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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Faith-dominated Actions, The Door of Will,  Completed 
Teachers: Machiventa, Elyon, Michael.

November 28, 2004

*	Machiventa (Mark TR):  I am pleased to once again access 
this channel of communication with you.  I am Machiventa, one of 
the order of melchizedeks and your local supervisor in charge of 
your spiritual program of opportunities we will engage in 
together.  Yes, each of you here has the opportunity before you 
to access great realms of spiritual energies that are there to 
sustain you as you make your way through the currents and 
crosscurrents before you in this physical realm.  Each of you is 
familiar enough with the manners of self preservation on this 
physical plane, and it is our job in the melchizedek schools to 
prepare you in the realm of spiritual impact on this world.
	I have had as a part of my experience the opportunity to 
work with a great number of individuals much like yourselves.  I 
would classify these individuals such as yourselves as having 
superior spiritual potential in that you have so oriented 
yourselves as to be open to the possibilities and have so 
committed yourselves so as to be open to the possibilities.  The 
final outworking of this process is in your faith-dominated 
actions.  The steps that you will take, the actions that will 
spring forth as a result of your intuitive expressions, are the 
final and necessary link in the chain of events to occur on your 
world.  It is through your faith-motivated actions that you will 
indeed ride out the rising tides and swirling currents of this 
adventure and steady yourselves in times of uncertainties.
	I consider us associates and partners in this grand 
opportunity and undertaking before us, as I and those on my side 
of the curtain are limited by our mandate and are required to 
work with those of you willing to work with us to bring 
spiritual values and realities into the material realm.  You are 
our interpreters of spiritual values to those around you.  You 
who have experience in these spiritual realms are the guides for 
the many around you who will seek what you have found.
	It is ever true that to those who much is given much is 
expected, and also true that to those who have worked hard, the 
harvest is plentiful.  Now, as a result of your choices and your 
actions to this point, you are granted the great privilege of 
shepherding Michael’s children, your brothers and sisters, who 
will seek the peace and love they see in you.  It becomes your 
glorious task, your sacred responsibility to make the way for 
these individuals who hunger and thirst.  You are as a bountiful 
feast, and they will come to you seeking the nourishment that 
spirit has provided to you.  Share with them your experiences 
and your journies to this point that you may increase their 
awareness and accelerate their tolerance of this arena of spirit 
that you have explored.
	Certainly you are not masters of this spiritual arena, but 
you have entered therein and know certain pathways that have 
been successful for you.  Share the information you have come to 
know so that others may be guided with love and tender mercy 
past their fears of the unknown and into the certainty of their 
spiritual connection with their Father.  That is what I am here 
to do for you and with you.  That, in turn, is what you are here 
to do to those in your spheres of influence.  It is a privilege 
and honor for me to have this position before you even in this 
hour, and I understand that each of you honors the opportunities 
and experiences that will come to you.
	As the tide rises in this spirit pool your vessels and all 
other vessels will be made to rise together.  To some this will 
be unsettling, as their anchors may prove faulty.  Your anchors 
of spiritual stability will hold fast even in the crosscurrents 
of events on your world.  Many will see your certainty and 
desire your conviction, and these are what you have as your 
gifts to offer.  Thank you for your efforts in this realm and 
your efforts on your personal spiritual vehicles.  Your 
attention to your own vessels’ conditions is of paramount 
importance so that you may be a strong and competent worker in 
all that lies before us.
	I am privileged to work with each of you.  I thank you for 
the sincerity of your hearts.  I allow for others now.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  My friends, this is Elyon.  It is 
wonderful to bathe in your love, to draw deep in the communion 
of fellows of my kind, so sincere, so devoted.  You have 
accomplished much in your lives on a spirit level, much of which 
the implications therefrom you will only come to appreciate in 
the ages beyond.  You do well to assert your attainment through 
applying your wisdom to your lives, but do mark in your minds 
that your skills acquired now will for a long time coming be of 
great value to you on worlds unimaginable to you this day.
	You have heard the metaphor of the door at which Jesus 
stands and knocks and that if you open he enters in to commune 
with you.  This door is of great significance in your spiritual 
being; it is the door of will.  All that passes through, all 
that you restrict from entering or exiting, is your choice.  
Spirit knocks and you choose.  This door to your being, to 
function freely, is hung on the hinges of truth, beauty, and 
goodness.  All three well support your ability to choose.  If 
one hinge functions poorly your will-door will not swing freely.  
The latch of the door is your wisdom.  Each year that goes by 
your latch grows stronger; it does not wear out as does your 
material hardware.  With wisdom you know when to open and when 
to safeguard yourself.  In this door is the viewhole of 
discernment.  In your stillness your mind’s view opens and 
clarifies what is approaching you in the immediate moments of 
your life.  As you see you gain faith, and in this faith you are 
motivated to apply your wisdom to open and to receive.  He who 
enters, enters in love, in fellowship.  This is your experience 
of worship.
	But you do not reside at home always.  I encourage you to 
go abroad.  Willingly step forward in service and ministry.  
Reach out to those around you.  You have your retreat; you can 
go home.  Know that, in your return, the key of your devotion is 
configured to open your willing door wherein you may reside in 
peace and be refreshed.  Outside you will find Jesus.  Inside 
you can receive him and he is there also.  Keep your door in 
good repair, for you will be entering and exiting through this 
avenue for eternity.
	Thank you for receiving my words today.  I love you 

*	Michael (Mark):  This is Michael.  I would briefly bring 
you the peace of the certainty of your direction, your purpose, 
and your ultimate completion of that path you follow even now 
towards the Father.
	You have so arranged yourselves that all that remains of 
your successful journey is the unfoldment of time.  I see you as 
already having successfully completed this journey, and I 
welcome you on the other end.  I see you as completed beings in 
	Now I turn to you as fellow servants for that which will 
unfold before us; the will and plan is of our Father that we are 
privileged to help mature.
	I know you see yourselves from your perspective as so far 
away, and in this realm of time and space you judge yourselves 
accurately.  But to one of my realm, I can see the many steps 
before you that you will take in the unfoldment of your career, 
and bring you the assurance of your ultimate complete success.  
That is the peace I wish you to carry with you this day.  You 
are each taking the necessary steps to unfold the reality that 
is within you as the petals of the flower unfold.  I see the 
flower in all its glory, and I approve and applaud all that you 
are becoming day by day.
	Thank you for being such faithful lilies in the pond to 
rise above and to shine brightly out the beauty that is within 
you.  Thank you all.  My love to you.

	Jonathan: I ask that you always pollinate our flowers, that 
we always be receptive to your touch.

*	Michael:  And this the Father grants each of us in our 
development.  It is only to allow the unfolding.

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