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JUNE 14, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Each week I am so grateful you invite me to spend another evening with you. As our days, months, years pass by we come to trust one another and are more like family. Each member for the most part feels at ease to be themselves. Here everyone is willing to show their true selves without feelings of fear or regret. That is unconditional love and acceptance. That we can appreciate. Because we make effort to know God, we find our personal attributes more fragrant, more spiritually acceptable. I appreciate your efforts put into refining your own lives, as well as enhancing the Correcting Time.

There are so many topics I would like to discuss and I am going to try to integrate them into food for all. I realize I would not be here had you not taken a courageous step toward faith. You took it upon yourselves to be patient and allow for a real outcome. Of course you had experienced major bumps in the road, but your faith kept you moving forward, always trying to tame the ego and allow for Father's outcome. This is truly something to rejoice over.

When we review your world's history, we find that the greatest changes were always set in motion by someone who seemed out of the ordinary, at times perhaps even eccentric. Free-thinkers brought forth lasting ideas that actualized and set a path for more ideas to follow. These free-thinkers are those who seem somewhat besides themselves. Their enthusiasm lies in some way that they can provide service. Those who seek self-glory seem to be fleeting and those who embrace truth recognize imposters of truth.

The apostles many times described Jesus as besides Himself. It looked as though the Master was harsh or had not a care, but in all reality He was in contact with Father and was being about the Father's business. Jesus was a free thinker, and yet rebelled not against man's law, but worked to be balanced. He worked within the mindset of the people. He could find truth that was already there and build upon it.

Many of the Master's ideas came directly from the Father. Had the Master lived to the letter of man's laws, certainly He would not have been so receptive to Father's words. The Master did the Father's works for Father and Father's children. He had no desire for recognition or self-glory. His reward was knowing that the good He could do was all encompassing and an energy that could be used beyond this world.

This week as we move about in our daily lives, let us keep a close eye on our motives. Why do we live the way we do? What holds meaning for you and how much energy actually goes toward its actualization? Said Jesus, "Why do you call me good? It is God, the Father, who is good." What meaning does that hold for you personally? How would that serve in your own lives, as well as the Correcting Time? Looking over these past few years--what spiritual treasures have replaced material treasures? Over time and experience, how are meanings changing for you?

No questions. Know that I am with continuing love for you each, and your allowing me to be here is food for my soul. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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