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DATE: April 18, 2004
LOCATION: At Mary Jo’s
Rio Rancho Homestead
TOMAS: Hosting
ABRAHAM: Commending
HAM: Supporting
DANI: Reminding
ATHENA: Scolding
CELENE: Greeting
DIMITRIUS: Embracing
MUSIC: Elena on Piano: "What a Wonderful World"
TOMAS: Good afternoon, my friends and intimate companions. I am Tomas,
your teacher and associate in ascension.
Let me supplant the established pattern by offering a step toward
communion, which might be construed as a prayer, but might also be
regarded as an exercise in stretching the consciousness into the
super-conscious awareness of the "otherness" of life; that is to say, the
reality of life outside the self. The exercise I have in mind is to allow
your soul self to extend out into your arena and make contact with the
soul self of your fellows. This is a conscious exercise I ask you to
undertake and, in fullness, you will feel the personality of the other
just as when you leave here and reconstitute on the mansion worlds you
will recognize one another by your personality.
Therefore, reach out now with your super-consciousness and seek to find
and embrace "the other" that you share this space with, and I am
specifically meaning your other mortal associates. We’ll get to the
recognition of the otherness of celestial personalities later. [Long
pause] When you reach outside your usual consciousness to acknowledge the
soul self of your fellows, neglect not to also consciously recognize your
own higher nature. [Another long pause]
The Master had great faith in his fellows. Even as he passed by, he was
able to elicit from the people that he dealt with a certain value that he
could depend upon. That value was the higher nature, the potential
eternal aspect. In those days not everyone was indwelt with a God
fragment, but today, even though most folk are indwelt with a fragment of
The Father, it is also true that most folk remain unaware of his
indwelling. And thus, to many, it is the same.
In order for you to find faith in your fellows, you must see beyond the
obvious and reach farther than that which meets the eye, for that which
meets the eye has been prepared to deal with the material plane. The
potential of what is yet to be lies within, as a seed. Just as you here
today have an exterior persona which you have prepared to place before
your fellows in a social context, that which represents the mores, values
of your civilization, but beyond and beneath and perhaps overriding that
persona, is the substance of who you are – that element of the self that
There have been many lessons in the curriculum about faith and trust --
individually and comparatively -- to the effect that your faith is a gift
but trust is a conscious choice you make. When you trust your fellows, it
is that deeper, more enduring reality in which you place your trust, for
that is the aspect of the self that is based on the eternal reality and
not the shifting fleeting temporary reality of the day, of the passing
persona, as it is in a constant state of change and growth.
Essentially the personality is unchanging. It is the character that
changes, as it becomes more divine, and this process will continue
throughout the mansion worlds and beyond. The fact that the essence of
you is eternal comes from the eternal and returns to the eternal, is
ample knowledge to guarantee you an intuitive appreciation of the fact of
the reality of other personalities in the universe, even those you cannot
see. Just as you have been advised to regard the Universal Father as a
Father, as compared to a power source or an energy origin. Applying
personality to divinity and other ministering spirits throughout the
realms allows you to have a personal relationship with the personality
that is a part of all the living creatures in the universe.
You are coming to know my personality by the many hours we have spent
together in communion and discourse. You unequivocally recognize the
personality presence of Jesus when he has come to visit, for his
personality is germane. It is recognized as the Master in his Kingdom
throughout the realm, although it is possible he may be called by other
names. These names are applied by the mortal to suit certain purposes.
The personality recognition, which you enjoy when he comes to you, is
what is important.
Those of you who have been ministered to by the Mother Spirit have also a
perception of how she feels, of how her touch inclines you to lean into
Her for her ministry to you. The Divine Minister calls this attitude
forth from you. She delights in nurturing your soul and ministering to
your spirit. Indeed, is she able to minister even to your physical needs,
as any mother will.
The physical realm is a veritable carnival of stimuli. The sights and
sounds, colors, smells and movements of the world you live in, is a rich
arena indeed, and yet it is very different from the perspective of the
interior perspective we discussed above. Therefore, a great shift in
consciousness is required in order for you to discern these two levels of
reality -- the finite and the infinite. [Pause] Are there questions?
I am going to experiment with you then. I am going to bring in a
personality and allow the entity to address you through this T/R without
giving the name or identification, and see if you can discern for
yourself, through the personality alone, who it is. Are you game?
Group: [Assent]
TOMAS: One moment.
MACHIVENTA: Greetings. I am not often given the podium from which to
speak, given the nature of your well-established program of teaching here
at this base, but I am always glad to have the opportunity to meet with
you and give you my blessing, as it were, on your efforts.
