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LightLine Teleconference
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter: Mark Rogers
Subject: Be a living example of spirit reality, share with others but
speak little, await the yearning individual's desire
August 12, 2004

Opening prayer: Divine parents whose children we all are, we seek your
counsel from afar. We come to you with open hearts and open minds to
receive who you would send to us to guide us in the ways of spirit. May
we approach you through these avenues, and may you approach us and reach
us through these ways. May we be receptive to your words. May our hearts
find the truth in your statements, and may you see deeply into our
hearts as we rejoice to hear your words. Thank you for this exchange in
advance. We know that you are aware of the sentiments of our heart and
would guide us and we need guided. And we welcome this even now. We
await your words.

Machiventa: I am Machiventa and I rejoice at the opportunity to address
you once again in my classroom. You create this space for me to be here
for you in your hearts. And yet I call this my classroom, as it has been
my mandate for a great period of time on our world to implement these
teachings and to see to the changes we now witness as they unfold. My
classroom has taken many forms at many different times, and now, even
this hour, it takes this form, and I am happy to fill this void with
spirit. I am happy to connect with you through spirit channels and
through land lines as we gather together in this classroom to support
each other, and to formulate our posture as we look to our future
manifestations of spirit. That is all my classroom is: a sharing
experience, a learning experience, a personal experience for each of us
who come away with enhanced perspectives, a deeper appreciation of
spirit influence, and a strengthened desire to be of service.

I have been about fulfilling this mandate for some time, and have worked
with a number of individuals on our world. It is a great privilege and
pleasure for me now to be working with such a spiritually motivated set
of individuals such as yourselves. You would not be here hearing my
words if you did not have a longing desire to find spirit, contact
spirit, and indeed manifest and become spirit. Each of you are the
outworkings of this classroom. You are the results as you walk among
your brethren and spread the attitudes and perspectives you gain in the
exchanges we share.

It is not necessary, nor required in any fashion, that you make known to
your brothers and sisters where this spiritual perspective has come from
in your lives. Rather, it is more important that each one of you be a
living, breathing example of what you have come to grasp of this
spiritual reality. You must make bold in your everyday exchanges, and
speak of truths you have come to understand with positive assurance of
their very reality and existence. Many who dwell with you on this world
have yet to cross the bridge into experiencing the spiritual realm. And
each of you gaining this experience in your endeavors such as this must
act as spirit guides, much as you now look to me and the other teachers
to perform this function.

As you become familiar with the ways of spirit, you must communicate
your experiences and your knowledge of the spirit dimension plainly and
even boldly to those who are seeking this arena without necessarily even
the awareness, but they are seeking. It is you who will guide them. It
is you who will demonstrate to them the nature of one who has come to
understand workings of spirit. It is you who will be in place to speak
the words necessary to comfort those who are seeking, to instruct those
who are desiring direction, to calm the fears of those who are fearfully
uncertain of this new direction. It is you who are the foot soldiers who
will be in place to manifest these opportunities of service, not myself,
not any of the other teachers. All of us are your cheerleaders, those
behind the scenes who offer you your prompts and assurances of your
correctness of attitude. But in the final analysis, you are the final
link in the chain of this grand experiment that we are both earnestly
engaged in. Without the final link of the chain, without you to manifest
these qualities, this experiment ceases. It goes no further. All of
Michael's plans culminate in volunteers such as yourselves who will
interact with us, and who will manifest a new reality to your world, a
reality which contains spirit as a much more dominant aspect of its
being, a much more prevalent force. And the time is upon us when we must
make bold to be about this mission.

It is comforting and soothing to be among likeminded individuals who
share your same desires and beliefs and perspectives, and soothing to
each other to exchange similar viewpoints. But it is stimulating,
challenging and indeed a privilege to interact with those of Michael's
children who have yet to be exposed to the level of spirit you now enjoy.

