness of spiritual immaturity as much as you used to. This brings peace to the mind and food to the soul. When I was a child, I had the things of a child. When I was a man, I put childish things away. Spiritual maturity is putting childish things away or keeping the ego at bay, while waiting upon the will of an all-knowing, all-powerful Father.

This week let us ponder upon those childish ways that keep us squirming in our seats. Let us remember each day who we serve and in that-how are we served? That is all. No questions. Know that I find it an honor to serve with you. Know that each day my affection for you grows deeper. Until next time, shalom.

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