There is an adjustment required each time an entity opts to utilize the
services of a transmitter/receiver, for the imbalance in energy needs to
be compensated, and when I step down for you, I anticipate you reach up
at the same time, in order for our communication to be effective. I will
not continue or convey a lesson in my own right. I have utter confidence
in the Teacher Corps to provide those lessons for me. But I am always
mindful of your efforts and your unique reach into the greater
consciousness that you are learning to represent. I return you to your
TOMAS: Aside from the fact that the speaker elected to refrain from the
use of certain words which would perhaps be a clue for your intellect,
have you any consciousness of the otherness of the speaker through the
personality presence? It is not "wrong" if you did not.
ESMERALDA: Was it Abraham?
TOMAS: There was a discussion about whether Abraham or Machiventa would
be first to come out and Abraham lost. But they are very much alike. They
are both very authoritarian, powerful and yet personal. Let me get
Abraham, and perhaps you can compare.
ABRAHAM: What a joker he is to change the rules, to tell you who I am
before I have a chance to play. Yes, however it is always a joy for me to
engage with the pupils of this University -- these classes of elucidation
that allow you to know more of yourself and thus how better to prepare
yourself for the path which is presented for you. That you might be a
better-prepared soldier of the circles, is a task all of us take to with
purpose and delight. Even while all of us have our personal way of going
about the Father’s business, we nonetheless are committed to that
purpose. And, as I am inclined to say in my home group, the more I am
with you, the more affection I have for you, and as I see you grow, I
myself am made to feel greater because of the work we do together.
What a charming lot of individuals you are, here in this base. It is good
to have an opportunity to meet with you and speak with you in this area.
Always is it a joy and a privilege to be with the sons and daughters of
God who yearn to be more effective in their ministry, more knowing of who
they are at heart. In faith of your guidance, I leave you now. Shalom.
Group: [Responses.]
HAM: I am another old friend of yours.
Group: Ham!
HAM: I am here. I am often here, but you know how these young teachers
are. They are so filled with enthusiasm for their task, they hardly let
us get a word in edgewise.
Esmeralda: We appreciate the young ones, too.
HAM: Indeed we do. We are very appreciative of the existent Teacher
Corps. The relationship that you develop with your Teacher, whether you
are in their immediate range or whether you learn from them through the
transmissions from afar, it is still a great step forward in the
advancement of Urantia, and these good efforts all go toward the ultimate
aim of our mission here with you.
We are often stirred to see the unpublished and personal growth you
undergo, often even unknown to yourself. But diligently and loyally you
trust the Father to lead you through the experience, anticipating the
good that can come from it because you are in the Father’s hands. This
enables your faith walk to be far more joyous, for you and for others,
and this comes from being experienced in the ways of God – of learning
the value of placing your trust in that still, quiet Voice within which
will point the way for you to act on your higher values as compared to
the immediate needs of the human animal, which has been so accustomed to
having its way. The decisions you make, the choices you make for the
long-range, eternal and master plan is the reward we receive from our
efforts with you and in our sojourn here in this Mission.
There are others who would visit with you today. Therefore, I will take
my leave.
Group: Thank you, Ham.
DANI: Hi, kids.
Group: [Guessing]
DANI: I had a chance to get a word in edgewise. While the Teachers were
talking about whether Daniel should come in next, I just kind of slipped
through the cracks. This is something I do often. I have to act quickly
sometimes in order to make my way through your material world. You seem
to get your mind set on something and you head for that goal as if your
life depended on it, and it makes it difficult sometimes for us to do our
work, with you being so headstrong. So we have learned to trip you up
occasionally, for your own good. And while I know you have found us to be
an inconvenience, even an interference in your plans, it is not
necessarily your plans that we are interested in.
Well, I know you know what my order is. You just don’t know which one.
That’s okay. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better in the
days and weeks ahead, so look for me when I come back. Perhaps you will
begin to recognize my personality. Bye!
Group: Bye! Thanks for dropping in. It was a midwayer. It was Dani. He
said he would be working with us. I think he’s working with this group,
trying to work with us on a group activity.
ATHENA: I am going to take advantage of the opportunity to come in now
and scold Gerdean for putting me aside when I specifically asked her to
work with me on the promotion of the book we wrote together. The fears
and anxieties of the mortal, based on his or her appreciation of his or
her peers, is as much a handicap as is the tendency Dani mentioned of
being so set in your mind as to what you are going to do you neglect to
allow for the variations that might come from the influence of the spirit
realm, and I see this happen often in individuals who have allowed
themselves to be become active adjuncts of spirit reality.
