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JULY 19, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying your conversation this evening. I appreciate your thoughtful questions and even more your honest efforts to answer them.

As you go about the busyness of everyday life it is most balancing to know you have your personal relationship with Father, your fellowship, your need for truth as a resting place. Life is a continuous energy and it does us good to find an outlet, a relief from stress, a mindal clearing and a physical rest. Your company with one another does provide a wonderful outlet, something that creates a disturbance in the habitual mindal pattern or continuous flow of energy.

Where there is disturbance--there is growth, but still each mortal needs something they soulfully enjoy. Father wants for your happiness and balance. He wants for your abundance and assistance in this Correcting Time. Have not worry or guilt for taking time for moments of enjoyment. The Master placed great importance on stillness, rest and reversion and He still met schedule. With that I turn the time over to Him.

Have peace. It is I, your Brother, Father, Friend, Confidant and if you allow me-Light. No, this is not a special occasion, day of anniversary or anything out of the ordinary. It is just a few moment with my children, a calling, if you will.

My beloved, I see you as a rock among the stones. What would appear to be a bed of stones, you can always point out the rocks. The rocks have varying colors, sharp edges and many times seem out of place. They are not quite uniform as are the other stones, for they have not focused on becoming smooth rubbing up against the main stream. The rocks provide strength with their natural ability. They are what they are. They provide shelter in a storm, shade when the heat is on.

The rocks are the foundation of our Correcting Time. This is what creates the strength for us to build upon. Father has set you in various positions so that you may strengthen that area of the foundation. Are they places of notoriety, popularity, something that separates you from your purpose? Of course not. The rocks are blended in. Strength is what others look to for understanding to what seems a long mortal life.

You are a rock. You have your position. I want not for you to crumble under any pressure. I want you to know that I am at hand. I am at one with you and the foundation. We have power and plan before us. Be not discouraged at seemingly unfortunate events. Do not lose your edge in having distraction toward temporary edification. I need you to keep your focus. Serve as our Father in Heaven serves. Have not worry for the caretaking of the rock, for it is indeed a piece and part of all that I am.

You would not be in your position had you not had your personal experiences, gained your spiritual skills. I realize by mortal standards that those whose names are most recognized are most valued. Believe me children; your recognition is in Heaven, safe with the Father. Your positions seem small and yet this is our strength, our foundation. What seems to be everyday enduring your fellows is expanding our Correcting Time. It is providing strength to those who know not where to find it.

My purpose this evening for my words is simply to be in touch with you that assists this Teaching Mission, Correcting Time, Kingdom believers. Go forth in our plan knowing you are mine. I am always with you. Believe me when I say I am there whether you think about me or not. Be encouraged children. Be not afraid to go beyond tasting life to being nourished in its every moment. Take this evening's message into your seemingly uneventful lives. Plant the seed. Allow it time for growth. As we are all part of one collective foundation, know that I know each of you in detail and I love what I know. Carry on.

Thank you Master. Your words of inspiration will carry us far. Your example of dedication is a light we can live by. As we work toward personal growth we will keep in the front of our minds our responsibilities. We live by faith. We live by your good works. We have not need for the mystical because your reality is so much better.

My friends, this week think about your station in life. How are you that rock as explained by Michael? What small things can you do today that help solidify our Correcting Time foundation? What in your power can you do to bring unification through personal differences? Again, remember to find time for a mindal outlet, perhaps some fun. Know that it is my pleasure and honor to walk this walk with you. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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