[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 10/03/04

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Step Forward and Act, Authorization
Teachers: Machiventa, Michael

October 3, 2004

*	Machiventa (Mark TR):...in this manner, in this fashion of 
our development.  I am Machiventa, and I welcome this 
opportunity to commune with you regarding the affairs of the 
spirit kingdom so soon to be at hand.
	The time draws near when we will be granted many 
opportunities that will be presented to us wherein we might step 
forward and act.  We have engaged in these long periods of 
sharing and learning universal truths and principles, and now 
that we have become familiar with them it will be asked of us 
that we share that which we know with others.  This privilege 
afforded us is one that is a joy to bear the burden.  This 
process before us will bring us the satisfaction of returning  
some of the great gifts that have been given to us in the 
awareness we have come to learn of the spirit realm.
	When I reflect on the processes we have developed in being 
able to communicate even in this hour, I am encouraged that this 
next phase of co-creativity will be equally as successful as the 
benefits we have enjoyed from our efforts so far.
	Our future progress in this mission now will come to be 
more clearly defined by yourselves, as we will await your cue to 
initiate our spirit response.  Rely on your intuitive sense of 
how to proceed then put yourself in motion, and at that point we 
may function more closely together as we direct your movement.
	I offer these words of encouragement today that you simply 
engage in movement and trust in faith that your actions will be 
guided as a response to your willing desire, and let nature take 
its course.  The entire plan of progression is not left up to 
you, but the very beginning of this grand plan is yours to play 
out.  We are not enabled in our mandate to cause the initial 
phases, as it must be reflective of a desire of those who are 
engaged to begin.
	It pleases me so greatly to observe the diligence with 
which you, my eager students, report for duty.  You know not 
what is before you, yet you eagerly offer the assistance we 
require.  It is this faith in allowing this process that enables 
us to manifest these realities.  Therefore we begin with you and 
your action.  We work from that point outward and upward.  
Together in partnership we may lead and follow and follow and 
	Thank you for hearing my words today.  I look forward to 
your participation in whatever capacity we may find in the hour 
we are together.

	Jonathan:  Could you comment on waiting for our cues that 
then you would come to service?  Any hints on specific cues?  
Are we generating them as we rally to do something?  Stillness 
and prayer, are these cues for you?

*	Machiventa:  Our cues are determined by your orientation of 
mind toward spirit relationship, and this is determined in part 
by your practices of prayer or stillness or focus or calmness.  
These factors help to bring about this condition of mind-spirit 
orientation.  But it is not a matter that need happen in the 
instance of action, but rather an enduring attitude of 
willingness to cooperate in spiritual affairs and acceptance of 
acting in the presence of spiritual unawareness.  These are the 
characteristics required to enable us to access your willingness 
at the appropriate time.  It is well known, of course, to your 
Thought Adjuster your condition of being, your state of mind, 
your preparedness of soul.  These are qualities that are not 
misinterpreted and therefore provide us with all we need to know 
as to your overall willingness.
	It is as well helpful to maintain a constant vigilance of 
preparedness for spirit infusion.  This spirit infusion can only 
be provided upon the condition of the active and willing 
participation for this exchange to occur in that hour.  
Therefore, you can effectively derive some immediate benefit 
from your prayer to connect with spirit and as well develop your 
long-term attitude toward spirit contact as well.
	Is this informative?

	Jonathan:  Yes, thank you very much.  I am encouraged by 
your saying to be on the lookout for not only situations that 
are spiritual but things that are unspiritual as well.  I tend 
to let slide situations that aren’t right rather than rise to 
the occasion.  You and our other ministering friends will help 
us out.

*	Machiventa:  One more perspective I would provide, and that 
is that upon final analysis there are no situations imaginable 
which can not be infused  with spiritual content.  In your 
observations and through your growth as developing spiritual 
beings you now look out upon your world and can judge which 
circumstances can contain more or less spirit content, because 
you have all become familiar with the arena of spirit.  I say to 
you today, the next challenge before us is to bring spirit 
content into where it is needed.  Having the ability to assess 
the spirit content involved in any situation carries with it the 
inherent opportunity to be the corridor for the infusion of 
spirit content into the area in question.  I grant that each one 
of you is becoming masterful at this determination of where 
spirit is and where it is not present.  Therefore lie your 
opportunities when you see the lack of spirit content presented 
before you, perhaps your challenge for today, perhaps your 
challenge in this life’s existence.

*	Michael (Jonathan):  I am here among you, I am Michael.  I 
hold you in my arms, you my children.  It is a great joy to have 
you so familiar with my presence, so accepting of my assistance, 
so welcoming of my other children who cross through your lives 
who seek the light that you know; the nourishment I have to give 
to them you offer.
	Machiventa has spoken today of your role in our mission.  
You are authorized by me to function associated with my 
melchizedek helpers and all other spirit beings who have 
enlisted in this service to Urantia.  It is my authority that 
empowers each participant.  I sanction all that occurs that is 
progressive in uplifting Urantia, in infusing this wonderful 
world with a greater sensitivity of our Father and a closer 
harmony in relationship and function with Father through His 
spirit presence in each of you.
	Count yourself among us on the staff of this mission.  You 
have only one important credential, and that is that you are my 
child and that I have accepted you.  That is the only 
qualification you need.  All else is bestowed by grace through 
training, and I am certain of the qualities, character, and 
abilities of all teachers sent to you for assistants.
	May the warm love we feel gathered in conscious awareness 
of each other be spread abroad to all everywhere through each 
touch, through every smile.
	I love you all.

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