You get a certain confidence built up that gives you a sense that you are
able to gear yourself or direct yourself into a direction you feel
assured would be the way we would have you go. This is very much what the
Urantia text points to when it says, essentially, that a little learning
is a dangerous thing. You become difficult to work with. Your attitude is
quite sophomoric. You think you have all the answers when you have only
just begun. It is a temporary phase and not all of you, thank goodness,
are in it at the same time, but it does occur and it is so apparent when
it is coming, it is all we can do to abide by our commitment to stand by
the project in the face of the many ways in which you forestall the
progress by assuming to take matters into your own hands. This is indeed
a matter of the human ego attempting to do what’s right, but the wrong
Of course, there are those who profess that there is no wrong way, that
"the act is ours, the consequences God’s" and that ultimately the good
will result, and this is very true, but the fact of the matter is that
many great efforts are reduced to a mere exercise instead of coming to
fullness as is intended. Therefore, much of my admonition today is not
only to Gerdean but also to others who have creative intent. Let not your
projects die on the vine through lack of divine guidance. Remain
dependent on our council and we will help see it through. That said, I
will wait for you to contact me in private, that we might continue our
project together. Thank you.
Thoroah: I know who that was.
Gerdean: I do, too. That was Athena, Celestial Artisan.
Thoroah: I could tell from her position of authority when she said "the
book we wrote."
Gerdean: She’s also one of the kinds who help Hal write music.
Esmeralda: Daphne, is it?
Gerdean: Daphne. Yeah. Same order.
Esmeralda: He says that when there is alliteration, it’s always her. But
she works with him all the time.
TOMAS: I will now try to contact Esmeralda’s personal teacher.
Esmeralda: Oh, wonderful!
TOMAS: She has asked to come forth.
CELENE: Blessings upon you all, and particularly on my beloved companion,
Esmeralda, long-time friend and associate and confidant. The joyous
aspect of this moment is that I can become a part of her consciousness,
as she has been a part of my consciousness since I came to her as a
mentor so long ago. This occasion I hope will be the beginning of a long
and fruitful association, one that will enable us to add another
dimension to our relationship.
No longer will you need to feel you are alone in your thinking and
feeling, for everything you think and feel is reflected in my being and I
hope in all I do to enable you to be the best that you can be in your
personality manifestation of the daughter of divinity that you are
created to be. Not excluding your charming mortal self. Many of the
patterns that were brought into your pattern of behavior remain fixed in
your unconsciousness as standard operating procedure.
However, many of those early conditionings have been set aside to allow
for the more loving, forgiving, and revealing aspects of your personality
to flourish. This is something that has brought me and you much
happiness. Even while they have been difficult and trying, they have
resulted in a far better perspective and subsequent peace of mind for the
long haul.
When you are bothered by these inbred attitudes because of your mortal
conditioning, never hesitate to ask me about them. We can discuss them at
length and to your satisfaction such that they can be resolved and you
can be relieved of the burden of carrying around restrictions and
constraints that confine you to the material mold when the glories of
eternity have far greater sway over the personality that you mortals give
Let Our Father guide and direct the unfolding of the personality he
intended you to have and not so much the one that you have had created
for you, almost by default, because of your cultural conditioning and y
our need to survive in this environment. The spiritual liberty and
personality liberty that you will experience from this growth will make
all the effort worthwhile, and your happiness will be reflected in the
relationships you enjoy with others as they come to see you as the
precious child of God that you are and that I am so devoted to, dear,
cherished Esmeralda. Thank you for indulging us this afternoon.
Esmeralda: Oh, don’t leave until you tell us your name.
Elena: Yes, what is your name?
Esmeralda: And thank you so much for the message.
CELENE: Celene. C-e-l-e-n-e.
Esmeralda: Beautiful name. Thank you.
Elena: Thank you, for being with my mother.
TOMAS: This is Tomas again. There are still a number of personalities in
attendance. As you know, we have mentioned many times that while you may
see it as a small group, it is actually an auditorium filled with
observers, student visitors and ministering spirits with an interest in
your development and unfolding. Are there any entities you would call
upon, since we are having this open forum?
Elena: Well, I’d like to say hello to Dimitrius.
TOMAS: Very well. One moment.
DIMITRIUS: Yes! What a great occasion indeed. I am charmed to be among
the members of this group today who have come forth in splendor to
witness the array of personalities in service to the Universal Father and
the many essential agencies of His realm. What company we keep, is that
not true?
Group: Yes.
