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MAY 17, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always intrigued with your ever forming ideas and discussions. Your thoughts and words make me reach for ways to further open my mind. This evening I would like to revisit the topic of our beloved Mother. I am reminded of a lesson that was given to me not too long ago on how Mother is the ever vigilant Gardner.

Mother is very aware of all that occurs in Her Garden. She sees to the new growth, as well as assists in the pruning. Mother has love for the overall Garden, as well as each individual. The Garden as we know it does seem to hold some cruelty, some danger. While some things struggle to grow, other things seem to take no effort at all. Some in the Garden feel unattended to or overshadowed by more important growth. Some feel they blend into the foliage and appear not to be important in any way, especially to the overall growth of the Garden.

While Mother is attentive to the Garden, She has no favorites and can only give what will be received. Many in our Garden have not the courage to rise up and be an integral part of the whole. They may view the Garden as mundane; always the same and their environment hold little happiness. Their environment is limited to what they can see right around them. They make not effort to bloom where they are planted.

There are those in the Garden that have had a taste of the Living Water and the Son Light. They are in the knowledge that the Son shines equally over the Garden and the Living Water is available for all who would partake. There are problem areas of the Garden, there are dark places and there is confusion. Know that your divine Caretakers are in full knowledge of this and their intelligent love allows for natural evolution. These seemingly barren areas of the Garden are just as tended to as is those areas in full bloom.

Your vision of where you are can indeed be broadened by your acceptance of the Living Water and the Son Light. To some point your environment is what you have made it. Your perception of it is a gauge for your overall satisfaction and happiness. Do you feel like just some part of the whole who blends into the background or do your perceive yourself to be alive with individual possibilities, as well as possibilities of the whole?

While Mother and Michael do what they can for the overall health of the Garden, it is really up to each individual living being to accept their ministry. The garden is not at all about appearance; however Beauty does come with Truth and Goodness. It is up to each one of us to bring about Truth, Beauty and Goodness in our own lives so we can add to the whole, so we can bring about healing, so we can foster growth in evolution.

Our lesson is kept short for an unforeseen technical difficulty. Have not worry. This week keep your eyes open. Allow Father to broaden your view of the Garden. Partake of the Living Water and the Son's Light. Know that I am always available to you each. I am honored to be a growing part of this Living Garden. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.
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