This is our task, certainly has been my task for what you would think of
as eons of time, and yet I am excited that we are poised on the brink of
a great shift in the spiritual nature of this world, for which I have
been longing and working all this time. And I find myself involved with
individuals such as yourselves in this time and space, who come willing
to this project, who come exhibiting incredible levels of faith, the key
component necessary for the success of this endeavor. Each one of you
now enjoying this spiritual liaison comes away with an increased sense
of faith as a result of having been rewarded for your extension of faith
to be here now. This reward that you have earned through the extension
of your faith builds your security around this new arena and provides
you with the stability required for you to speak of this new dimension,
not as something different or far away or a long time from now. But
rather to create this reality that we share even now on your world as a
matter of course, as a normal parameter of function. This step must be
made by all of us who have the certainty of spirit. This reality must be
ushered in by those of us who have been fortunate enough to encounter
spirit, even at this stage of your development. It is true that this is
a great privilege to be accessed by those in awareness of its reality.

So, at this time I would dish each of you onto your plates a heaping
helping of this spirit reality. I would encourage each of you to feast
heartily on this nurturing spirit truth. And having enjoyed the
sustenance provided, even in this hour, I would ask of you, my
volunteers, my companions in this project that you then be emboldened in
your everyday lives not to wait upon spirit, but to bring spirit into
your equations, not to sit back and seek signs from afar, but to create
the avenues wherein spirit may reside. It is no longer considered rude
or inappropriate for you to discuss matters of spirit with your
brethren. Rather, it is your duty, your obligation to make known to
others that which you know of spirit, to share with others the benefit
of your experience, even your experience of this hour. It is a kindness,
it is a joy, it is a privilege. It is an honor, and this honor is
bestowed upon you, not because we or I chose you, but because you have
chosen us. Not because of some cosmic alignment of the stars, but
because of your free will choice. That is what brings you here now.
That, coupled with the mandate that we all desire to foster, provide you
with an unlimited wealth of resources to be hailed at your command
because of your awareness and your willingness to extend yourselves in

And while it is true that you alone, as an individual, are limited in
your capacity, you in liaison with Michael, the Creator of all that you
know, are boundless, are limitless in your capacity. Please understand
the magnitude of this union. No longer is it acceptable to speaks of the
'what ifs' in spirit reality. We must bring these realities into our
everyday lives and our everyday experiences to the extent that they
become commonplace, not the extraordinary experience, but the ordinary
experience. This is the unfolding of the mandate for this world that we
both work on unfolding. This is the directive that we follow. This is
the privilege that we have. And no greater joy can be had than in
manifesting the mandate of Michael, our Creator.

Therefore, I need not ask, because I know that all of you who hear these
words have aligned yourselves to be soldiers in this new struggle with
materialism in this great experiment that we create as we move through
it. It is not predestined and written every step of the way, rather it
is you, it is I, it is us that create this new reality as we manifest
it. Therefore, I am overjoyed that we are together in this mission at
this time. It is wonderful to behold the brightness with which your
spiritual luminosity shines. Your world, our world, so far away from the
center of creation has been found and has great resources being funneled
to help us bring about this correcting time in this age in this time.

That is my address to you, my companions. I would accept any questions
or comments you might have.

Student: There are many times in my daily life that I do approach other
people and talk to them, or try to talk to them about the Teaching
Mission, and about Michael, and about the wonderfulness of God, and how
awesome it is to be in service to Him. Yet many people that I approach,
that I know, tend to have a closed mind attitude toward it because they
do not have physical proof. I try to help them understand that it is not
the physical proof that you will receive. It is spiritual. Is there any
advice that you could offer me regarding how we could better approach,
better talk to these people, so that they may understand as we do?

Machiventa: There is a phrase that I approve of when I have heard used
among members of this corps, and that phrase is that "we are to preach
the gospel at all times, and only use words when necessary". This phrase
indicates that you maintain a spiritual posture without the necessity
for the description of any magnitude whatsoever. It is in being the
spiritual manifestation that you attract the most curiosity wherein you
may impart the wisdom you have come to know. We all have encountered
those who do not desire the message that we are delivering, and in such
a case the message falls on deaf ears because the individual did not
come desiring the message. And likewise, we have all encountered the
opportunity wherein a seeker earnestly desires the information that you
have to share, and a connection is made, and the information is
imparted, and you know in your heart, even at that time, that you had
great success in sharing with this individual. So, as a matter of course
in your realm, we must always remember that to appear to pontificate or
bestow knowledge on another individual when they have not sought this
information, and are not in a position to accept it, becomes fruitless.
We must choose our occasions wisely, and we attract the greatest number
of individuals who are ready to assimilate this information when we
speak the least.

