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NOVEMBER 1, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am always inspired by your faith. Your willingness to move forward without actual proof that I am and this Mission is real, makes me continue to strive to keep my focus and move forward with the Father's plan. Your faith is a course we can set sail to.

This evening you speak of energy and I would say that even after a long day of spending energy, you as a focused group, are indeed in abundance. How blessed am I to know you and to be your teacher, as well as a student. I realize that those who strive to follow the will of God sometimes feel as a leaf blowing in the wind. You commit yourself to following the Father's will, and yet there are feeling of misdirection or confusion.

We must remember, children, that when all our striving for the progress of the Correcting Time, this is also a personal journey. The part moves the whole. You are each a part in the scheme of Father's overall plan. Much of the correction from the Correcting Time will be personal. To learn correction or self-mastery you need flexibility in attitude and action. Father knows your intentions. He knows you strive to follow His will. Even when you fall short of that intention, He punishes you not. Always is your best interest in His interest.

Father makes not your life difficult to polish you into a perfected child, no. He is a coach at every point leading you toward Him, leading you toward an ultimate good. He has influence in the arrangements of the lessons, yes, but the choices you make are completely yours. There are not time limits or points to be given to each unerring child. There is simply encouragement, mental and spiritual assistance and comfort to be your true self.

This week I ask you to review your spirit driven goals. How do they differ from material or what the ego desires? Think about your culture and your upbringing. How has that influenced your perception of what you believe the goal to be is? Surely as a child you had your dreams of what you wanted to become in life. Possibly your perception at that time would have you pick what was most adventurous, fun or brought you a great deal of attention.

The world has changed, you have changed. What now are your goals? Is your perception of life a stumbling block or stepping stone? Does your perception create your behavior? Every day is a new day. It is a gift. It is a clean slate. It is a chance to move further toward the person you are becoming. A few questions.

HARRISON: Abraham, perhaps you can form the question for me. It has to do with my back and being so grateful. I can hardly understand what has happened to me, and yet I am so grateful to Father. I think a large part of this has to do with having you as a teacher and the lessons you present each week that challenge us to move in a positive direction. For that I am very grateful and so honored to be one of your students and be a part of this group.

ABRAHAM: That is very kind of you to say and I wish I could accept any credit, but the work you have done has been all your own. You have indeed moved into a phase where you are allowing yourself to reap abundance. For many years you had self-imposed a punishment you thought you deserved because of some past circumstance. Through education, study and experience, you have come to terms with this past circumstance and realize you need not punish yourself. This is the beauty of spiritual maturity. Second, you are tending to the physical health. This is always helpful in the well being of the physical body. You are caring for that vehicle that has long carried you through this life. Well done.

CALVIN: Abraham, thank you for all your lessons. I don't have a question, but do you have any help, direction or comments?

ABRAHAM: I see you as moving more with the spirit these days. You are relaxing into your true being. You have realized struggle does not mean success. Your definition of success has also changed, which has redirected your focus. Your perception has changed and so has your attitude, which has led you to make different choices, which has brought you different results. Continue on as you have. Take time to build a more loving connection with spirit. You do well on the intellectual level. Focus a bit more on the loving aspects of Father and His associates. Well done. One more question.

SARAUNA: Abraham, I am approaching a time in my life when I have to make some really life changing decisions. I know that you can't make those decisions for me, but perhaps you could give me some guidance, something I could use to help me make a good decision? I just appreciate you being our teacher and all you do for us.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, as I also appreciate each one of you. Yes, one word comes to mind-quality. As you live a mortal life you may find value in various things, those things that bring you the most fruits of the spirit is a good path to follow. I believe you follow your inner guidance quite well. You can trust in your heartfelt desires. Have not worry. You are able to follow through and complete those things which are now simply thoughts. You do well.

With that I will take my leave. Know that we will talk again soon. I have enjoyed our evening together. Feel free to call on me anytime. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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