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Thu Oct 21 22:12:52 PDT 2004

LightLine Teleconference October 21, 2004

Teacher: Malvantra

Transmitter: Rick Giles

Subject: Your birthright as a child of God

MALVANTRA: I greet each of you today as a fellow in service to Michael, 
our sovereign son. As one who resides in the association of 
Melchizedeks, I come to you fully cognizant of my duty to represent 
Michael’s message to this world, free that you may choose to accept 
without coercion and without enticement. I am Malvantra.

Upon this small planet, it has been too long fostered the view that you 
are not received into the kingdom of God as Michael described it until 
you exhibit willingness to accept conditions which qualifies you to 
become a son or daughter of God. This, my fellows, is a viewpoint we 
seek diligently to correct. Michael came to your world to assure your 
doubts that you are as now already a child of the heavenly father. You 
thought to displace the notion that you must win his favor. No, in 
reality the only favor you must gain is you own favor of self. This 
acceptance, this acknowledgement of your birthright, of your spirit 
placement is vital toward the fostering of the forward momentum of 
Urantia as it emerges from its rebellion status into the liberty of a 
world evolving in supremacy, one no longer resisting the natural 
unfoldment of spirit within personality.

In honesty, deep within your soul you can know assuredly of your 
sonship, your daughtership, and this in spite of your frailties and 
flaws as a time space creature. The bestowals of Michael, while 
elevating him to Master Son, also exhibited that every creature in 
Nebadon is capable of acquiring the same perspective he adhered to in 
his life at each creature level. He did not come into incarnation as a 
favored child. He came equal, as all others on any one of those worlds. 
He accepted this cultural context. He reckoned with the evolutionary 
status of the civilizations of the times. And through all, he assumed 
and then asserted his belonging as son of God in the family of God, 
under the sovereignty of his heavenly father.

His life upon your world did not unfold as one orchestrated by celestial 
powers. It unfolded just as you experience life this day. Events 
contributed to his purpose and others thwarted his goal. Never did he 
dismiss his value as one loved by God. Ever and always he accepted his 
sonship, and in this assurance he pursued his goal. He aggressively 
grappled with the hindrances and distractions of his daily life in order 
to make way for the attainment of his goal.

On a world like Urantia, though disheveled by the confusions of an 
errant philosophy of a fallen son, too much value is placed upon your 
performance, ignoring your value in identity, your value as person 
regardless of performance. Performance does not make the creature holy. 
Holiness emerges from the creature as performance.

You were born upon this planet, and with no resistance you accepted your 
first breath of life. And with no resistance you grew physically and 
mentally. Some of you reared in conducive environments also with no 
resistance accepted your spirit status, young and childlike, and 
progressively more mature. Others have faced the hurdle of cultural 
impediments to this spiritual acceptance.

I come to you to underline the reality that you are the almighty God’s 
offspring, loved and nourished. All you wish in all ideal to perform in 
service to Michael you are capable of because of your belonging. Each 
undertaking will succeed or fail depending upon the circumstances of 
time and space, the context of your expression.

Never does this threaten your value before God. You will never receive 
your pink slip of termination in the heavenly kingdom for performance 
given with sincerity, honesty and ear, eye and heart focused upon your 
creator. Every success energizes you and confirms your undertaking as 
worthwhile in the unfoldment of spirit upon this planet. Every failure 
in multifold strengthens you, adjusts you, and equips you for future 

As you come to realize the permanency of your placement within the 
kingdom of God, you no longer spend time grappling with such 
uncertainties. Now it is an adventure of pursuing the highest you can 
conceive of spirit reality, and adjusting your talents and skills to 
better apply yourself to the realization of such lofty ends. Performance 
is the result of your wholehearted acceptance of self before your 
creator. It does not create your status; it is a ramification of the 
enlightenment in your mind of your true status as child of God.

I conclude my remarks here this hour and I am willing to receive your 
comments and questions.

QUESTION: Malvantra, recently I was at a conference with planners and 
architects where they talked about how to design our homes and habitat 
according to some knowledge that came from the Vedas. These are specific 
formulas that create our households and our living environments to be 
more spiritually receptive, more conducive to a harmonious lifestyle 
based upon orientation of our habitat to the sun, as well as magnetic 
forces. Is there any validity or any further expression that you can 
give to that?

MALVANTRA: Your spirit is fully independent of those things material in 
time and space. It is free from being conditioned by such order of 
reality as the physical. However, that being said, you are not simply 
spirit. You are indwelled by the pure fragment of Father God. But you 
are likewise encircuited in the Mother Spirit mind energies and you 
dwell upon a world enshrouded in magnetism, bathed in solar winds. Your 
very bodies pulsate with electronic energy and the dynamics of the 
chemistry of fluids.

These effects you find impinging upon you daily and they can be arranged 
to enhance your sensitivity to the pure spirit resident of the Thought 
Adjuster. The divine fragment has no need to use these arrangements of 
time and place. Working from the exterior to the interior these can 
contribute to your personal orientation and upliftment.

Some of the formulas developed are based upon experience of 
personalities long ago. Others are artifacts of construction by 
imaginative minds who had not experienced true contribution of impact 
upon spirit alignment. While you research the records, that which others 
have experienced or developed, it falls to you to ever test such 
conditions through personal experience, and to accommodate what works, 
and to discard the erroneous.

While you are yet housed in a physical vehicle, you will ever be 
affected by physical conditions, such things as simple as the warmth of 
the sun or the chill of winter, and even more subtly into and by the 
arrangement of your dwelling space.

On the worlds of the mansions, you will enjoy the refreshing 
accommodation in the physical surroundings of spirit, spirit energy. 
Beauty is magnified and beauty energizes the soul. Beauty is the spirit 
smile of the soul.

I salute your for efforts to make your environment contribute to the 
upliftment of you, a spirit being.

Michael, as your Melchizedek servant, I pledge ever to be of assistance 
to my human associates here on this planet of your bestowal. You are my 
supreme Lord and these your children are my supreme responsibility. I 
receive your trust. They too welcome your embrace, and the assurance of 
your acceptance of them as your children. May we work ever and always 
for the welfare of our fellows in need, those with uncertainties, those 
with fear. May our love and our light penetrate the hearts of our 
associates, and illuminate the mind with the glory of the enlightenment 
of the unity of all in the spirit family of our Universal Father.

I now withdraw from this point of contact, Jonathan. Thank you my fellow 
associates in the correcting time for Urantia. Farewell.


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