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MAY 3, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to gather with like minds. How blessed are we to have one another. The gathering of our intentions gives us a clear line of communication. I enjoy your stories of hard reality and the lessons learned therefrom. I can definitely relate with your experiences.

We last left off on the topic of weaknesses. Many individuals spend so much time and energy on focusing on how they would desire to be free from their weaknesses. Many people perceive an unpleasant trait within themselves and even though they dislike it, they cannot help but act it out. Much of today's society focuses upon some environmental, political, educational or cultural ill and seem to overlook solutions because their emotions are tied up in the injustice

When you desire something you focus on taking those steps that bring you closer to your goal. Most of us know that goals take many small steps--one or two large steps or shortcuts just won't do. It is the same with personal weakness--that you much of the time must take several small steps to have understanding, attain the spiritual tools and overcome the weakness. Many are bound by guilt and poor self-confidence and that keeps them focusing on the problem and overlooking the small steps toward solution.

To focus on a weakness or some problem is to be emotionally attached to it, which can stir spirit poisons. The Master's key to balanced living was to keep an eye single to the glory of God. That was His focus. That is what kept His emotions in balance while His intellect had opportunity to consider broadened horizons. The spirit poisons entangle the mind, while the fruits of the spirit set it free.

Many individuals are overwhelmed by life's complexities and stir up within their mind several ways to be free. They can make plans, journal, talk to others, do anything but actually take steps to overcoming the complexities.

The Master in His balanced state and excellent communion with His Father simply had knowledge internally of what to do to reach solutions. You also have this opportunity to have excellent focus on Father while the emotions kept in balance. Spirit poisons are decreased while the intellect is free to receive divine information.

Do not speak on how to solve an issue or weakness. Do not make elaborate plans. Simply go forth in those small steps. Many are impatient to see results and complain everyday about their plight, and yet they have not made effort toward their actual desired goal. Emotions always find some way to uphold the ego. Emotions serve the mortal while the intellect connects with a higher mind.

I do not mean to sound without compassion, but certainly I mean to speak about self-mastery and intelligence. Those who desire to have great control are seriously frustrated and you can see this in their emotional state. They wield their emotions as a sword of control. Really this is nothing more than childishness. Those who remain flexible are always in a state of readiness and acceptance. Their minds are open to divine information. Their emotions are not busy serving the ego. Their minds are busy connecting with spirit and ways to find new and better solutions.

This week make effort to focus on Father and His influence in your every moment of living. Worry not about how you will live, for the Father has taken care of all living things. The birds worry not about how they will eat or wherefore to lay their heads. The Father has seen to every detail and they only have to focus on being a bird. How much more are you than the birds?

For this time ahead focus not on weaknesses and actual problems. Do not be drawn to the negative emotional ego driven-self, but look toward the God-led solution seeking divine-self. That is all. Know that everyday you are in my mind and I cherish each moment spent with you. Until next time, shalom.
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