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JANUARY 24, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, what an increase of energy we have here this evening. I am always joy-filled and energized by our weekly meetings. I feel quite at home and I have you to thank. How wonderful it is to gather and re-center our focus on the First Source and Center.

The week is always filled and many times we are stretched beyond our means to carry on. Many of us forget to consult with Father or His associates on any given circumstance. It is in the animal nature to be selfish or self-serving. Much of the time mortals find themselves serving the ego first and saving a consultation with Father as a last resort.

As we mature in spirit, we find it natural to lean toward divine intervention and what is best for the whole, rather than serving the animal needs. I mean not to say that man is naturally a sinner, no, you hear enough of that in organized religion. I mean to say that man must work his way up from the bottom of the animal level to the higher divine scale.

As you are willing to release your needs into the Father's hands, you find more peace and confidence to allow your mind to work at optimum level. There are not those 'me first' thoughts. There is not concern of how others see you. There is not the worry over the trivial. There is however peace and a clear channel to increase spiritual receptivity.

Last week we discussed becoming empowered to face life's obstacles with courage, instead of cowering through escape. It is mostly a matter of perception, children. Your interpretation of everyday events is your living reality. Many occurrences are blamed on providence because that is what is interpreted. We have come too far to allow the animal such control. We know now the ability to be patient and observant is a light upon the spiritual path.

I can look back at my days in the flesh and see those things that I thought were important were really self-serving. Those lessons that were of true value I took with me into my eternal education. I have learned to be at peace with the universal laws. I have come to trust Father and His associates. I want for nothing. It was my days in the flesh that brought me to where I am now. Now I can see the value. Then I was quite wrapped up in my own ego perception, my own animal preservation.

This week continue to study the authentic self and the relationship with Father and the individual. The lesson is kept short to allow time for a few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome Ashley and her boy friend, Joey. (Welcome.) Abraham, this Father connection-I know it is slow, slow change-for me anyway. I look back and see growth, but every day it feels like I am long way off still. The Urantia Book tells us that it is very unlikely to have a real good Thought Adjuster connection in the flesh. With the circuits open now, how clear can we expect that connection with this training and all?

ABRAHAM: Understood. The difficulty with mortals is that they complicate most things. Clarity with Father is highly possible and it will be the most natural occurrence. Communication from Father and His associates do not need bells or whistles or miraculous happenings. Father's communication is most clear when you are in a mindset of service-service without recognition for self. It is understood that mortals have a strong need to be loved and accepted. Your most fulfilling experience with this will be with Father. When you can put forth the faith effort to allow Him opportunity to work, then are you bestowed with a peace that surpasses all understanding-peace more so than elation. There is joy, of course, but not euphoria. Striving for spiritual maturity helps you to release the ego, which connects you to the higher mind. Is this answering? (Yes, answering very clearly. Thank you.) Thank you. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I just love the lesson, love you, love being here, love having you as a friend. Could you share how you are, what you are up to?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. How kind of you to inquire. This group is quite important to me and one of my ongoing tasks. I do assist in helping new groups get started. Many are not affiliated with the Urantia Book, so this particular task can be time consuming. I find my life now much as I would have desired it in the flesh. I have time for rest and diversion. I have time for study and socializing. I am probably more busy than I was in my mortal days, but everything is with a smooth and continuing flow. While I am deeply concerned with the world's happenings, I am with peace that Father's overall plan is the best plan. Thank you for asking. (Thank you for sharing.) You're welcome. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, can you comment regarding our relationship with Father in a co-creator way-without endangering or enlarging our egos too much?

ABRAHAM: Co-creating with Father is somewhat like I said before, completely natural and without any inkling something spectacular is happening. Think back to when you were a child learning to write and an adult put his hand over your hand to help guide the pencil. This is somewhat how Father co-creates with you. When opportunities present themselves and you act from your divine nature, then does Father clear a path and provide instruction. When we speak of co-creation we must take the Master's example into account. He was not co-dependent in a way that He knew not what to do without the Father, no. He was powerful in a way that He trusted Father always knew what to do. Jesus trusted-Father empowered Him, and again this for the most part was entirely natural, without fanfare. The smallest lessons always left the biggest impressions. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.

SIMON: Maybe a comment. I just love you Abraham and thank you for your lessons-maybe a comment on balancing work with diversion, spending time journaling and how I can be most consistent with that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. If one is quite in tune with the Father, one chooses a profession that seems like diversion or in other words, something they enjoy and are feeling fulfilled. Every day millions of individuals go out to their place of employment with dread and the desire to make it through one more day. No one is stuck in a particular life pattern. It can always be changed. You can always do good as you pass by. Where you work and live can be your own personal ministry. With the busyness of today's world many find they must become proficient in multi-tasking. While many feelings are from the animal nature, some are from a soul level. It is not in your best interest to do stillness when you do not feel like it, when you are not open to it. It is not productive to journal if you are forcing it. You are not gaining a full spiritual experience when you greet the day with dread. It is always helpful to have tools at hand that create feelings of peace, music, art, socializing, etc. Small steps lead to larger ones. It must be known by now that no mortal is really forced to do anything, that includes stillness or spiritual study. When you have the desire, then is your experience more productive. Do not force-simply allow and with that I shall take my leave.

It is an honor to be with you each. I am filled with gratitude to Father for my post. In serving I am well served. I thank you. My loves goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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