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DECEMBER 6, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am ever so grateful to be a part of you. I feel indeed so blessed for being a small part of a larger picture. I have a soul satisfaction that I have not ever felt before. I believe you are a part of that. At times I feel for your mortal pain and struggle. I realize that agondonter status is difficult to not only endure but to master.

Where I am right now I can see how my experience has served. As a material mortal I felt somewhat isolated from spirit. That surely did create some yearning for ego satisfaction. As I am now I crave no attention for ego. I know with certainty that Father breathes life into me. Mother and Michael care for me as I am now and assist me in what I am becoming. I have no need to run with animal instinct, for my spiritual inheritance is more than I will ever need.

I do love each one of my brothers and sisters here on the teaching staff. I value their thoughts, but their words do not have control over my actions. I value their love and affection for me, and yet I do not crave acceptance. I value your thoughts, and yet I would never dream of changing the Master's plans in favor of some ego wish fulfillment. Do you see, I love and value these many people, and yet I realize the love that I surely need is from the purest source of all love.

Had I realized this idea in my days in the flesh I would have stumbled less I am sure. Things I could see and feel with the material senses were more real to me. My friend and mentor was indeed a great source of spiritual interpretation. Machiventa had taught me to see beyond my eyes, hear beyond my ears. He taught me that everyday living was indeed a gift not to be taken for granted. Mortal life was simply education, learning to master the self, while having to use eyes and ears beyond the physical self.

I am MACHIVENTA. Greetings, children, it has seemed to be ages since I have spoken with you in this fashion. I hope you each know that while I seem to be less present, that is not really the case. I am here much of the time and certainly always a part of your educational agenda.

As Abraham knows, I love to reminisce, especially about those days in the flesh. Abraham makes himself to sound so mortal and indeed he was, but also was he a willing student. Definitely did he embrace honesty with a rare enthusiasm. What Abraham speaks of tonight is that all encompassing love of the Father of all fathers. This is not like any mortal you have ever known. This is one who knows you in-depth and loves you for all that you are and even for what you are not. When one has the all encompassing satisfaction of love from the Father, what more does one need?

This time of year you celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. How wonderful it would be to be with the idea of being reborn in spirit, to come to life with new ideas. Allow the old to go to its place, allow the new to rise to the top. Michael had said, "With Father all things are possible." This is literally what He meant. Knowing the presence of God, feeling the presence, being dedicated to living the life in the spirit all leads to knowing without a doubt you are loved and a child of His. Knowing God you will never be alone. Knowing God's love you will need not be led by the egos needs.

When you picture a room full of children, some will always clamor for attention. Many of these children distract the other children and certainly it is all a valuable lesson, but when you see that child who is focused on the teacher's words, you see a child who is healthy in mind, body and spirit. He is taken care of. He is with certainty the love of the parent is with him at all times. Why clamor for mans attention? Why divert your fellow's attention to yourself when you have the attention that surpasses anything of this world? This is peace giving, children. This is serenity and a path to wisdom.

For the week ahead focus on renewing your relationship with the Father of all fathers. Throw out your concept of Him now. Allow Him to rebuild your idea of who and what He is. During these holiday seasons we shall focus on becoming new, being reborn in mind, body and spirit. Know that I am with sincere affection for your each and my eyes are always on this Mission. My heart is deep within this Mission. I shall stay the course. I love you. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. Thank you, brother, friend and mentor. Your wisdom is always a road to peace. I am blessed knowing you are with us in all ways. Your support is definitely a light for us to live by. And with that I shall take my leave also. Know that you each are in my thoughts. You are known and loved. We will meet again. Until next time, shalom.

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