DIMITRIUS: Having now expressed my appreciation to t hose many present, I
would eagerly attend to the ministry of my precious Elena, champion of my
cause and light of my life in terms of my work with the mortals of the
realm in making the adjustments toward spiritizing her thinking. This
one, my Elena, is a powerful woman. Headstrong. Willful, yes, but also
very committed. She has a very strong will. And this is a great asset.
There are those who argue that will is a detriment and that it ought to
be given up or set aside to take on the will of God, but I say to you
that god has given her this will. It is not to be disdained, but to be
molded as a piece of clay is to be molded, to become the work of art that
is inherent in its very existence.
This piece of art that I am molding in my work with you, Elena, is not
some fragile piece of work, but a monument, a testimony to strength and
vitality. Your capacities are tremendous and your potential is hardly
tapped, but I am at your side and at your service in effecting the most
gracious way to go about becoming strong and steadfast, even as you
retain those tender qualities of womanhood that will endear you to
humanity as one which is understood by men and women as rightfully yours
within the realm of the feminine. It will soon be time, my dear, for us
to make the conscious connection with your other teacher, your
right-brain anima that can help bring that into balance. But we’ll not
worry about that today. Rather let me plant the seed for tomorrow, for
something you can anticipate, and we will know, when that time comes, by
our acknowledgement of your recognition of your need for that guidance
and counsel in that area of your personality growth.
Elena: Okay. I’ll look forward to that. It’s been good to talk with you.
DIMITRIUS: We have good rapport, you and I. I am always in your corner
and upholding you in all your choices, for even those which are sometimes
unnecessary, you will discover they are unnecessary in time and we can
make other choices that are more compatible with your human nature and
your divine nature which can only bring you greater compatibility with
your self. And when this is installed and operable, we will be all that
we can be together, and the potential, as I’ve said before, is powerful.
In the interim, let us embrace the moment for what it is and enjoy each
other for what we have. Farewell.
Elena: Thank you.
ANATOLIA: And this is Anatolia. I will found out the afternoon. I have
not missed a moment of it. I have one foot in Arizona and one foot in New
Mexico, as it were, and I haven’t missed anything. It’s been a very gay
day in your arena. I want to reiterate what the intent was in this
exercise. Not to have a tea party particularly, although we have enjoyed
the display of personalities, but to allow you to become mindful of the
energies that are accessible and the various perspectives that can be had
as you invest yourself in this Teaching Mission.
There are more personalities and there are indeed other movements in the
Teaching Mission that allow for growth and training in other fields, such
as medicine, science, space, ecology and so forth. Primarily the Teaching
Mission as you know it is about reclaiming your soul self and the planet
from the distortions of the default and the rebellion, but there are many
aspects of this Teaching Mission that deal with individual and other
elements of the work that will be required to bring the planet back into
the alignment necessary to proceed unhampered in the advancement toward
light and life.
Those of you who are being trained to be missionaries of higher truths
are finding your voice, are finding your way, finding the need as you see
it, based on your perspective as a mortal of the realm and coupling your
perspective with the perspective that we have provided through the
Teacher corps, your paths are being revealed and your work is unfolding
before you. We are completely supportive of the work you undertake, as it
is in accordance with your perception of the divine will for you and
there is nothing can enhance your sense of meaningful existence more than
following His will as you understand it. This is worthy of celebration.
Let us add another dimension to earth day. While we celebrate the earth,
let us also celebrate the efforts that go into the reclamation of this
earth to be all that it can be, as well as you being all that you can be,
fort his is indeed the plan of the ages, that life itself should be
exalted and lifted up, to be its own representation of perfection as an
extension of that in Paradise which is perfect, indeed, eternally.
Lest we be remiss in our duties, are there questions?
Elena: I have had the most satisfying meal of personalities hat I have no
further questions or ... it’s been a banquet. It’s been just wonderful.
Thank you.
ANATOLIA: Very well. Then to simply add to Esmeralda’s earlier question,
cremation is a viable option.
Esmeralda: Thank you, Anatolia! I’m not quite ready yet. I’m just
thrilled to know that I have a personal teacher. Well, I knew that
somewhere I had one, but this is fantastic.
ANATOLIA: Yes, we are not finished with you yet. We are not finished with
any of you and hopefully you will not be finished with us soon.
Group: Oh, no!
ANATOLIA: let us go then and enjoy the rest of our time together in the
conscious sense of our society. See you next time. Blessed be art thou,
from all of us this sphere, to all of you in yours. Farewell
Group: Thank you and farewell. For today. Fabulous. What a party.
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