I understand this concept in your world is difficult for you because so
much of your communication is so very verbal. But also you are beginning
to understand that there is a spiritual connection which is unspoken.
There is the connection between your divine fragment and another's
divine fragment which exchanges vast amounts of information with no
words whatsoever. Therefore, you must temper your enthusiasm to be
guided by your awareness of another individual's willingness to receive.
We have all encountered the excellent teacher who teaches more by asking
questions than by delivering answers, as did the Master himself.

When you are humble, and when you are an example of spiritual peace and
strength and love, others are drawn to you as moths to the flame. They
cannot even explain why they are drawn to you, but their soul yearns to
know what you know, and to in fact be what you are. This is not done
through a verbal exchange and requires great patience on your part not
to blast these other individuals with more information and more spirit
content than they are ready to handle. Therefore, the wisest teachers
await the students to come to them, and in this manner become greatly
sought after. Those who stand on a street corner expounding the truths
as they know them are forsaken by the masses. Therefore must we be very
wise in our delivery that it is made to those who the Father brings to
us through this internal spirit contact.

There is no amount of argument that can be made that is valid in the
spiritual arena. You will never win that argument because there is no
argument. To those who know spirit, there is no argument. To those who
do not know spirit, there is no convincing. It is a personal experience
which individuals must come to personally from within, and not from
conditions exterior to themselves.

And therefore, we must be wise and patient and kind, and we must be
concerned supremely with ourselves, that we are spiritual examples, that
we manifest that which we know. We do not just know it in our minds or
in our theory, but we are a manifestation of this spiritual reality. And
from this posture all things are possible, and we will have ample
opportunity to share with those who are willing to accept these
spiritual truths. We must always be cautioned against our human tendency
to make judgment as to what another, in their spiritual search, need or
require. It is not for us, as mortal individuals, to determine. Rather,
it is for the indwelling Adjuster, resident within the individual, to
determine what is needed to foster the spiritual growth of that
individual. Allow this to take place, both between them and their
Adjuster, and between you and your Adjuster. Your two Thought Adjusters
may meet and commingle and decide which avenue of expression to take,
and therein you may act. But for us to make decisions as to another's
spiritual approach in the mortal realm is a faulty tack to take. We must
await the yearning individual's desire to surface, and then the time and
conditions are right, and spiritual growth occurs. Are these helpful

Student: Yes, they are. I appreciate the information. I have learned
much. And in my closing, I would like to thank you for being here
tonight, as well as giving me the opportunity to experience what I have
with my Thought Adjuster, and with me being able to break the barriers
that I had in receiving. I thank for the gift of being able to do that now.

Machiventa: I accept your appreciation for my contact with you at this
hour, but redirect your appreciation of your accomplishments to be one
more focused in self awareness and gratitude as it was you who have made
your life decisions and choices to be at this place that you are right
now, hearing these words, acting in your heart accordingly, and the
fruits therein produced are yours to enjoy. So I encourage each of you
who have now feasted on the words of spirit to enjoy the fruits of your
spirits, to enjoy the rewards of your efforts, to savor the sweetness
that is spirit in your life. Realize you are responsible for bringing
you here and now, and appreciate what you have done in your lives to get
you to this point, to bring you in liaison with spirit to this degree.

I recognize the magnitude of what you all have accomplished in one short
mortal experience so far away from the First Source and Center. And you
may not necessarily appreciate this magnitude until you have had the
benefit of increased perspective of morontia experience, but I assure
you it is magnificent. I feast on the accomplishments of all of you who
come to this table, and who drink this cup even now. I am in awe that
you have reached this level of accomplishment, and it is with such
magnificent individuals as yourselves that I am proud and honored to
move this mandate forward, to make real what has been potential for so
very long, and to realize that this is the time when we will express in
glory the potentials that we are coming to know through our experience

I will release this T/R, as fatigue sets in. I am thrilled once again to
be with you, and offer you my further commitment as we sojourn down this
path together. Thank you and keep up the good work. This is Machiventa.


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