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OCTOBER 25, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I always feel more enlightened by your heartfelt discussions. Each new personal perspective fills me with ideas and inspiration to make more of what I have.

I love the idea of greeting life with enthusiasm and courage to take on each new challenge. Take a rainy day for example--have 100 people viewing this rainy day and indeed you would get 100 varying perspectives. A person may see dark storm clouds and be limited in their perspective of the day's potentials. Another person may view this rainy day as cleansing and creating new life.

Those that live life without fear are seeing through the eyes of Father, which is always inspirational and full of potential. Your life up to this point is somewhat a product of your perception. What you see now occurring in your life is the result of actions taken by what you have perceived. 'Is the glass half full or half empty?' is an old saying, but it still is indeed a regulator of attitude and possibilities.

Many individuals feel as if life just happens and they are but a victim. They are easily discouraged into taking no action, for they feel it would be futile. If you are one who greets life with fearlessness, then are you putting potentials into actuals, you are generating energy; you are in connection with spirit; you are utilizing your God given gift of having life and having it more abundantly. If you envision doom, then certainly do you attract it. If you accept that Father knows and sees you as His child, then are you with confidence and courage to go where He may take you.

Fear certainly influences your perception of reality, so does faith, so does truth. Your attitude and definition of your perception is a good measurement for your receptivity to spirit. How do expectations or habits influence what you are really seeing? If you expect Father to be entirely too busy for your minor problems, then certainly is this limiting your perception. If you are with faith that Father dwells within your very being, then certainly is your perception broadened. Most of the time attitude is indeed influenced by what you are perceiving.

I do believe effort made on the part of the child to change an attitude is an invitation to Father to guide, to assist. I am not saying to put on a brave front and live as if everything is perfect, but to tame the ego and emotions to not influence your perception is certainly higher mindedness. Your interpretation of what you see does have an effect on you mentally and physically. We all know we have jumped to some conclusion when we have witnessed some event and having not taken the time to collect the facts or receive understanding from the Father's perspective.

Yes, this week make time to understand what or who governs your attitude and perspective. Be thoughtful of gathering facts to understand the reality of any given situation. Know that in all of life's happenings Father sees to an outcome of ultimate truth, beauty and goodness. Know that you each are trusted to strive for the ultimate good of the whole, even though this may require personal cost. Have not worry nor fear, for Father sees to the growth of all His children. That is all. Again, I give you each my love and will set you in motion for yet another week of mortal adventures. Until next time, shalom.
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