[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 11/7/04

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Mon Nov 15 18:59:49 PST 2004

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Certainty of Spirit Association, Adjust to Cosmic 
Influence, Question about Monjoronson
Teachers: Evanson, Abraham, Elyon

November 7, 2004

*	Evanson (Jonathan TR):  This is Evanson.  I have asked to 
meet with you today because it is my desire to further your 
assurance of your belonging in this great universe family.
	It is such a delightful sight witnessing your faith.  Your 
faith has matured, it has grown from early stages of hope and 
longing toward confidence and assurance and security.  This has 
occurred because of your dedication to living what you 
understand about spiritual matters.  This experience ripens your 
faith.  Now tangibly you know that your voice before the Father 
is heard and that his representative here in Nebadon will fully 
present the Father’s will to your petition.
	As you have come to this deeper relationship with the 
Universal Father, our Creator Son, and your status as a child of 
God, you are empowered beyond measure.  The years you have spent 
in communion has widened the channel of communication, and you 
are familiar with the small voice that speaks from your inmost 
being.  In engaging this voice and applying its impulse of truth 
to your life you have developed a working ability, one that is 
associated with spirit and active in the world.  And herein lies 
your duty.  Many on your planet struggle with the development of 
this inner ear, are uncertain of their security with spirit 
contact, even afraid of encounters with malevolence.  You become 
the voice for your fellows hoping to gain a stability, a trust, 
with spirit, an assurance that they do receive good and 
righteous guidance.  It is the words you speak, the actions you 
undertake, that point the way and your willingness to address 
their concerns, your willingness to indicate to them the reality 
of their own connection.  These are the preliminary experiences 
for another as they develop their own confidence in the 
association with spirit.
	Faith begins humbly, ever willing to receive grace, the 
revelation of truth and the holy touch.  But faith is living, 
and faith becomes a mighty muscle that works to lift many around 
you.  It serves not only as the means whereby you ascend, but 
also as a method whereby faith is born in others.
	Where you stand today in your ascension, ahead of you is 
the adventure wherein your faith is small and humble, seeking to 
know and experience.  Behind you is your attainment where your 
faith is strong and tall, ever ready to minister and to reveal 
what you have attained.  Your world is in need of those who are 
willing to stand before others with the same confidence that our 
Creator Son did when he lived here.
	Deep in the soul of every spiritually sensitive personality 
is the ability to detect certainty of spirit association, of 
truth alignment, independent of organization, of doctrine.  This 
is the living link that speaks volumes to another.  When it is 
recognized in you it transcends any expression that would 
require convincing.  It stands beyond logic.  It is a pure 
recognition of spirit placement, of belonging.  This is your 
witness, and I perceive in you this reality.  You are fully 
capable of re-presenting Michael and our Father in heaven to 
	Thank you for hearing me.  It is a joy to make my contact, 
to draw close to you in heart and to share in reflection.

*	Abraham:  I am Abraham.
	Take yourself to the holy mount.  Prostrate yourself before 
the altar of God.  Enter into holy communion.  It is with such 
devotion that you will be gifted with a high priest as I was.  
It is in your preparation that you will readily receive your 
assistance and do so without confusion.  I have had such a 
remarkable experience in association with Machiventa.  I assure 
you there will be adjustments to make, decisions to make, 
requirements to accept.  But your dedication to Father is the 
anchor that is required that you may be able to adjust to cosmic 
influence and to align such that you not only receive but 
transmit cosmic ministry.
	If you give up yourself and give over to Father it is true 
all things will be added to you.  I will add, even many beings 
will be added to you, for you will enter into a more active 
exchange with your higher brothers and sisters.  Continue the 
maturation of your faith through communion.

	Ginny:  Thank you, Abraham.  Being a mortal having to deal 
with a super being, you could give us good advice on being .... 

*	Elyon:  This is Elyon.  I am glad to have the company of 
Abraham and my dear friend Evanson.  I have no lesson for you, 
as you have received well two encouraging and engaging 
expressions by these fine beings.  I wish to be available as one 
to address your questions if you have them and to engage with 
you in comments.

	Evelyn:  They said it all; you have been for years now.  
When Abraham mentioned there would be adjustments, decisions, 
and requirements, it’s easy to imagine the Thou-shalt-nots or 
how difficult it might be, but I don’t think that’s true.  I 
don’t have a question as to what the requirements might be, 
since he said we would receive all that without confusion.  It’s 
awe inspiring.

*	Elyon:  When Machiventa befriended Abraham there was a 
period of time for adjustment for Abraham to grown in 
comprehension of the significance of this visitor from 
Salvington.  This was manageable, for it was one human being who 
realigned his spiritual awareness in order to accommodate the 
occurrence of such a bestowal.  Upcoming is a visitation that 
will be made known to more than one wholehearted and faithful 
soul as Abraham.  So have you all been preparing ahead of time, 
adjusting before the fact, readying yourselves prior to what 
could be startling and confusing.  You are over these years 
becoming ready, and this will make the mission of the 
Magisterial Son more efficient, for the groundwork has been 
laid, the field prepared.  You will be able to go right to work.

	Evelyn:  It’s exciting.

	Ginny:  It sounds like Monjoronson will be coming and 
going.  He will be appearing with many people and then going 
somewhere else wherever the work is needed.

*	Elyon:  Monjoronson does have many tasks throughout 
Nebadon.  However, Urantia is first on his list of engagements, 
for this bestowal world of Michael is of great importance.  Your 
world is a landmark; it has historic significance in Nebadon.  
It is the primary example of the triumph of truth.  Yes, it will 
require many associates to finish the Correcting Time on your 
	Michael’s bestowal, while affecting greater change in 
Nebadon due to his sovereignty attainment, also blessed this 
planet with a presentation of spirit truth intended to infuse 
all cultures, each religion.  But the method was by personal 
sharing, testimonial, and witness.
	Monjoronson is working from the top down.  A great staff 
will accompany him, and many enlistments from the surface of 
this world, that being yourselves, will also be used to help 
transform the whole world.  It is an undertaking of great size.  
It is also an experiment in Nebadon; and your world, a decimal 
planet, qualifies for the outworking of such an experiment as a 
global transformation would be.  It will, however, not be 
forced; you must as a planet accept.  But it will be done with 
concerted effort, for while many upon this world enter into the 
morontia ascension, there are personalities who cherish this 
world and reside here for century after century, and they too 
want to see this planet attain its full capability, that you 
stand as a beacon of light to be counted among the worlds of 
transformation, a symbol that light prevails throughout 

	Evelyn:  Thank you, Elyon, and thanks also to Abraham and 

*	Elyon:  It is always my pleasure to sit among you and to 
reflect upon our mission for Michael.

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